Friday, December 31, 2010

New year goals and my sprint to the finish

Today is December 31st. The last day of the year 2010. The first decade of this century is about to end and in a few hours, and the second decade is about to start. I'm not working today, but I wanted to type in today's date December 31, 2010.  This year has been quite a year, this one really got to me, but I'm proud of myself for the manner in which I've overall handled myself.  For example, there were times I've raised my voice in talking to someone when I felt frustrated,  I don't like doing that, and times I've just kept my mouth shut, rather than open my mouth and insert foot. The times I remained quiet a few seconds to gather my thoughts and think how I should respond to show I have a little bit of wisdom and intelligence, I liked that.  I need to practice that more often.

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On this last day of 2010, I want to thank God for letting me wake up to see this morning. There's no guarantee or promise that I will see the close of this day, but for now I'm grateful I was allowed to open my eyes this morning.  If it's God's will, I will sleep tonight and open them to a new year and a new decade.  Another blessing that will be, to live to see the beginning of a brand spanking new year on the calendar and start fresh. Well, not really start fresh, but to continue to serve God in the best of my ability with the blessings and talents and life He puts in my body. My greatest desire is to give honor and glory to Him. My most earnest desire is to make use of each hour and each day and each month that I am alive to run the race set before me. One day will be my last day in this body, and I dream to hear the Lord say to me, "Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of the lord."  Matthew 25:23 

I'm ready when God's says it's the right time for me to enter into the joy of the Lord.  It might be today, or tomorrow, I don't know which day that may be. Only God knows.  I strive to work at being ready every day, and will continue to do what I know in my heart is pleasing to Him.  It's taken me a while, lots of years of errors, mistakes, selfishness disregard for what's really important,  but thank God for his grace and mercy,  I've gotten on the right track and now  each year I'm maturing firmly in the knowledge of the Lord. It's so satisfying and rewarding knowing it's all about Him. It's all about Him. What I am and what I do is all about pleasing Him, my Lord and Savior, Jesus.

My other goals for 2011 are to live on less stuff, and stop worrying about stuff. God is in control and will never leave nor forsake me. I know that. I need to act more like I know that. And, I want to start an email prayer circle.  Of course I have minor goals, like balance my checkbook and stop procrastinating, and cut out eating sugar all together.

I did some figuring. If it's God's will, and the Lord doesn't return, and I live 24 more years to  age 76, that will be 8,760 more days. I've already lived approximately 18,980 days. I've been a Christian approximately 9,855 days. I want my latter days to make up for the days I've squandered. I need to sprint to the finish. Lord help me. And, thank you Lord for being patient with me and giving me so many blessings every day of my life and for allowing me to serve you. 

I pray everyone take a few minutes and make your willful choice, so you know within your heart of hearts that you've chosen whom you will serve and know according to God's Holy Word, when it's your time, your soul will be called home to heaven for eternity with the Lord. No sin can enter heaven, so unless your sins have been forgiven, when it's your time, your soul will be sent to a holding place called hell, which will later be cast into the lake of fire for eternity without Him. Revelation 20:14-15

Bye bye 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gratitude will get you everything

In scripture, Luke 17: 11-19, Jesus healed some lepers. This story has been one in which I've  thought, why didn't all the other lepers thank Jesus for healing them?  If I could put myself in the place of a leper back then, it must have been awful to contract the disease, and more awful in that you're separated from your home, and family.  Not only were lepers cast out of town and everyone, they had to shout 'Unclean, unclean!" in order to notify anyone approaching them perhaps on a road, to warn them to stay away. In other words, lepers were doomed-no  human contact, no hope of a cure, and probably the only company they had was other lepers in a group cast from society, until you died. It must have been a very lonely and degrading way to exist while you slowly died from the disease compounded with despair, loneliness and grief. Horrible.
But in this scripture, they must have heard that Jesus healed, so this group of lepers came and asked Jesus to heal them. Jesus said, "Be healed, go to your priest to get the clearance and okay for you to reunite into society and your family." They went and along the way discovered they were healed. They must have ran to town being so excited to not have leprosy any more. But, only one of the group, seeing he didn't have leprosy any longer, went back and thanked Jesus. Only one showed his gratitude to Jesus.

I've pondered that and am ashamed that I haven't thanked Jesus for all He's done for me. Every day. Every breath I take, every step I make, every object I can see, every thing that is me, I have Him and Him alone to thank.  I am grateful, but I want to have a great gratitude to the One who deserves my gratitude and praise. He does deserve all praise.

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Jesus didn't just heal one leper. He healed all that asked Him. The scriptures don't tell us what happened later, but I wonder if the one who took time to thank Jesus showed his gratitude the rest of this life for his healing. I wonder if he was more compassionate to others when he saw someone suffering or needing help. I wonder if he gave to the needy more and stretched out his hand, his clean hand to help someone in need.  I wonder if the others went back to their lives and never gave it a second thought they could have spent the rest of their lives with leprosy had it not been for Jesus healing them.  I wonder.

But the only thing  I can do is have deeper gratitude, because I could be on a course to hell and the Lake of Fire had it not been for Jesus redeeming me back to God. Jesus saved me from hell when His blood was shed, He died and was raised on the third day victorious over death. Because of Him, I my spirit and soul is saved and I can enter heaven, because the penalty for my sins have been in full by Jesus. I will forever have gratitude in my heart to Him. Because of Him, I have everything that's good and lasting in Him. How can I not have gratitude to Him? How about you?

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

You're worthy

Bad. Yeah, that was me. And knowing that, I knew I wasn't worthy to receive God's gift. I am a sinner. I've done things I am not proud of.  I've behaved badly. I've thought horrible thoughts. I've been selfish, self-centered, evil, filthy, corrupt, and didn't care what anyone thought. I've lied, even cheated, and heavens knows all the things I've done. But God was patient and loving to not give up on me. Let me back up to when I was a youngster. I was privileged and blessed with two of the sweetest, gentlest grandmothers.  Whenever I was with either of them on a Sunday, it was a given we'd be going to church. Back then, I didn't know too much about religion,Christianity, and such, but I watched my grandmothers. They were solid and true, and I thank God for them, bless their souls. One was in the country and one was in the city and when I think of her I think of her playing the organ.

As a child I enjoyed listening to my grandmother play the organ

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 Mom made sure us kids were in church on Sunday mornings, too. So I had an introduction to hearing the Word of God, and most of the time I don't think I got a single thing out of those Sunday sermons. To me sermons were always too long and boring, but I was there mostly doodling on paper and standing when it was time to stand, and sing when it was time to sing from the hymnal. Sunday school was better, because got to do something artsy, and move about or take part in discussion or something besides sit and hear a boring sermon.  I did have one Sunday school teacher whom I loved and enjoyed being in her class so much, that I didn't want to advance to the next class and leave her. It was in her class I learned the names of all 66 books of the Bible. I remember that being a major accomplishment. When you're a kid, 66 of anything is a lot.  All this was the foundation of what was to happen later.

