Sunday, December 7, 2014

Vulnerability with marijuana

Legalizing the smoking of marijuana is popular right now in the United States.
I recently read an article describing what happens to your body from smoking pot,
and one other very interesting article about happens on a spiritual level, which one
doesn't normally associate with mind-altering substances. It's anything but euphoric.

a substance provoking an altered mental state

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When your brain is influenced by THC and CBD, the main chemicals in cannabis, (commonly called marijuana, pot, weed, grass) you begin feeling pretty relaxed, and laid-back, which is known as 'feeling high or buzzed'.
When in this altered mental-state, the mind is vulnerable of a spiritual attack from a source many are completely unaware is constantly prowling about seeking it's next victim.

Allow me to elaborate in describing smoking pot is liken to answering a knock at your front door to receive a package while a robber enters through the back door and steals your most valuable possessions. It's all to easy for the 'robber' making his back door attack while you're basking in a mental high, off-guard, unsuspecting of an attack. The enemy enters undetected, without resistance- all too easy.

P.S. Your most valuable possessions are your soul and your spirit. And this robber is of a spiritual nature- the spiritual adversary, the devil and his army of cohorts.

The link below is to an interesting article. Read a few lines in each paragraph,  then....
skim down to the last 4 paragraphs at the end of this article right before the notes..

It's probably safe to say that teens across the country are thrilled that marijuana is being legalized in more States, with Colorado being the first.
I can imagine parents having discussions with their teens about smoking marijuana, then the tough decision to allow or forbid their teen to smoke pot.
A parents role and position is, to within their power, protect their children from potential harm of
any sort.

The risks of pot smoking comes with consequences far more reaching than a physical 'high'.

View this first video in a series delving into the question-'Is there harm in this controversial drug?'.
(I learned a lot viewing this video).

Bottom line- marijuana, and any mind-altering substance, should not be taken without knowing you're making your mind a target, fit and primed to be attacked by a prowling, roaring lion. 

Your soul and spirit will face either positive or negative consequences for your relational standing
for or against God. God wants you aware and alert especially about those things which can bring harm to you.
It would be wise to remain sober so you don't fall prey and suffer harm. God's Word is for your protection.

100 Bible verses on why be sober-minded. 

***Marijuana is not the only substance with mind-altering effects. But since it's being made legally available for public purchase, there are good odds that marijuana be a substance which many, both young and old are going to yield to, and indulge in, thereby placing themselves in an ineffective-for-the-Kingdom mental state. 

Ponder this. Not all things that look seemingly harmless are good for your body or your spirit. Satan still lies- 'surely you wouldn't die' was part truth and part lie. Marijuana may not kill you physically or strike you dead on the spot. But that doesn't mean what it does to your mental faculties isn't placing you in a 'compromising spiritual place' just like the first humans didn't believe they'd face spiritual consequences. Our fleshly wants keep us continually falling for the same traps satan has used over and over. If anything, being 'high' is time you're not effective for the kingdom of God and most likely you're not thinking about godly things. To the enemy, any and every thing is fair game that will render you preoccupied and useless for the Kingdom. So many still need to hear the Good News of the Gospel and your lifestyle speaks volumes about your faith. And satan wants your main focus to be on your flesh and 'feeling good' more than pursuing holiness and godliness.

1 Peter 5:8 Roaring lion on the prowl looking to devour
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Placing oneself in a position to be preyed upon is a dear cost to pay even for a temporary 'high'.

Spiritual consequences are far more lasting than any physical consequences.

Question- How does the ole devil deceive people? 
Answer-  He can't know your thoughts like God can, but he can read your actions. His influence is 
                upon our minds. His methods of operating are upon your thoughts with very subtle
                influences which will prevent, deter, or sway you from knowing the Word of God.
                (2Cor 4:4).
               The longer he can keep you from knowing he's around, the longer he goes about undetected
               and doing his devious doings. He's an evil spirit, invisible and he uses this to his advantage.
In this case, a mind under the influence of drugs or chemicals, is ripely vulnerable to an attack by a roaring, hungry lion.
(The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.-
Satan effectively ensnares unsuspicious, gullible victims by using the time-tested tools-   
                     Deceptions,  Doubt,  Discouragement,  Diversions,  Defeat and Delays. 
Steal     - in this case, take from you (without your permission) God's eternal promises and                                   blessings.
Kill      -   in this case, cause spiritual death
Destroy-  in this case, ruin, annihilate, obliterate you from being able to enjoy the good things
               God has planned for you.

                The results he's after are to keep you from knowing the truth about what's
                available to you through Jesus Christ (the forgiveness of all your sins), and unaware of the
                power you have over him when you're hooked up with Christ.
                He wants you to remain blinded of what he's doing, which is to steal from you your
                hope of spiritual, eternal life in heaven with the Father of creation.

