Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Contemplating more about Jesus, Part 2

Jesus left us with so much to contemplate and digest.
Jesus came to Earth giving us a body, a face, a model so-to-speak, of what God the Father is like.

The Son of God was the perfect sacrifice for Man's sins

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How can Jesus speak of God and also be God?
That has been a puzzling question I've wondered about for years.
The best I've come to understand is while Jesus was on Earth, he demonstrated to us how we are to
have respect and reverence to the Holy Father. While he was walking amongst us, he was fully a man, with emotions, feelings of hunger and thirst, bleeding when punctured, etc, but he was also of the Holy Spirit, meaning he concurrently retained his godliness while in his temporary human body form.

Remember, John 1:1, in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
I take this to mean always Jesus and God were One. They are one in the same.
And, John 1:14 reads the Word was made flesh, meaning God was made flesh and we know his name to be Jesus who came from the Father, and Jesus is full of grace and truth.

Though not a perfect example, I can't think of any thing giving a closer example to an Earthly 'one-ness' than marriage. Marriage is two people united together in the sight of God becoming one, sharing the same name, the same household, the same goals, the same life.

The Holy Trinity

There is a hierarchy in the unity of three.
 The Holy Trinity is comprised of the three persons of the holy God. Each attribute or person is God and each is holy, and each distinction of the Trinity has a distinct role or functioning in unification.

I like how Charles Stanley explains the roles of the Trinity. (creates, implements and administers the plan)

Jesus came to bring glory to the Father. While on Earth, he mission was to point us to the Heavenly Father and to put a 'face' on the invisible God for us to have a model to see, hear, and touch. He was submissive and obedient in his mission to give glory to the Father.  Jesus while on Earth in a human form, he was also still God the Son. He was both God and man.
And, Jesus came to purchase our freedom from spiritual death which we should rightly pay for the sins we've done against a holy, and righteous God.

Could Jesus be both God and man?

Is there any thing what-so-ever out of the realm of God to do?  Of course not.
Our finite minds may have a hard time wrapping our thoughts around Jesus being God. From the beginning this was The master plan for our good. God had to become the sacrifice in order to satisfy God for all of Mans' sins. Nothing less would do and there was no sinless person. God had to step  down from heaven and become a man to be the pure, sinless acceptable sacrifice once and for all mankind who'd want him to be their Savior.  And it has been done. Only thing remaining is for you to accept that he was who he said he was and accept his love and what he did for you upon the cross at Calvary so you can enjoy eternal life.

The Father glorifies the Son, whom we must go through to access the Father.

The Holy Spirit dwells within the hearts of believers giving direct communication/heart talk/ understanding/spiritual counseling connection between the believer, God the Father and Jesus the Lord God.

Jesus prayed (John 17:1-25) mentioning multiple times that he had glory with God before the world was created and that he and God are one.

The voice from the clouds, (the voice of God) spoke Jesus was his Son and whom He was well-pleased.
I would say this is confirmation from God the Father to His Son.

More scriptures in Matthew, John and 1John. (God and Jesus are One)

 Jesus is the God-way to the heavenly, Father God. The Holy Spirit is the God within for our personal God- teacher and heart consciousness helping us with how to conduct and think and live the way fitting to God.

Jesus, the Messiah came and the world hasn't been the same.
Jesus changed so many lives and because of him, any person accepting him as being the
Son of God and their Lord and Savior, surely gets a new life ( in many ways) and can expect a glorious life in the eternal future.
Until then, all believers have the Holy Spirit as our personal God within to help us to righteousness and point us to Jesus and to the heavenly Father.

Jesus hung on the cross to give us hope and life

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Want to get rid of what will keep you out of heaven?  (What to do to get through the gates)

I shall keep contemplating more and more about my wonderful Jesus, my Lord, my God.

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