Jesus- the solid foundation of Christianity

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I joined the Marine Corps. I distinctly remember a fellow Marine, just an acquaintance, come up to me and tell me that I needed to get saved. I thought it odd that he would tell me that at that time. I knew he was right, but I wasn't ready. I don't think I wanted to make that decision right then, because I was busy enjoying my independence and having fun on the weekends with the guys, and actually having the time of my life.  But what he told me remained in the back of my mind for a long time, especially on Sunday mornings when I was sleeping in. Looking back on my life, and the things I had done, I started thinking  I wasn't good enough to receive the good things of God.  I kept putting God on the back burner, and that also was adding to my guilt of not going ahead in making my decision.  There was conflict going on in my head because I knew that as long as I didn't decide for God, I was really deciding against God, and I knew that was wrong, too, and that added to my guilt feelings even more. One Summer I remember reading every word of a book about Malcolm X, and was impressed with the routine praying times of Muslims. I remember thinking seriously about Islam, but deep inside it conflicted with what knew about God and Jesus. In Christianity you can pray and talk to God any time of the day or night and not have to stop and pray in a certain direction at specific times of the day. The Word taught God loved all equally. The Word taught humbleness, gentleness, goodness, patience, peace, patience, self-control, joy and love.  Something important was missing I didn't see was offered in the Muslim religion, I couldn't put my finger on it- was it the men and women were separated during religious services?  I wondered about that, but I definitely knew something very important was missing. I kept these feelings and thoughts to myself, but kept wondering what choice should I make.  Thank God, He remained patient with me. I had never told anyone about my pondering of becoming a Muslim until typing this right now.  It came down to a major illness to someone dear to me for me to wake up and see that each day is a very precious gift from God and stop wasting time and make up my mind. Life is short. And Islam didn't offer or promise me what I knew Jesus offered. I was a teenager when my brother first got sick, and on into my twenties when God called him home. I used to think I had plenty of time, plenty of years to decide. I was wrong. My brother, six years my junior died in my arms after 6 years of chemo and surgeries dealing with a childhood kidney disease. During those six years not once did I have the thought he would die, until the morning of the day he died. I cried all day long. That day I realized my brother wasn't going to graduate high school or get married, or grow to old age. The world was not going to be the same without this a fabulous young man in it,  and I also thought God wanted my brother with him. Why not me, I thought? Through my red and puffy eyes, that night my eyes were opened I think for the first time, to spiritual things. I willingly opened my heart and asked God to forgive me for all my sins. It took the death of my brother, to finally get me to make the one decision I'd been putting off.  I saw that departing this body actually is beautiful when you're a Christian, because it's true, angels escort you out of here. I was in my brother's hospital room because God wanted me to witness this just as real as real can be. I didn't see angels, but I felt something very strongly that I can describe must have been angels about my brother. I can honestly describe it was peaceful and beyond any words can describe, and it was at that moment that it all made sense to me. It's spiritual, and God's ways are far, far above and far, far better than man's logic and thinking. God does things in a way and manner that can't be explained, but later I can look back and see His hand was in it for the good of all concerned. My brother is fine, I know it, and I was glad he was released from severe pain his body had endured, and his heavenly escort was there to take him into the presence of the Lord.

God's gift of Jesus to you is for the asking
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I quietly in my heart, by faith, accepted Jesus, God's greatest gift to me later that night of March 17,1982.  My decision was the right decision, and my faith continues to grow stronger. My spirit rejoices more and more, there's nothing else like it.  My experience that night taught me there's no fear to die. God's word tells that after the last breath here, the next breath is with the Lord.  If you haven't already asked Jesus into your heart, why are you waiting? The gift from God is waiting to be received by every single person, and all you have to do is ask, and God's greatest gift, Jesus, is yours. He's already paid-in-full the penalty for your sins. The greatest love in all the world has been demonstrated by God for all people. Take it.

 And you're worthy.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

God is still changing hearts and setting captives free

Religion is such a strong topic in daily news headlines. A question I'd like to have answered is what do people see in the Islam religion that's better than of the Christian religion?

Read what I learned from an American woman, who had married a Muslim man 

      A few years ago, I did for a few months have occasion to speak to a woman who had married a Muslim man. She was American born. She told me she was divorced from her first husband, a doctor in California, and had four children. She then married a Muslim man, converted to his religion, Islam, and moved to Iran with her kids. I never knew of a stronger woman than her from hearing about what she endured in Iran. She told me some stories of horrible things that happened to her and her children while in Iran. Her eyes were blue, so with the traditional clothing she wore in Iran, she could not hide the color of her eyes. She told me she learned enough of the language to go to market and ride in a taxi, but even talking the language and obeying the customs there, from listening to her many stories during the time I spent with her, (she was very health conscious and attended some of my essential oil classes), I thought she endured more than I thought any one person could survive and still come out alive. There should be a movie made of her life, it was that spell-binding hearing the things she told me. She risked her life getting out of Iran, and at anytime any man or woman could have blown the whistle on her during her plight, and her fate would've been very grim. She told me she wanted better for her children and she knew she had to get back to the U.S. She did work and secretly saved up enough money to travel.  She had to leave all belongings and be very cautious at every turn under the cover of dark to make it out of Iran with her kids. They left with practically nothing. Her precious books she had to leave. She said books were very rare there. She saw no one cares about books or reads.  And she had brought a suitcase of jewelry to start a small jewelry business there, but her husband's family took it all upon her arrival, and she had no say so in the matter.  Her daughters at a very, very young age, she permitted to marry, the men were brothers, and she told me all day women were expected to clean the house, scrub the floors on their hands and knees daily, and had to haul water and practically were slaves to housework. That basically was their position, an immaculate house, cook, raise the children, and please their husbands-and any hope of an education for her girls was totally out of the question.  And for woman, their every move is under watchful eyes. She told me she had labored hard at growing a vegetable garden, but her neighbors helped themselves to whatever they wanted. Because she was a 'white female' she couldn't do a thing to prevent any neighbor boy or older woman from taking from  her garden what ever they wanted, when ever they wanted. She said one step out of line and it's understood women get beaten and bruised unmercifully. That's how they are kept to stay in check.  Heaven forbid if you're home by yourself, and your husband brings home a male guest. If you're in one room and walk to another room, not knowing your husband has brought home a guest, and he sees you with your head uncovered, or too much of your neck showing, or too much above your ankles showing in your own home,  it's your fault.  It's always the woman's fault.  In Iran, she told me a man can commit rape, but it's not the man's fault. The woman has to suffer for being sexually violated, and also suffer for disgracing her family because she was raped. And it's her fault. The man rapes the woman, but she pays the penalty and nothing happens to him. Her life is essentially over and he gets no reprimand at all for violating her.  She told me even male children are taught early to disrespect females, and young girls are taught their position in life is below men.