                Cut him off from stealing the future God wants you to have and enjoy!
                Don't allow this spiritual adversary to be your god. (IJohn3:10)

                When you're mind is influenced by anything other than the Spirit of God, your mind is
                more vulnerable to deceptions and lies (devoured) and most likely being lead away from
                the things of God, making you an enemy of God and spiritually compromising
                your relationship with God. (James 4:4)

 Three things Satan wants to do.

   What defenses can you use to win against Satan?  Keep your mind and heart very close to the Word of God-feed daily upon it. Invite Jesus into your life and heart. Spiritual armor is what you need.

 There's an ongoing spiritual battle and one way to survive If you're unaware Satan wants to prevent you from knowing the good things spelled out for you in God's Word, you're clueless that you have the 'kryptonite' guaranteed to make the enemy flee from you.
 Jesus won spiritual victory over Satan on the Cross at Calvary. Jesus is our hero, our rescuer, our Lord. Satan is a defeated foe and loser, but if you don't know that, then unknowingly you're his defenseless prey and under his control.

I strongly recommend stop giving the spiritual enemy your mind to deceive and play with.
 However, it's your choice, your will and your future. God will not force anyone to choose to love Him or to follow His ways by force because by force or by demanding isn't his character nor would that show that you love and honor Him.

But know that the enemy continues to do every thing to deter you from knowing the truth about Jesus and God, and your mind is his #1 target in which he fills with lies, enticing your thoughts, emotions and desires. He's got centuries of experience with his very, very sly manipulations.

Great read-children of God and children of satan. 

This spiritual adversary usually makes noise of his presence in some way, giving clues of his doings. This is when we should get on our knees and call upon the spiritual defenses from the Word of God
which we can freely call to for spiritual and physical protection and safety.

The Word is my protection in love from my heavenly Father
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**mind-altering substances in this discussion are limited to those taken without doctor's approval.

** an enemy or thief takes action when you're most vulnerable or least aware of an  attack/strike. 

And if there's any possibility the main drug in marijuana has the potential to stunt cognitive functioning, especially in adolescents, why risk insult to your brain functioning if you don't have to?       

Until next time, I'm blanketed, swaddled safe and warm within the spiritual protection of my Father's Living Word.

And you?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Can God have a son?"

I'm so happy I happened upon the perfect answer to the question, "Can God have a son?"

precious feet

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There are those who object, discredit and disbelieve Jesus as deity because they get tripped up on
how can Jesus be the Son of God.

Long before the Earth and Man came into being, God know Man would stumble
into sin. With sin in the picture, this brought the need of a perfect way of removing that 'filthy' sin which would be the 'Fall of Man' and be the 'impenetrable wall' separating Man, now filthy because of sin, from a just, perfect and holy God.   (Sin and holiness do not mingle)

God did not want Sin and the 'penalty of sin' to be the finality of Man. In other words, God did and does not want our demise to be due to our disobedience, (even thought it's what we deserve for disobeying God, he loves us more than we deserve to be loved).
What a loving, merciful, heavenly Father we have.

Read the brief explanation and click to listen to the sermon.

Become enlightened with the knowledge of truth, and then you too, can answer any one's questions about how can God have a son.

Spoiler alert- God came to our rescue.

 Make sure to listen to the sermon on this.

The above link, the "Fall of Man" contains good info on the 'Tree of Life' and the 'Tree of Knowledge of Goodness and Evil'.

My journey on straight and narrow path is such a wonderful a walk, I don't want to be on any other.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Repertoire and reserve

Last week Joan Molinsky, commonly know as Joan Rivers, breathed her last breath.

I came across the term, 'Repertoire and reserve', while reading an article explaining the throat procedure surgery that presented complications for Ms. Rivers.

Any kind of surgery poses stress upon the body.
Surgery comes with unpredictable complications, and more so for an older person because of diminished 'repertoire and reserve'.
I guess diminished 'repertoire and reserve' refers to the weakened inner strength needed to overcome or cope with stress introduced to the body by any surgical procedure.

Joan Rivers was born in 1933. She had reached her 81st birthday.
She had lived fourscore years.

Psalms 90:10 reads that God limited man's lifespan.

God, in His infinite, perfect wisdom pulled back the years of Man's lifespan from 800 or 900 carnal years to 80 years. Some are blessed with strength to breathe on past 960 months. If you live to 100, that's 1200 months.

Surgical procedure or not, it may have been Ms. River's time.

List of 100 people verified living a long time.

God has power over death, not Man. 

Diminishing 'repertoire and reserve' is built into DNA.
The body becomes weaker and can't tolerate or handle 'stress' as it formerly did.

I hope the clinic where her throat procedure was performed and the medical staff are found to have performed all medical procedures as dictated by the medical establishment.

I'm sure no medical personnel intentionally desired to do anything wrong or harmful to Ms. Rivers.

It's most likely that Joan had reached her allotted number of days.
She must have undergone plenty of plastic surgeries to her face to give herself a youthful appearance. But none of that can change the fact that when it's your time to depart, one can't do much to change that..

I have a feeling Ms. Rivers was keenly aware of her mortality and that she was grateful for her life and her talent for making people laugh.

