Sunday, September 7, 2014

Repertoire and reserve

Last week Joan Molinsky, commonly know as Joan Rivers, breathed her last breath.

I came across the term, 'Repertoire and reserve', while reading an article explaining the throat procedure surgery that presented complications for Ms. Rivers.

Any kind of surgery poses stress upon the body.
Surgery comes with unpredictable complications, and more so for an older person because of diminished 'repertoire and reserve'.
I guess diminished 'repertoire and reserve' refers to the weakened inner strength needed to overcome or cope with stress introduced to the body by any surgical procedure.

Joan Rivers was born in 1933. She had reached her 81st birthday.
She had lived fourscore years.

Psalms 90:10 reads that God limited man's lifespan.

God, in His infinite, perfect wisdom pulled back the years of Man's lifespan from 800 or 900 carnal years to 80 years. Some are blessed with strength to breathe on past 960 months. If you live to 100, that's 1200 months.

Surgical procedure or not, it may have been Ms. River's time.

List of 100 people verified living a long time.

God has power over death, not Man. 

Diminishing 'repertoire and reserve' is built into DNA.
The body becomes weaker and can't tolerate or handle 'stress' as it formerly did.

I hope the clinic where her throat procedure was performed and the medical staff are found to have performed all medical procedures as dictated by the medical establishment.

I'm sure no medical personnel intentionally desired to do anything wrong or harmful to Ms. Rivers.

It's most likely that Joan had reached her allotted number of days.
She must have undergone plenty of plastic surgeries to her face to give herself a youthful appearance. But none of that can change the fact that when it's your time to depart, one can't do much to change that..

I have a feeling Ms. Rivers was keenly aware of her mortality and that she was grateful for her life and her talent for making people laugh.

She will be missed by many.

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