My friend moved and I've long lost contact with her, but I can never forget the horrible things she told me women under Islam religion have to live.  Out of respect, I never asked her why did she continue with this religion after she escaped from Iran.  I'll never know.  I did a google search just to see what I could find on people converting to Christianity. This never makes it to the headline news. God doesn't need headlines. He works quietly one-on-one on the inside.  No one and no heart is out of reach of God's influence.  Maybe these Christian converts got their hands on Christian literature, or studied the Bible for themselves, or heard someone give their testimony, or listened to a Christian radio or TV program.  Maybe they listened to God speaking to their heart. It pleases my heart to know no one is out of the reach of God, no matter what their religion or belief,  God is God, and He can touch and change any one's heart. He changed Saul's heart and he was converted from a Christian-hater to Apostle Paul, a changed man, a man who was very influential in the early Christian churches. And God changed my heart one night when I couldn't sleep. I received the gift of life and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. No heart is out of reach. Of course, only God knows the condition of your heart. Who knows, maybe Saul was puzzled and secretly envied that Christians were willing to die for there belief in Jesus. Spread the good news of the gospel at every opportunity, for you can never know what heart is seeking to know the truth of the gospel and that no matter what they've been up to then, Jesus is waiting to be invited into every beating heart.
                                                                                                                                            Here's a list of some people who've converted from Islam to Christianity. Some people on this list are from very devote Muslim families, or very learned in the Muslim religion.

There is no heart in the world out of God's reach

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Until you invite Jesus by faith into your heart, you remain under the penalty of sin.There is no amount of good deeds you can do to get out from the penalty of sin. Jesus, and Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the life.  I don't find any other that can compare to Jesus having being the only way approved by God, the sacrificial lamb, becoming sin, and dying, thus when I have faith and accept Jesus, then I am accepting I believe who He is, what He did, and by faith, my sins are forgiven. Before Jesus, those looked forward to the Messiah to come and had to have priests offer animal sacrifices to temporarily cover sins. Jesus is the Messiah, He is Son of God, and He is the only Way. God is love and Jesus came to show you how much He loves you by dying for you so you can be freed  from spiritual death. That's good news for all. All you have to do is believe, exercise faith and keep exercising it until it becomes strong faith day by day, and ask Him into your heart and the spiritual transformation takes place.  Right now, this hour, this day is a real good time to do that. All I can say since the night I quietly asked Jesus to be my Savior, forgive me of my sins, and make me a changed person, I have been freed and it's a wonderful feeling. No matter what I am a child of God and I've been set free. What are you waiting for?

Ever in the warmth and glow of the author of my faith.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A new version of 12 Days of Christmas

In church yesterday the kids sang a new version of the familiar song, 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'. This version is more to my liking, for the lyrics are about gifts available to those with Jesus in their hearts.  I'd give credit to the author, but I don't know who that might be.  This new version is sung exactly like the older version, only the lyrics are changed.

     On the (first - twelfth ) day of Christmas Jesus gave to me,

1.  And salvation full and free  ( sing 'full' like it has two syllables)
2.  Everlasting life
3.  Peace in my heart
4.  Love for all man                (sing 'love' like it has two syllables)
5.  Joy for my soul                 ("joy"- hold it out like you hold out "five")
6.  Power from on high
7.  A body glorified
8.  A robe and a crown
9.  Mansions up above
10.A street of pure gold
11.A 1000 tongues to sing
12. Eternity to praise

Enjoy singing it. Share it.

Sing a new song this Christmas
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Thank you to young ones for singing this song so well,  and Anna and Chastity for your accompaniment.

Friday, December 17, 2010

There is no comparison

 Next week is Christmas Day. Yesterday, a nice gentlemen greeted my Mom and I by saying, "Merry CHRIST-mas". I thought that was a perfect way to put emphasis on 'The Reason for the Season'.  Yes, Christmas is all about Christ.  It's all about the  greatest event in history, which still has a profound effect upon every life that's ever breathed.  It's history, it's historical, and there's no question about it- the birth of Christ in Bethlehem was God's greatest gift to us. Jesus actually lived and walked on Earth. He humbled himself from heaven, to be born to a woman, a virgin, a supernatural pregnancy so He would be born of flesh, like us, and then die for all mankind. He is deity, 'The one perfect sacrificial lamb', holy, and there is no comparison to Him.

Our Lord and King- humbly born in a manger
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So, of course I had to Google and see what I could find on comparisons, and what I found is interesting- there's a link below for you to 'click' on.  I'm going do further research myself later,  but for now, at this CHRIST-mas time, celebrating the birth of Christ, the start of his mission of love on earth and showing us God in the flesh, and to ultimately win the victory for each of us so we don't have to ever be apart from God. He willingly bore all of our sins by dying in a horrible manner as a man, thus paying the penalty for my sins, and yours if you believe and accept him. The victory is your if only you'll exercise faith, believe and accept His gift.  I think about what Jesus did for me and it is more than I can put into words. There are no words to describe the love Jesus shown for me and for you. God himself sacrificed himself for me.  That makes no sense, but that's what a loving God did- This proves God doesn't want me to die, and that goes equally for you, too. I have tears in my eyes, I don't know why, but I do. I so want everyone to uplift Jesus and make him the central focus of all your Christmas celebrating. Take some quiet time within your heart of hearts and dwell upon the fact that God chose to send His Son to be born in a manger. A simple, unlikely place for the Son of Almighty God be born. But that's our God, who humbled himself to be born among animals and hay.  So humble and sweet he came to us as a baby. Can't get more humble than that.  Praise God! Everyone have a very blessed Christ-mas with your Savior and your loved ones.  Make sure to share the Christ-mas story with young ones, so they learn and hear what and who the Christ of Christmas is. Never allow the real reason for the season get drowned out by all the glitz, glitter, snow, shopping, tree or toys.

I'd like to hear how you're keeping Christ the real reason for celebrating Christmas Day.

 Click here to see a list of non- comparisons between Jesus and Muhammad. I will be posting later of my personal research finding on this.

Keeping my face in His warm, glow of love.