She will be missed by many.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Contemplating more about Jesus, Part 2

Jesus left us with so much to contemplate and digest.
Jesus came to Earth giving us a body, a face, a model so-to-speak, of what God the Father is like.

The Son of God was the perfect sacrifice for Man's sins

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How can Jesus speak of God and also be God?
That has been a puzzling question I've wondered about for years.
The best I've come to understand is while Jesus was on Earth, he demonstrated to us how we are to
have respect and reverence to the Holy Father. While he was walking amongst us, he was fully a man, with emotions, feelings of hunger and thirst, bleeding when punctured, etc, but he was also of the Holy Spirit, meaning he concurrently retained his godliness while in his temporary human body form.

Remember, John 1:1, in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
I take this to mean always Jesus and God were One. They are one in the same.
And, John 1:14 reads the Word was made flesh, meaning God was made flesh and we know his name to be Jesus who came from the Father, and Jesus is full of grace and truth.

Though not a perfect example, I can't think of any thing giving a closer example to an Earthly 'one-ness' than marriage. Marriage is two people united together in the sight of God becoming one, sharing the same name, the same household, the same goals, the same life.

The Holy Trinity

There is a hierarchy in the unity of three.
 The Holy Trinity is comprised of the three persons of the holy God. Each attribute or person is God and each is holy, and each distinction of the Trinity has a distinct role or functioning in unification.

I like how Charles Stanley explains the roles of the Trinity. (creates, implements and administers the plan)

Jesus came to bring glory to the Father. While on Earth, he mission was to point us to the Heavenly Father and to put a 'face' on the invisible God for us to have a model to see, hear, and touch. He was submissive and obedient in his mission to give glory to the Father.  Jesus while on Earth in a human form, he was also still God the Son. He was both God and man.
And, Jesus came to purchase our freedom from spiritual death which we should rightly pay for the sins we've done against a holy, and righteous God.

Could Jesus be both God and man?

Is there any thing what-so-ever out of the realm of God to do?  Of course not.
Our finite minds may have a hard time wrapping our thoughts around Jesus being God. From the beginning this was The master plan for our good. God had to become the sacrifice in order to satisfy God for all of Mans' sins. Nothing less would do and there was no sinless person. God had to step  down from heaven and become a man to be the pure, sinless acceptable sacrifice once and for all mankind who'd want him to be their Savior.  And it has been done. Only thing remaining is for you to accept that he was who he said he was and accept his love and what he did for you upon the cross at Calvary so you can enjoy eternal life.

The Father glorifies the Son, whom we must go through to access the Father.

The Holy Spirit dwells within the hearts of believers giving direct communication/heart talk/ understanding/spiritual counseling connection between the believer, God the Father and Jesus the Lord God.

Jesus prayed (John 17:1-25) mentioning multiple times that he had glory with God before the world was created and that he and God are one.

The voice from the clouds, (the voice of God) spoke Jesus was his Son and whom He was well-pleased.
I would say this is confirmation from God the Father to His Son.

More scriptures in Matthew, John and 1John. (God and Jesus are One)

 Jesus is the God-way to the heavenly, Father God. The Holy Spirit is the God within for our personal God- teacher and heart consciousness helping us with how to conduct and think and live the way fitting to God.

Jesus, the Messiah came and the world hasn't been the same.
Jesus changed so many lives and because of him, any person accepting him as being the
Son of God and their Lord and Savior, surely gets a new life ( in many ways) and can expect a glorious life in the eternal future.
Until then, all believers have the Holy Spirit as our personal God within to help us to righteousness and point us to Jesus and to the heavenly Father.

Jesus hung on the cross to give us hope and life

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Want to get rid of what will keep you out of heaven?  (What to do to get through the gates)

I shall keep contemplating more and more about my wonderful Jesus, my Lord, my God.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Contemplating all Jesus is

I've read that followers of other religions, including followers of the Islam religion consider Jesus a prophet and nothing more because they do not believe Jesus is the Son of God; nor was he crucified or resurrected; nor is there any Holy Trinity.

More interesting info on what the Quran says about Jesus and the Bible.

Question- If Jesus is only a prophet, what about these facts about Jesus?,

Jesus, Son of God came to save us from the penalty of sin

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A prophet is seen differently by people of different religions.
Mainly, a prophet is a person chosen of God to voice a direct message to his people.

Here's a list of 70 contradictions found in Al-Quran.
I'm not a scholar of the Quran, but if there are these many contradictions, could information
 written in the Quran about Jesus be erroneous?

There are over 200 names referring to the person of Jesus. It's quiet an impressive list referring to Jesus. I would conclude Jesus can be called more than just a prophet. (and one of his names is Everlasting Father which means he is God. God is limitless and He chose to be of three distinct attributes. Jesus is God incarnate so we could get a visual glimpse of God who is without form because God is Spirit, and so a part of God could be born of flesh in order to become the perfect, sinless, approved sacrificial-lamb for mankind so we can have our sins placed upon the perfect sacrifice for our sins to be forgiven by God.