The name of Jesus is Wonderful. I see no comparison can equal His Name.
Scripture references- Psalms 148:13      His name alone is  exalted
                                  Luke 2:21              an angel gave his name
                                  Acts 4:5-12            salvation is by no other name
                                 Philippians 2:5-11   His name is above every name
                                 Revelation 19:6:16  King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Monday, December 13, 2010

The joy of being pruned

I was looking back on the closing year of 2010.  How quickly the past twelve months have past.  I generally try to look at the positive side of life, and think about lessons I've learned. The 'ups and downs' of life are to be expected and a normal part of life. I've found the 'down times' are when the growth occurs for me most profoundly.  Though at the time, it doesn't particularly seem like it because what's so 'in my face' is the problem and/or pain I'm feeling.  But Paul in the Bible says to 'count it all joy.'  Count it all joy being in pain and distress?  That sounds like a contradiction, but it's the way God has to deal with contrary and stubborn men, women and children. In the Old Testament, God's people, the Hebrews are a perfect example. Even after God provided the way to get them delivered from slavery and get out of Egypt, they actually wanted to go back. And that contrary behavior is still being practiced today. God blesses us so much, but we (people in general) still want to make our own choices and have our own way with a spirit of entitlement -that we deserve a ride on easy street  our whole life, so to speak, and don't even think or want to obey God's Word. Then when things go badly, our cries to God are how could He allow such a terrible thing happen?  Maybe it's our own doing and if we'd been obedient to God's Word the first place, things would be different.  But, just as the Hebrews cried to God after they found themselves in trouble from doing that which God warned them not do, they repented of their sin and their disobedience, and God was faithful and loving and removed them from their trouble. There is no mountain of situation beyond God's power to turn around for His people when God's people then and now return to obeying and worshiping Him. God is still the same. His Word endures and never changes. We would be so much better to learn from history.

Prune away till all that's left is what is good for service
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After my crisises have past, I can look back and clearly see God was right with me, carrying me the entire time, working and pruning me. God gives me insight, wisdom and develops me and allows me to grow and mature from those 'down times' of life. Pruning me makes me able to produce spiritual fruit and be effective for service to the people God brings into my life. I can be of service to them from the lessons I'd personally learned from my pruning.
If I hadn't been lead through the 'down times' in life,  I couldn't offer wisdom from first hand knowledge nor help anyone.

So God, prune me until I am become more and more in the image you need me to be for service for you. When I'm being pruned, I'm being molded, sharpened and shaped more in the likeness of Jesus. And that I can count all joy that I'm being made perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.  And, that's for you as well.

Scripture references: Philippians 2:13; Nehemiah 9: 6-31; James 1:2

Question- What is God pruning in your life for you to accomplish?
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Until next time, I'm keeping my face in the glow of the Lord.

BONUS: Who likes to experience pain or have irritation in their life?  But, just like a bead nucleus causes irritation inside an oyster, which causes it to develop a sack around it, a beautiful pearl results.  So, maybe that irritation and pruning is God's way to develop something worthwhile inside you. Think about it.

Pearls are made from an irritation inside oysters

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Singing about the joy of the world

It's soon to be Christmas Day 2010. The day Christians celebrate the most wonderful thing to have happened in history.  We celebrate the birth of Christ coming into the world as a little baby born in a manger amongst animals. The Messiah's birth was foretold centuries before and nothing could alter God's plan of His appearance into the world as a baby boy.  Imagine, God's plan and gift to us, diety be born into flesh, to grow, and then to become the one sacrifice for all mankind in order to bring man back to right standing with God. God paid the price Himself. That's the character of God. His love is without limits for us. He himself suffered for us so our sins could be forgiven. What an awesome gift! What a magnificant gift! What love that shows! Jesus is joy born to the world. And all anyone has to do is believe who He is and what He's done and this is God's gift every person in all the world.  The angels announced His birth. Wise men sought Him, and wise men and women still seek Him.

God's gift to mankind was born in a manger

Photo credit: cohdra from

This is the greatest gift of all. Praise God our Father almighty and to Jesus our Lord and Savior!

Here's a list of 80 or so Religious Christmas songs with lyrics- click on the song and sing to your hearts content with joy in celebrating the most wonderful news that Jesus Christ was born. May your heart be filled with joy. And I wouldn't mind a bit if you shared this with others.

Christmas is all about Jesus. Let's make Him the primary reason we're joyous. It's because of Him that we even know what  love, joy, and peace is.    Happy Birthday my Lord !!!!!  And have a blessed and joyous Christmas everyone!

P.S. I don't know the melody to most of these songs, but I can make up a melody as I sing the  lyrics and praise God. It's in my heart and that's all that matters. And no one hears me but the Lord and my dog, who accompanies me as I sing and play my harmonica for the Lord.

Singing of our newborn King at Christmastime

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reaching beyond measure

Very early this morning I looked up and gazed at the dark sky decorated by bright stars and the moon. It was beautiful. Now I've just read that scientists have under estimated the number of stars in the universe. Their new estimation is 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars are out there. I just had to type all those zeros. The way to say that number is 300 sex-trillion.

I know scientists maneuver complex sophisticated equipment and use calculus and mathematics and all that. They've re-calcuated their original scientific star count.  You know what I think? I think no matter how much they count, they will never be able to accurately determine the number of stars in the sky.  God is not to be equaled. He made the universe and His creation is too vast and far reaching for anything man can ever count or measure. God is immeasurable, and His creation is higher and wider than man can conceive or imagine. His greatness is the number of stars times infinity to the infinite power. The heavens can't be measured no matter how smart all the scientists in all the world are. Infinite. Hard to get the smartest human mind around infinite. No computer can calculate that number because the zeros would keep on going without end infinitely. Man can't even make up the name of that number, other than call it 'infinite'. Cannot ever be measured.

Only God knows the number of stars and calls them by name
Photo credit: seriousfun from

Scripture references- Genesis 1:16; Psalms 33:6 and 147:4; Rev 22:16

There's one star called the Bright and Morning Star. Click here then scroll down to #12,  and while scrolling down, see the many other names Jesus is called.

Keeping my faith and gaze toward the Bright and Morning Star.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Before and after extreme make-over

The reality programs about before and after extreme make-overs are popular television shows. It's amazing what television productions and a small army of professionals can do to revamp a house in such a short time compared to remodeling a house even a decade ago. Or how surgeons change the outer shape and appearance of a person with plastic surgery and liposuction. I was thinking these things are all well and nice, but they're merely superficial, temporary changes and modifications.  With time, the house will need repairs and will slowly change from a new house to an old, outdated house.  And with time, even the body altered by surgery to be shapely and knockout gorgeous, will one day begin to sag and get aged. These are only temporary external fixes or changes. They look good for a while, but with time they both will be confronted with the what happens to everything- it ages and starts to wither, fade, weaken, tarnish, shrink, deteriorate and become out of shape. The luster dims and age sets in.     
 Being a Christian, I've got something much better and permanent to look forward to.  I don't have to settle for temporary.  God's Word tells His children not to fear, He has triumphed.  Living on this earth is the worse it's ever gonna get for Christians. There's so much better to come. And just knowing that, makes it so much easier to cope and handle all the negative and bad going on around me.  I'm certainly looking forward to what's still to come- Now that will be the greatest extreme make-over from the life we know now to the life that's awaiting in heaven. I will not be in this aging body, but will have a glorified body. What a make-over that will be!  And I will have a mansion prepared by Jesus. Imagine, my own custom-made place just for me. All the man-made extreme make-overs combined will not ever be able to touch what the Lord can do. All things will be new, the old will be gone.  And in heaven nothing will ever fade or get old or fall apart.  That will be an extreme, heavenly, before and after!  More glorious beyond my wildest imagination!  If there are trees in heaven, I think I'd like a tree house mansion, or even a tee pee mansion to be my place.   No matter what it will be, I know I will absolutely fall down on my knees in humble thanks, because it will be so perfect in every way for me. Who knows, my tee pee might be made of fabric woven with strands of got.

  I've been holding onto a catalog from this company that makes tee pees for over 15 years. I get goosebumps thinking about living in a tee pee. Don't worry, your place in heaven will be just as wonderful. But first, are you assured you're heaven-bound so you can have your perfect mansion? God's Word says there's only one way to be assured, and that's in His Son, Jesus. Now the mansion may be figurative, but still Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for those who believe. And if he's preparing it, it's got to be better than anything I can imagine. I still get goosebumps thinking about what that's gonna be. Have you asked Jesus for your heart make-over? Read this about excuses and reasons for not getting saved. When he gives you an internal make-over, it's the best ever make-over.

Tee pees (tipi's)- fine, simple living I can appreciate
Photo credit: blondieb38 from

Scripture references- Acts 4: 12; 1 John 5:11; John 14:1-7; Matthew 6:19-34

My face feels warm and serene thinking of what the Lord has in store.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Cross- a done deal

Yesterday a good friend asked me a question about her salvation. She's saved, but someone had told her something which got her doubting her salvation.  I told her that she has to remember what Jesus said as he died on the cross. Jesus said, 'It is finished."  My answer also included that you can't add nor subtract from the finished work of the Cross. Jesus did all the work of paying for the sins of mankind. That's a difficult thing for many to believe, and many doubt, but it's true.  All any person has to do is believe. That's what my pastor told me. Just believe. Some people still have the notion or doctrine that Jesus didn't complete his work on the Cross and we still have to perform and be perfect human beings, but of course we can't and fail, which makes us doubt our salvation.

Find peace with God and redemption of sins at the Cross

Photo credit: mgeyer from

 I also gave my friend five examples of people in the Bible, who even with their faults and sins, still went to heaven. Moses killed a soldier and when he found that someone saw him do this, he fled from Egypt. Moses is in heaven. Of the two men crucified on either side of Jesus, one believed. Jesus told him that that day he would be with Him in paradise. Mary Magdalene, the prostitute, whom Jesus rescued from being stoned, she believed. Jesus told her to go, and sin no more. She's in heaven. King David, had the husband of Bathsheba killed to cover a sin, then with the husband dead, he took Bathsheba as his wife because he had gotten her pregnant. David's in heaven. And Saul had Christians murdered before he had his life changing experience with Jesus. He believed and got a new name, Paul. He's in heaven.

God looks at the spiritual condition of your heart

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 God looks at the condition of the heart. There has to be a spiritual transformation in the heart- a welcoming of Jesus into your heart  is the only thing that can purify sin away. No one can save them self or anyone else. There's no humanly way anyone can do enough to gain God's approval, because you have to be perfect and without sin. It takes one that knows no sin to be an acceptable sacrifice and Jesus had and has the only seal of approval on that claim, so it's through Him that you can be saved and for your name to be written in the Lambs Book of Life to enter heaven. There is only one way- believe in Jesus.  First, admit you are a sinner in need of a savior. Believe Jesus is the Son of God. Believe Jesus died for your sins, and ask him into your heart and life by faith. Believe Jesus rose from the dead on the third day and is now seated at the right hand of God, our Heavenly Father interceding for his saints.  There. Done deal. If you meant that and believe that in your heart, you are now saved by the grace of God and your sins have now been forgiven, wiped away. You've by choice accepted God's one and only plan to be redeemed and saved from death to life. Praise the Lord!  You're still an imperfect human being. You're still gonna make lots of mistakes, and daily you're still in need of improvement and growth and maturity in being Christ-like-- that will be ongoing until you're called home. But one major difference in saved people compared to unsaved people is the condition of the heart. When you're saved, your heart is quickened to the things of God, the Holy Spirit is your counselor, the Bible is a living Word to you and God begins to open your eyes to His wisdom and mysteries contained in the Word, you're sins are forgiven and you're adopted into God's family instantly, with all rights and inheritances that belong to and are bestowed to sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father. Once you're adopted into his family, you can't be unsaved or kicked out of his family even if you make mistakes or sin. Sin doesn't have a hold on you like it used to.  You have a choice, and daily you should want to more and more refrain from things that are not of God. And adopted children have more legal rights than the blood children of a father.  By comparison, those people who chose not to accept Jesus and not to believe, can expect none of the above. Regretfully, they can't ever expect heaven to be their home. Sad, but that's God's plan for those whom don't have His Son.

God doesn't expect us to be perfect. He only expects us to trust and believe in the Son that He sent to and for us.  But if a person chooses not to believe, God spells out what that person can have to look forward to. The choice God leave up to each individual. Just remember He's made our part the easiest. Jesus showed us the ultimate act of love in paying the penalty for our sins on the Cross- it was his blood that was shed, his flesh and bones that were beaten, he that died. Because of Him, we sinners don't have to face any of that.  He deserves all the praise and honor for doing so.
Remember, this is the spiritual part of your being. God looks at the spiritual condition of your heart. With Jesus in your heart, the filth of sin is wiped clean. Without Jesus in your heart, heaven is off limits. You may be able to fake others, but you can't hide the spiritual condition of your heart from God.  Is the Cross a done deal in your heart?

Supporting scripture:
Luke 23: 32-43
Acts 9:1
1 Cor 15:9
Exodus 2:11-12
2 Samuel 11:1-6,14-27

Until next time, I'm keeping my face upward and toward the Son.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

No more depression for me

Today is one of those days the negative thoughts are just a coming left and right. I'm human, I have feelings, I get tired, I feel like things aren't working out for me, I feel like people take advantage of my kindness and good heart. I feel under appreciated.  If I let myself, my brain can keep it coming and get in the 'poor pitiful me' frame of mind.  After a few minutes I catch myself and remember all the good and the blessing in my life.  This kind of day doesn't happen that often, but I am human with feelings and a heart.  I really don't like to feel so selfish and negative, but I reach my so called, 'limit' and I have to get on the phone and spill my guts usually to one of my friends, meaning they have  to exercise their patience and lend me their ear to hear me out and agree with me while I spill my beans.

 A number of years ago, I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and reluctantly ended up taking anti-depressants for a while. The drugs helped me stay on an even emotional keel, I couldn't really cry, nor could I get real happy. Strange, but it helped me stopped crying every day. But something amazing happened- I got healed! Yes, I really was healed of depression-no more drugs or counseling sessions and my healing had nothing to do with the medical profession. Let me tell you how I got healed.