God's master plan for the redemption of Man was in the making from the very beginning, long
fore Man came on the scene. That's some awesome master plan God has in the works!

And a prophet is a man or woman with a sin nature just as we all have.
Jesus came into his earthly body without a sin nature being conceived of the Holy Spirit.
I'd say Jesus is much more than a prophet. He did much more than voice a message from God.

Can you imagine that the Lord, relinquished part of his deity and became a growing fetus, dividing cells and all, within the uterus of Mary with human and holy DNA. What a miracle!
Jesus temporarily relinquished his everlasting spirit form and become one of flesh and bone and blood. He was born into the physical world by developing as a baby inside the chosen virgin named Mary, but he held onto his deity as Mary was visited by another attribute of God in the form of the Holy Spirit.

This holy, miracle impregnation proves nothing beyond the reach or is impossible to God.

Contemplate all Jesus is and all Jesus has and is doing for you right now.
This is far beyond prophet material. No mere prophet can be God and man.

No ordinary prophet was given authority to take away any one's sins. Jesus does.

We are not awaiting the return of an ordinary prophet.
Contemplate what Jesus is yet to do for those who call upon him as their Lord and Savior.
We are awaiting the return of Jesus, the Son of God.

Here are what we should be doing until his return.

And while we are waiting, if we pray according to his will, we can do great works in his name. How cool is that? And it's all because when we hook up with Jesus, through him we are empowered to do great things. Again, God gets the glory, through Jesus, not us. No ordinary prophet can do this.

May I suggest a thorough study of the Bible with the goal of searching for the truth should one wish to know who Jesus is.
And, I say 'is' because he IS alive.
He's our High Priest and our advocate in heaven and is busy mediating for us and preparing a place for us.
And at the appropriate, he will return in all his glory and the world will know without a doubt he is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

Until next time,  I'm walking on my glorious, narrow path leading to my Lord.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An amazing book with a valuabe, life-giving message

It's a book comprised of many books. And together, the continuing story, the saga, the conflicts and drama---a lead up to the long awaited Messiah coming on the scene. The Bible tells of the future of mankind and spiritual beings.   The Bible. The Holy Word of God. It tells of history so we can learn. And it tells of the future so we can be prepared.

Five reasons why this book is 'THE' book printed and read more than any other book in the world.

The Bible has a message for you. God speaks his personal message to you in his written Word. You can only know it if you read it. In His Word you will find out about him, about what people did in the past and what happened to them. It tells about people who drew near and worshiped God and about people who distanced themselves from God and worshiped idols.

God's Holy Word for you to read

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You will discover a lot about yourself in the stories in the Bible. Man and woman haven't changed that much at all in their wants and desires. God knows us all too well.

But you won't know anything unless you open the book and read it for yourself. Even reading a page a day will be to your benefit.

The Bible is a spiritual book and speaks to the spirit of man.  When you're on the same spiritual channel, it's a truly amazing book.

No other book has changed more lives than the Bible.

Has your spirit been married with the Holy Spirit so the pages of the Bible come to life for you and for a change in your life that's nothing short of miraculous.

The message is simple. Your spirit is brought to life and quickened when you choose to believe.
 Jesus walked on earth as the embodiment of God in the flesh.
He came to give life. Your spiritual life.
Your sin debt stands between you and a Holy God. Jesus is the Mediator between
God and Man.
Don't delay in accepting Jesus into your heart to be your lord and savior. It's the most important decision in all of eternity you will make.
Choose Jesus and you choose your valuable, precious spirit life.

God's message for LIFE is within the pages

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God wants you to have spiritual life. How you can have life is by the Way, the Truth and the Life, found within His Son, Jesus.   

P.S. The gift of life is free.
You can't earn it or work for it or deserve it.
It's totally free.
All you have to do is ask Jesus into your heart and it's yours because God loves you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The clash still rages loudly

The middle East is a hot-bed of war and hate. The sentiment has trickled down from man to their sons and to young women taking their stand in the hostile actions of that land. The war has been a long one with no end in sight- only more loaded barrels, rockets and explosives aimed at each other.

Why such hostility?

The Muslims, including neighboring Arab countries and Palestinians want the Israelis out of the land.
This is the battle involving the entire world. It's a battle not only of who has the right to the land, but who's religion and who's God is supreme.

The stakes are too high for one side to give up anything. The life one loses or sacrifices are mounting daily.

Hate and hostility has sunk to deeper depths. I can't begin to understand what it must be like to live in a land where every day war rages with more killings.
Is there any possibility of peace in the Middle East?
Is there any win-win solution for these two groups of people living on this planet?
How much more killing and death? Is this solving anything?

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Now, the story of a young Palestinian woman, Wafa al-Biri, is one that touches me.
I can't imagine what her life has been to have brought her to want to be a martyr.