One evening after work some friends invited me to go with them to a tent meeting being held by a traveling evangelist, named Reverend LeRoy Jenkins. I had never heard of him, but my friends wanted to go so, we ate at a restaurant first, then went to this tent meeting which was under a nice, huge tent and would be going on in the evenings for about a week,  I learned.  I had never been to a tent meeting, but I went along to watch and be a part of what happened with my friends. (one friend had health issues and wanted Rev. LeRoy Jenkins to touch her and be healed, so she sat on an isle seat the second row from the stage). There must have been were well over two hundred in attendance- it was a nice crowd and turned out to be a very interesting evening.

Under the tent
                                      Photo credit: bosela from

Let me sum it up. First, there was singing, then some preaching, then healing. LeRoy Jenkins sounds like Elvis when he's singing.  The entire experience was interesting- LeRoy Jenkins to my surprise came over the seats to me, he took my hand and lead me into the isle. Holding his hand felt so safe and secure. I remember thinking to myself, 'don't let go of my hand, his hands felt wonderful and I never wanted him to let go of my hands'. He told me the very phrase of words that when I hear them, I'm at ease.  He had no way of knowing that phrase of words was what I longed for someone to tell me.  And when he prayed for me, I literally felt the spirit of depression lift from my shoulders. I felt the heavy weight and claws unleash from my shoulders and leave me. I didn't know that's what was weighing and pressing down on me. But once that depression lifted, I realized that heavy weight upon my shoulders had been making me feel so tired every day and depressing me for years.  That very moment I knew I was healed of depression. The heaviness was gone and I felt light and free from head to toe.  I accepted my healing, and thanked God and Rev. Jenkins,  and I will not receive that spirit of depression back again. No way. Depression is awful. I've been there and I will not accept it back. Praise God for my healing that evening! There were others who received healing, too. that evening and I returned for the next few evenings and took other friends with me. I can tell you it was very real -  when I left that meeting I never needed to take another anti-depressant - I had been set free. And that's a wonderful feeling.

I'm free from depression. Some days I get overwhelmed and need to let my feelings out. So I'm grateful and thankful for my healing and for my friends and for God who sustains me and understands when I need to vent my feelings. It doesn't mean I'm getting depressed or losing it.  Sometimes, I wonder would I still be dealing with depression if it weren't for my friends inviting me to go to a tent meeting back in 1998 with them to hear LeRoy Jenkins with the gift of healing and knowledge.  I am forever grateful and that experience opened my eyes to that which we can't see with our eyes, the unseen spirits, still has an impact upon us.  That was an eye opening experience and lesson to me that if you're open to receive the blessings of God, you just might get your blessing. And that spirits can and affect us in body and mind. Not all conditions can be solved by doctors and drugs.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where the winning really is

Last week an article in the newspaper caught my eye, "Opelika woman writes on faith, illness."
This woman, Lynn Fox Adams' ailment has no cure and somewhat rare even to her doctors, and has her pretty much just coping and medicated to survive day in and day out. She is diagnosed with dysautonomia.  What was amazing I thought is her faith. She say's her condition has no cure, but she says she's a winner. She may feel bad physically and emotionally, but spiritually she's winning the battle. Now that's what Christianity is all about. She's carrying her cross and her faith is the stronger for it. And other thing that really touched me about this woman with a condition affecting her autonomic nervous system, is her attitude. In the article her quote was, ''usually when people get sick the first thing they do is they turn to God and say help me. But what we need to do is say, 'God let me help you.' " Now that's profound in my opinion. She's not looking at what she can get or what she's lacking. She's looking at her relationship with God and what can she do for Him by giving of herself to help others build their faith and get through tough situations. Even though her life is consumed with medications, IV's, not feeling well and not being able to do the things she used to do, she's not being selfish or depressed or crying how miserable her life is.

Sometimes you have to give even with a bleeding heart
Photo credit: jdurham from

This type of faith is very strong. The type of faith I want to have. Reading of her faith has touched me.  I've been debating to share a video or not, because a part of me doesn't want to share it, but another part of me does to show by comparison what faith is and isn't.  I came across this video while I was searching for a good YouTube video on the subject of how to get saved. One video I noticed a young man-I initially thought he might be Jewish,  so I viewed it. To my surprise he talked about his conversion to Islam and how Allah has made his life go good. Since his conversion, he now has money, and everything is going his way, he's getting everything he asks of allah. To me this shows selfishness- he's excited for himself because he has more things and his life is going so well. That's not faith. I've decided to insert the video below so you can see the difference in this man compared to the faith Lynn Fox Adams' has in her God. To me it's not about how much you get, but how much you grow spiritually and then from that, how much you share what really matters with others, not how well your life is being blessed with things. What makes you a winner is how much you rely on God in spite of what's going on around you. Life's situations change, but God remains unchanged. Having a close relationship in God makes you a true winner.  It's praising the giver of all things, not being excited that you get the things. Things will all pass away, but love and relationships and how you give will last forever. That's what Jesus did. He is our example. He suffered profoundly for us and still his ministry is affecting the lives of many every day. Serving others- that's where the winning really is.

Give and you shall receive- Personally, God wants me to be his hands and heart and feet to be of service to my fellow man, and have faith in Him that he will keep his promises to me, and lean on Him while giving of my heart so to bring others to Him. To those people with an unquickened spirit, this makes no logical sense. You may be asking, How can you give in order to receive? How do you lay up treasure in heaven while on earth?  How does serving others make you a winner?  The answer is this in a nutshell- God's ways are far above the most advanced human logic-that's why it's called faith.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen- Hebrews 11:1

I also think of Mother Theresa, God rest her soul. She was someone who lived with little need for material things, but she made a powerful impact upon many lives, and still does. To me she was a person who cared so much about others and was content owning few things for herself. Here are some of her quotes. See if these quotes touch you and build your faith. But without any doubt, Mother Theresa was going by the example of Jesus in caring for others and had little need for things. There are other people who've lived with the gift of helping others and haven't been drawn under by the need for many material things. I believe it's because they'd come to realize the most important things in life aren't things, but in loving others, and when you love them you serve them. That's the Word all wrapped up, love others. And we have the example how to go about this in the life of Jesus. He has the most powerful impact upon lives still to this day.  I understand the following scripture a lot better today than I did years ago. This is powerful. Maybe some day someone will tell the man in the video below about it. You will lack nothing that really counts or is important- you're a winner when you put first things first- just follow the example of those who do these scriptures-

Matthew 6:19-21 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Then drop down a bit to verses 31-33 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Scripture references:
Lay your treasure up for heaven- Luke 12:15-34; entire Luke 12 chapter; 1Tim 6:17-19
Faith scriptures -2 Cor 5:7; Hebrews chapter 11
More blessed to give than receive- Act 20:35
Worship in spirit and truth- John 4:24
Differences- 1 Cor 11:19
False prophets- 2 Peter 2:1
Bear your cross- Luke 14:27
God can turn around any situation for the good- read about Joseph in Genesis chapters37-42

Here's that video below. When you view it you'll hear of this man telling how much he's received since turning to allah, how well he's doing, in other words- what he's gained. Nothing about how he's helping others and he says nothing about his sins being forgiven. There is only one that God has approved of for that and that's Jesus, not allah.  There's no other way to God but through Jesus. If that's overlooked, in the end, you are not a winner.

I say God's blessings are not always things, but rather that which will build character and will last forever. God can use you no matter what your situation or condition if you'll only be willing, just as Lynn Fox Adams.  I think that will make anyone a winner in God's eyes, and after all, that's what really counts.

I have one more comparison to show. The man in the video above has his mind and heart turned away and closed to the Truth. Compare him to this man who says he was the biggest Bible skeptic. (read his testimony here). The difference here is this man wanted to know the truth and researched to disprove the Bible. But after countless hours spent to disprove it, he found the Word of God to be true and discovered God's mercy and grace and got saved. So how does one man search and discover the Truth, and another man can't see it?

To sum it up, the real, lasting winning is through Jesus. 

Until next time, I'm keeping my face and my faith directed toward the author and finisher of my faith. And remember- with God nothing is impossible. He can turn around anything and make it work together for good- Romans 8:28  (be it health, finances, or whatever)

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Illusions and deceptions

Earlier this year I went to see a show held at a school auditorium. It was an illusion show. The illusionists were an entertaining, attractive young couple, a man and woman and their stage crew. The entire show was a top notch performance, and I admit I was stumped and mystified most of their entire act.  Since David Copperfield and his famous staged illusions, like making an elephant suddenly appear on stage, the term "illusion" really is a fitting term for how these entertainers mystify their spellbound audiences. Let me tell you, I was sitting pretty close to the stage and watched their every move without blinking, hoping to see a little fault of the hand to witness how the illusion was done.

When you're happy, that helps the illusion continue
Photo credit: Grafixar from

Torn newspaper illusion
 For instance, I watched the illusionist on stage tear the local newspaper into pieces, then he balled all the torn newspaper pieces in his hands.  He's on stage, wearing a t-shirt, standing in full view, with nothing around him.  Then he opens his hand, and unfolds the ball of newspaper and it's back to it's original condition. How?  It was an illusion. The hand can fool the eye. He's perfected his craft, and that's why the show was so entertaining. You know I got on the Internet and searched how to do that paper tearing illusion. I practiced and gave my own one-woman amateur show to some friends using a regular sheet of paper. It was fun to do, but I couldn't do it as well as a professional. Maybe with a dozen or so years of practice, I could perform that illusion and make someone wonder how did I do that.  But it's an illusion, and when done with precision, it looks real!

The master deceptor will gain the appeal of the masses
Photo credit: FlyingPete from

If the right person could be so good convincing an audience, he could take it further and easily fool the masses. He could fool the world. He could have people eating out of his hand and believing everything he says and does. He could have people wanting and eagerly following his every suggestion. He could have people mesmerized with his craftiness. He could have people on the way to hell and they wouldn't even have an idea they were headed there because he's just that good. He has great communication skills, charisma, and power to give people the things they want so they will feel happy. But in reality he's an illusionist who's ultimate goal is to deceive. So in receiving things provided by this illusionist, in the end there will unfortunately be a dear, dear price to pay.

This all made me think that's what Satan, the fallen angel, is up to. He's the very best of the best at giving the illusion there's nothing wrong with taking what he's offering. Satan is offering the things that please and gratify the eye and the flesh right now, and feed your pride.  But he's failing to inform about his long term goal. His hidden agenda is to get your eyes off Jesus by any means possible. This very thing has been written in the Bible, and all should take note. Choosing against the things of God comes with some serious, adverse consequences.  The Bible tells you of these warnings to protect you from being hurt. God is Love and His Word is Truth. God desires you to seek Him, to know Him and praise Him for who He is, but He will not force you out of fear or trick you to honor Him. He wants you to do it willingly. Satan, however is about lying and deception to get you to praise him and give him attention instead of to God. He plays on your desires. The worse part is whatever he gives will never last and the price for it is hellish to pay. Satan's destiny is hell and the lake of fire. But before he's there he wants you to worship him and not God.  He's not giving that piece of information. He knows that if he gives you want you want, you'll be happy and therefore you won't see further than that.  He's pulling the wool over your eyes. And if you wear his mark, there's no way you'll get to heaven.  Satan wants to steal your praise and attention from God and Jesus- in other words, he wants you to suffer with him in hell.  Don't believe the devil's deception's.  Don't be in the crowd believing his illusions and deceptions. 
The Bible gives warnings
Photo credit: taliesin from

Satan will 'burn' you
Photo credit: GillesGC from

Satan comes like a lion seeking to destroy
Photo credit: badeendjuh from

Fire and brimstone
Photo credit: matei from

The illusionist show I saw was entertaining. But the master illusionist is not about entertaining- he uses real things in order to get you hooked and turned away from the things of God.  If you're not aware of this, you wouldn't even know he was doing this. That's why he's the master of deception. In the Bible are many stories written about what happened when people turned from God, then when they came upon trouble, they cried out to God to deliver them. (the Hebrew people, David, Samson, just a few). The good news is God has provided all people a way to be saved from a dreadful and horrible ending. God desires all to be saved through His Son, Jesus, who defeated Satan and covered sin once and for all. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No illusion of his crucifixion, nor of his resurrection, nor of the wounds he bore for us. Through Him alone, by faith be saved and never die a spiritual death. This is extended to every man and woman alike.  See my previous blog posting if you desire to know how to receive Jesus by faith as your Lord and Savior. What God offers is always good and lasting.

Scripture references: Revelation 12:9; 19:20; 20:10,14,15;  21:8
                                  1 Peter 1:3-12; 5:8-9
                                  Matthew 7:14-16; 10:32-33; 18:1-4; 24:51
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                                  Jeremiah 10:12
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                                  Mark 9:42-47 and Mark Chapter 13
                                  Acts 4:12
                                  Romans 1:16-32

(If you don't have a Bible handy, use this form to look up scripture-
Lookup a word or passage in the Bible

Sadly, many people think the things of God are foolishness, therefore they will not heed  warnings.  (1Corinthians 2:14)    Many prophets of the past foretold what was to come in the future. Wake up!  Those things are happening every day.  Right now, 1 out of 8 verses in the Bible deals with the times we're living in right now and what's going to happen in the future. The Bible can be trusted as God's Holy Word without a doubt.
Read what happened to this his man who called himself the "biggest skeptic in the world".  He set out on a mission to discredit the Bible. 

A friend took me to see the Cross Garden about ten years ago near Prattville, Alabama. The man who put up all these crosses was very adamant about warning everyone that it's not too late to get yourself in right standing with God. He was a missionary in the community he lived. The only time it's too late is after you've died a physical death, which is the first death.  If you've not accepted Jesus, who is the only perfect sacrifice God recognizes for payment of man's sins, then essentially the devil's got 'cha and final destination is the Lake of Fire, which is where your spirit will experience the second death, the worse kind of death possible.