She's most likely suffered by seeing more death than any young person should be exposed to in the refugee camp where she lived and this affected her so deeply that the only way she saw to escape was to inflect and reciprocate the same in retaliation and end her suffering at the same time.

A very unfortunate accident started all this which caused extensive burns over her body.
She needed special medical treatments to survive the infections and she was able to receive skin grafting free of charge for her burns at a Jewish clinic.
She survived and her wounds healed, but not her emotions. And she was left with some disfigurement. This would be difficult and tragic for anyone.
In addition to her physical suffering, she must have been doubly devastated when her fiance backed out on her, and her situation brought shame to her brothers and other family members.
She must have felt her suffering was unbearable and was never going to end.

She entertained the thought of being a martyr as her only way to end her suffering.

Militants were all to eager to grant her her wish and showed her just how to make the most of her willingness to end her life and supplied her with explosives and instructions.

This young woman was willing to take the lives of those who had personally cared for her over the course of half a year in the burn clinic.

She knew the names of the people who had treated her in the clinic.
She knew they didn't have to treat and care for her.
But they did.

Watch this video of a 21 year old woman who attempted to be a suicide bomber.

I have never been burned to need skin grafting. But I do know it's a choice what a person can do with the rest of their life after severe burns.
This man chose to inspire and be a positive influence after his burn accident.

There has been fighting in the Middle East for a long time.

What the Bible says about war in the Middle East.

In war, there are no rules but to survive or die with the hope of having made a final stand.

God have mercy upon one and all.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

No need to fear. God is here.

With all the turmoil and unrest looming about the whole world, I've been needing
to lean on some words of comfort, like, "fear not".

No need to be afraid

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And where might I find these words of comfort?

Nowhere else but in my Bible.

And I find the words and the meaning to not fear scattered all throughout it's pages.
 Especially in the Old Testament and 5 books of the New Testament.

God must want me to know I needn't not worry myself.

I must have faith and trust and believe God at His Word. He has no reason to tell lies.
God is faithful. In Him I can believe. He gave His Word for me.

Some scripture references of God always telling the truth-
Numbers 23:19
1 Samuel 15:29
Titus 1:1-3
Hebrews 6:18

40 great scripture references about trust and trusting. 

"Fear, you are on notice. You are no longer needed or welcome anywhere near me,
so out the door you go and don't bother coming back.  I choose to fear not. I choose to
put my hope and my all in the one who is mighty. My soul and heart and my mind are
firmly planted in God's Word and in His might.   Thank you Lord for doing everything
for me. For giving me victory through you. For saving me and giving me hope and a
future in heaven.  In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

God can emphatically be trusted without fail.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

End-times timeline and cause of moral decline

This posting is shorter in length than my usual posting but not short in importance.

There are only five links. The link to the timeline is very eye-opening.

an eye-opening timeline

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Every day the news broadcasts bring more bad, sad news. Violence seems to getting worse. People seem more interested in self, (looking young and having a flat-abs, great body) having their pleasures and being socially-connected above being concerned about the moral state of affairs of the country they live so their children and grandchildren can have a future and experience a decent life.

 Have societies of the world gone over-the-cliff of moral decline?

 Is mankind speeding headfirst into a brick wall?

 Is turmoil the order of the day for millions of Earth citizens around the globe?

Increased number of natural disasters, weird weather patterns, shortage of fresh water, widespread drought, chemicals in the food, famine, hunger, people wanting annihilation of an entire group of people, terrorist attacks, the looming collapse of the dollar, drug overdosing, human freedoms at risk, rising taxes, sex-offenses, too many able-bodied choosing to make it their occupation to live off the government rather than acquiring job skills to get a job. These are just a handful of occurrences we're witnessing and hearing about, and they're affecting us all.

But the most devastating of all is the rampant disrespect and disregard to the things of God and instead believing the lies of the master liar. Even those claiming to be Christians are unknowingly blinded by the master deceiver by being lead to deviate away from the Truth with the attitude, ' it's our right to want what we want and we shall change our laws to make it legal and to hell with the consequences.'(these are what I call carnal Christians).

Are we humans, in general, gullible because...
we aren't as smart as we think we are?
Or, are we stubborn, or don't care to want to know the truth?
Or, do we prefer to not believe the Truth because we like and prefer to believe lies because the lies cater more to our fleshly likings?

Scientists prove we're on the decline- it's in the genes.

 The signs of the end-times are obvious and can't be ignored.

Click the link to take you to an article to see a timeline of the final prophetic events before Christ returns.

The world and it's inhabitants will not likely welcome Christ's return. A vast number of this planet's inhabitants have a serious heart condition growing worse by the day, due to so many not desiring to know of Jesus and asking him be their personal savior.

 I'm fortunate that my childhood and a young adulthood were during times of innocent...
when kids could actually play outside without the fear of being abducted or kidnapped;
when manners were taught and rudeness was dealt with right then;
when parents disciplined their kids; when in school we stood, faced the flag of the
United States of America, placed our hands over our hearts and proudly recited the Pledge of Allegiance; when the person in the Commander-in-Chief position was revered and respected;
and when people as a whole were much more kind, considerate and thoughtful to each other.

The Truth is the only Way to have abundant Life and not symptoms of destructing and dying societies. See the video below for how to have a renewed heart and be set apart from a dying world.

By continually failing to acknowledging our God and his sovereignty as a people, we must not
believe we are harming to ourselves. We may not see it right away, but we are.

Children growing up today...what will they experience if moral decline continues?

If YOU want Jesus to change your heart today, he will. He can take away your sins and set you free from the penalty of sin and set you on a brand new course of Life.

It's easy to get your miraculous change of heart. Mean it in your heart and in your own words in a prayer, a talk from your heart to God, that you believe Jesus is the Son of God; that he died for your sins; that you repent of your sins against God; that you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and
 that you want him to be a part of your life and that you want to follow his teachings and aim to live a life pleasing to God.

 Write this date down as your spiritual birth date, the date you were saved by Jesus. You're with Jesus now, the one who overcame death. Your spirit will live and NOT be punished a forever penalty in the Lake of Fire. Praise the Lord for his love and sacrifice for mankind. You chose and now receive Life.

You will have to learn to grow and learn to listen to the new and improved heart you have which will now be in tune with the Holy Spirit, your ever present teacher and counselor.

Your spiritual growth be a continual process because your flesh and the people of the world about you will want you to regress back to your old way.

Nothing is easy that is worthwhile in life.

You will be challenged daily and you will fail, but remember you are not perfect, only Jesus living within your heart is and that's what you return to and stand firmly on and rely upon for the strength to continue and grow and get better in your daily life of pleasing God.

With Jesus, God does not see your sins, short-givings and blunders, but He sees that which is inside you and the sinless blood that Jesus shed for you.

Then, get under good Bible teachings so you can know more about the things Jesus taught and what God left in His Word for us to know to live by for our good and protection.

Welcome to the family of God and all which His heirs inherit now and in heaven for all time. The best is yet to come!

John 14:6 (KJV) Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

one added link to end-times Bible prophesy - what's going to happen?

...until next time, I'm on the straight and narrow path with my sights upon Jesus.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mass prayer for rain

After reading this article, I wonder if God was pleased with a group of leaders, representing various religious beliefs, praying in unison for rain to end the month's long drought in Nevada and surrounding area.

rain clouds

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Praying for rain brings to mind the Bible story when the prophet of God,  Elijah told King Ahab it wouldn't rain for 3 1/2 years. God was judging Israel for all the idolatry. Idolatry was rampant from the top down. King Ahab worshiped Baal, the god of the weather.

Could the drought in the Western states be God holding back the rain clouds to get more to pray to Him, and not to idols?

 God IS in control of the rain, fully and completely, as well as the wind, the climate, the tide, the moon, the is He, and He alone in control of what He created. False gods can't produce one single droplet.

All the various religious leaders together wouldn't make one bit of difference had they prayed day and night for an entire year.

This reminds me of another great Bible story, again with Elijah.  The 450 prophets of Baal prayed long and hard to Baal, their god,  but nothing happened. When Elijah prayed, God answered. This showed there was then and to this day now and forevermore only one, true God.
Praying to false gods is futile. There is only one, true God.

Rain will fall when God is ready and sees fit to send rain upon Nevada.

parched without rain

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This author suggests to those critically needing rain to fall upon their land, consider pondering
 if you may be delaying the release of rain with prayers to false gods and idol worship.

We're really all at the mercy of God every second of the day for all our needs, wants and desires. At any moment any of us could befall a number of situations of loss or of lack.

We've become very spoiled and comfortable in general with our possessions, lifestyles and freedoms we've been given and granted. All those things have a source, and, at any moment we could be in an earthquake, sudden high winds, a tornado, an electrical fire could break out in our home, the Earth open up and swallow your home, or auto or you, an insect or locust infestation wipe out an entire crop or widespread vegetation, or a blood clot suddenly lodge in our brain.
No one knows what the next moment might bring, know but we can know that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has proven over and over the truth of the matter that He is God and He can withhold rain or whatever He wishes to withhold or release as He wishes according to his perfect will.

When you want your prayers answered like Elijah had his prayers answered, doing what pleases God is a good way to get Him to answer and rather quickly, and in this matter of drought in Nevada, I would think answered prayers to God to shower down some liquid sunshine quickly would be most appreciated and welcomed.

 If you don't have a clue what's you can do that's pleasing to God, take some time to read to get some clues in the Book. In order to receive your clues, you must have an open heart to receive a personal clues and message. In order to receive your message, your must first invite His precious gift into your heart. You will instantly receive supernatural faith to trust in the things you can't see with your human eyes, or touch with your hands, or reason through with human logic.
It starts with a change of heart and acknowledging you're helpless within your own efforts to please God. You take the first step of opening and trusting your heart to him and He will gladly give you all you need to please Him. You just have to ask and be willing to trust in Him, That's the biggest way to please Him and He gives you what you need to do that if you ask.