This is a serious enough subject to communicate.  Your destiny is actually up to you.  God has already provided everything to lead and show you, but your will He will not violate. He will not force or deceive anyone. Satan even uses that in his deception plotting. Up front he makes everything look mighty attractive and tempting, with his promises and pleasing up front demeanor.  Many are and will continue to believe his illusions and deceptions rather than choose the way of true living God?  Remember the illusionist and so convincingly believable at making himself and things appear fantastic, so many would rather choose what he offers and turn from God. But only the true God loves you and knows what's ultimately best for you. Satan is not about love. The Bible tells you what Satan is all about, how he will carry off his plan, and why he's doing it.  Born again Christians,  are saved from an eternity separated from God, redeemed by the saving grace of Jesus, our Savior and Lord to a heavenly destination called home.  See these six steps to take right now to receive forgiveness of your sins and be saved from an eternity with Satan and his demons where your spirit will be tortured over and over without any hope of being rescued. Beyond horrible!

Yesterday I worked in the yard and forgot to apply sun protection on my face, so I figured it's a good time to make up a new facial mixture with pear and buttermilk.  So I did and included one drop of myrrh essential oil. Let me tell you I really like the myrrh in this facial- the aroma is so relaxing. I had to squeeze out as much juice as possible from mashing half a pear so this mixture wouldn't be too watery and drip right off my face. I applied this mixture to my face like a mask and enjoyed the aroma while making breakfast.  I'm going to add some aloe vera and yogurt to it for my next application, as you can see I made plenty.  I keep it in the refrigerator and the essential oils help keep it fresh for about a week.  Here it is below before blending in the myrrh oil.

My buttermilk, pear, and myrrh essential oil homemade facial

Humbly and graciously I keep my face before the Lord. Oh, by the way, my friends told me don't quit my regular job.

And lastly, I'll leave you with this video with a special message---

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mid Morning Watermelon and Three Converts

I don't know about you, but I sure do enjoy good watermelon.  I just had to include this photo after my last entry to show I'm still partaking of my garden surprise. While others may be thinking pumpkin this last Monday of October, I'm eating juicy watermelon from my garden, compliments of the One who gives me abundantly all good blessings. (See my previous entry about how I came upon this watermelon in my garden).

My mid morning watermelon plate

One additional thought for today's entry. Jesus started his public ministry when he was 12. That's pretty young if you think about a young man being about his Father's business.
Yes, young people can make the decision to serve God at an early age. If they are mature enough to make that decision about right and wrong and have knowledge to make that decision willingly, why shouldn't they?  It's my opinion that all parents should raise their children to be responsible, aim to have wisdom, and give them the foundation for serving God. The young are just as important in the family of God as anyone else.  God can use them just as he can anyone. So really, age is irrelevant.

Three young new Christians
The above is a photo I took of three wise young Christians. They understand what sin is, they know about Jesus and what did to pay for their sins,  and what it means to be saved. They each accepted willingly into their hearts Jesus as their savior and have also been water baptized to show our congregation symbolically what's happened in their life and hearts.   Their parents and grandparents must be so proud these precious children have come to want to accept Jesus at an early age. Praise God.

Scripture reference-
Luke 2:42-49
3 John 1:4

Keep forward facing in faith always

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A garden surprise

It's very pleasant weather today so I went out to water plants I've neglected for weeks.
Something caught my eye as I was walking past the overgrown garden plot. There it was, a full sized watermelon! I couldn't believe it. A watermelon three times larger than the watermelons I was tending months ago. All had rotted underneath or the ants got into them, so I'd long given up the notion that I'd enjoy a homegrown watermelon this year.
This surprise melon was a nice sized, and to have grown to it's dimension on very little rain, well, I was in awe. We've not had much rain and it surely hadn't gotten an ounce of attention from me! 
This garden surprise was perfect and prime with it's only sustenance being good sunshine, enough rain, nutrients from the soil and the touch of God.
I brought out a measuring stick and took these photo before cuting the vine and gathering up my hefty garden delight and carryng it inside to show-and-tell to Mom. She had no idea it had been growing in the garden plot either. The weeds had concealed it until today.

Hidden watermelon

God has surprises like this every day. God's order of nature and the changing of seasons, is perfectly beautifully orchestrated by his hand. But even more so is the care God has for me and you.
I am grateful of the surprises waiting to be discovered just like this today. 
A watermelon in October out of a garden full of weeds was a mighty delightful surprise to me. 
This melon's gettin' chilled tonight for some enjoying tomorrow, compliments of my good God.

This made me think about God's vastness-He has no limitations, no boundaries, no restrictions or restraints- in other words God in not hindered by anything. When God is involved in the mix, the unexpected is guaranteed.  He is way above logic and the mundane.
I'm reminded of one story in the Old Testament of a widowed woman in debt and about to starve.
The prophet Elisha was sent to her, she obeyed him and a miracle happened, the last bit of oil kept flowing and she could sell it and pay her debts and live off the profits- that was a miracle.
My watermelon is my little miracle from God today. 
God knows how much I like watermelon, and yesterday at the grocery store I didn't see not the first one. God gave me this one personally.
Thank you God for seeing not only to my needs but also to give me this garden surprise to enjoy.

What is your miracle from God today?

Scripture reference- 2Kings 4:1-7

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Until next time, keep looking toward the Son!

Update Nov. 16, 2010  I had noticed this watermelon growing when I discovered the big watermelon last month. This one  is much smaller and shaped like a gorde. The vine looked like it was dying so cut it today and took this photo with one of my dogs nearby to show the size of this melon. However, the meat wasn't totally ripe, so my piggies got to finish it off. But it sure was fun having watermelon this late in the year.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Because of Him

       I was listening to a local Christian radio station this afternoon.  I heard the last part of one program and it was about some things people do to earn God's favor. I was listening that some people walk over glass on their knees, or go without food for weeks, or cut themselves, all sorts of things. Even sitting in church, or singing in the choir people do thinking it will win God's favor. I don't remember reading in the Bible God requiring anything like that.  Well, try as anyone may, there is nothing outside of accepting his Son, Jesus, that can earn God's favor. Nothing at all. No amount of effort, good deeds, volunteering, or money, nothing. It's all been done by Jesus and there's nothing more I nor anyone can add to what Jesus has already done. So it's Jesus, nothing more, nothing less. That's all that's required. You have it all with Jesus- life, sins forgiven, hope, and an inheritance in heaven because God will see the blood of Jesus, His Son,  cloaking your sins and your name written in the Book of Life. Then anything else you do after that should be from your heart to serve others. Just know that you don't have to keep trying to impress God to earn His favor.

       When you have the Son, you have it all. I've got a long way to improve on my Christian walk, but every day is a new day to do better serving and show that I am grateful of the mercy and grace showered upon me from above.  I like the info on this site on the evidence for God with no nonsense answers to many questions regarding the Christian faith and the Bible.

Jesus paid for our sins in full
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Keeping my face toward the Son.

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