Here are steps to take which will make God pleased and give you a new heart..

Here are some additional Bible verse about rain which shed light on the dire situation for rain in Nevada. 

Jeremiah 5:24 

They do not say in their hearts, ‘Let us fear the Lord our God, who gives the rain in its season, the autumn rain and the spring rain, and keeps for us the weeks appointed for the harvest.’

Jeremiah 14:22 

Are there any among the false gods of the nations that can bring rain? Or can the heavens give showers? Are you not he, O Lord our God? We set our hope on you, for you do all these things.

1 Kings 8:35 

“When heaven is shut up and there is no rain because they have sinned against you, if they pray toward this place and acknowledge your name and turn from their sin, when you afflict them,

Matthew 5:45 

So that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

Zechariah 10:1 

Ask rain from the Lord in the season of the spring rain, from the Lord who makes the storm clouds, and he will give them showers of rain, to everyone the vegetation in the field.

Zechariah 14:17 

And if any of the families of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, there will be no rain on them.

Final questions-If rain should fall from the sky in this area in much need of moisture..would the idol gods or the God of Abraham and Isaac receive the glory?

I believe God will not share glory with false gods. Why should the glory be shared?
 False gods can do nothing?
They did not create anything but people worship and pray to them. 
So perhaps when the people get truly desperate and finally come to the conclusion false gods can't come through, they will have to turn to the true God.
But until then, parched and dry conditions shall continue paralleling the people's allegiance and faith in which God they serve and worship.

Are your prayers going to a dead, lifeless, dry god or The God who makes and releases necessary water upon all living things?

Until next time, keep on the straight and narrow path. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Positively I.D.'d

I learn so much re-reading the foretelling of Christ's coming. I can only imagine the prophets telling of the Messiah but not fully understanding  their predictions of the Messiah yet to come..

Identification of the Messiah---Jesus

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God saw well to preserve all the prophecies throughout the generations so we could read of them in the Holy Scriptures today.

I can imagine the Jewish people had all sorts of questions about the Messiah.
Who would be the Messiah? What would he do? Where would he come from? When would he arrive?

The Old Testament writings left clues and signs so the Messiah's identity would clearly prove it was him. None other than Jesus Christ positively fits the ID.

The Messiah would need to-

Be of a certain lineage
Be a male and be born of a virgin woman.
Make his arrival at a certain time and place.
Be received a certain way by his peers.
Be of a certain character in his day-to-day life as well as in his ministry.
Have someone preparing the way and announce that he was coming.
Be despised by his own people.
Be given up for a certain amount of silver.
Be mocked, pierced and crucified.
Be guilty of no violence.
Be laid in a rich man's grave.
Be resurrected.

This link gives scripture about all this and more with links to parts 1-3.  

Below is a little of what I recently learned from my pastor concerning the Jewish Messiah------

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem

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There are Jews who do not believe Jesus is the Messiah.
The word Messiah is Hebrew, and Christ is Greek. They both mean, the anointed One.

Back in biblical time, the Jews ( the religious ones) saw Jesus as an ordinary man. They didn't take kindly to him claiming to be God. That was blasphemy. Only God could forgive sins and Jesus claimed he could.

The Jews were anticipating their Messiah to be a political leader and rescue them from all their enemies, including the Romans, and rule over Israel forever. They were expecting their Messiah to be a mighty leader and warrior and free them from their enemies and restore Israel to her glory.

What the Jewish people didn't see was Jesus came first to save them spiritually. The Jews were heavily into the letter of the Law, but neglected to get their hearts right with God. Many times the Jewish people disobeyed God by worshiping idols and wanting to be ruled by kings instead of allowing God to rule over them. They got caught up in being doer's of the Law and kept adding to the Law thinking that keeping the Law made one righteous. But their hearts were not right with God. And yes, hearts can be hard and blind. The Lord looks inwardly to the heart, but they weren't seeking God within their hearts, they were focused on rules and do's and don'ts, living to please self and thinking their doings made them righteous. They were living to please themselves, not God, and this is known as being carnal-minded.  God saw their 'righteous' attempts liken to filthy rags because their hearts were far from God.

Changing the heart.
Filthy rags.

Jesus said he came not to condemn the world, but to save and forgive sins. He brought something new, and the Jews resisted the change from the Law. No one could keep the entire Law no matter how 'holy' they believed they were. Jesus ushered in a change, a change to 'grace'. The Jews were not aware their Messiah was to first set up his spiritual kingdom, for saving souls, as Redeemer. They missed this in the Old Testament teachings pertaining to the Messiah.

'How to go to Heaven and not hell'-video

Old and New Testament scripture on how you can get to heaven.

Jesus is from a Spiritual world. He did give up a certain part of his deity to walk in human form as a man. Jesus was still God, but he was also a man in order to satisfy and complete his Earthly mission to be the once-and-for-all sacrifice for all the sins of Man. His Earthly mission was to be obedient as a Son, allowing himself to become 'The' Sacrificial Lamb for all mankind. This sacrifice would need to be one super sacrifice, and only a god could fulfill that duty. Jesus did it all and was all-- Son of God, Son of Man, and the image of God almighty that we could see and touch. Our heavenly Father accepted and was well pleased in what Jesus did for you and I. Praise the Lord.

God in his deity is not bound to the limits we are. God is not relegated to the limits of gravity or time and space, and He is not held to operating within the logical thinking we understand and are bound to. God's above and beyond that. God is Spirit and Jesus is the image of the unseen Holy God. No person can possibly explain all He can do because we are incapable to realize His holiness, fullness, vastness, limit-less majestic-ness, and being the creator of the universe. Man is unable to fully comprehend what we can't measure, relate to, test or place under a microscope to study or dissect, let alone understand what's spiritually beyond our physical capacity to understand. We'd like to, but try as we may, there's no way to fully grasp the fullness of an infinite God. The physical and the spiritual are very different worlds.

Jesus fulfilled his part of coming and claiming victory over the spiritual kingdom of darkness. We are assured of that. While he walked on Earth, he taught about a new way, a new covenant with his disciples and to the Jews. And when he died, this new covenant was ushered in. The change was to be not of works, but faith and an change on the inside, bringing in a newness of spirit, one which was open to pleasing God with a repentant heart, acknowledging one's sins and seeing the need for Jesus to be one's Savior and Lord. This new covenant was for those who'd had a spiritual rebirth. This is what the disciples were learning from Jesus' teachings to the Jews, first. But the Jews as a whole rejected this new covenant. But some Jews believe in the new covenant that Jesus brought about.

Messianic Jews are sometimes known as, 'complete Jews'. They keep their Jewish identity and hold to their Jewish traditions, and they understand the Torah or law are God's guidelines for right and wrong for living a morally just life and the law explains what one must do in order to receive forgiveness for sins against God with a substitutionary sacrificial system.
 Messianic Jews also accept and believe Jesus as their 'permanent' sacrificial Lamb, the 'suffering servant', who taught the spirit of the law is to be kept in the heart, which is a higher standard than the old letter of law. And knowing they can never keep to the letter of the law because of their sinful nature, this a new covenant is a more excellent covenant with forgiveness, grace and mercy. They know what's required is an exercise of faith, and a change of heart (Hebrews 8:6-Hebrews 9:26), and they know the fullness of the new covenant will be completed upon Christ's second coming, and
 Israel will also be restored to peace in their land.

The spirit of the law written upon your heart-love God & love your neighbor

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Messianic Jew testimonies.

Their are two spiritual kingdoms- the kingdom of God and the kingdom of satan.
Jesus came already for Part .  He's not yet returned for Part 2,  but that's coming soon.
God's plan is still in the works.  And God's plans never, ever fail.
God, His Son, the Messiah, the Holy Spirit are all in perfect harmony as One.
All God wants is your heart.
Your place in the plan is to give your heart to God, be obedient, and get on board with Jesus.
Jesus cleared the way so there would be no more need for sacrifices or wondering if you've done
good enough. All you have to do is give of your heart to God for all He's provided out of his tremendous love for one and all. This includes you. Jewish, Gentile, or whatever you call yourself.

Jesus brought in the New Covenant, a much better covenant than the first.The old was for but a little while to show that no man, woman or child could ever be good enough to keep all the law all the time.

When Jesus returns, he will show his power and might to the world.  This would be the time to be on Jesus' team when he does return.

For those who have to reason this out intellectually...

Don't be misdirected off of the Truth and forget that in Jesus the Father is well pleased.  Jesus IS Lord. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the only
God-endorsed, approved way to heaven. Yes, heaven is a sin-free zone and the only way is Jesus.

Study the scriptures yourself until you find the answers. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct you in your studies. Don't let someone tell you....they could be spiritually blind and mislead you. That would be awful. Do your own searching and studying so no one but you and the Holy Spirit are communing to find the Truth for yourself, your soul and your spirit. Get a good Bible concordance. Do word study. The mysteries of the Bible can be solved for those who search and seek the Truth. Pray to have your eyes opened to see the spiritual, and allow
the peace of Christ to richly rule in your heart.

 It's through the heart with a re-born spirit one can have a close relationship with a spiritual God.
God must be worshiped in spirit and in truth.

For all, check out this scripture in Romans 3:19-26.

Seek for yourself. Search for the Truth like searching for treasure.

Spiritual riches are more than physical riches
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God desires your heart and to accept His richest, most precious treasure, Jesus.

If you're Jewish or not Jewish, what matters is being faithful and obedient to what the Lord and Holy Scriptures have told.

No offense is intended to anyone and their beliefs.
 The Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ, who was sent to save all from the penalty of your sins is worth sharing so everyone can know they have a choice to make for their own soul.
Think spiritual.      Think eternal.     Think of the love God had to have to send His Son to be the  sacrifice for mankind so you and I can live forever.