Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Earth never was flat

Long ago, the most educated minds thought the Earth was flat and believed if you sailed too far out into the ocean, you'd fall off the edge of the world. It's understandable when looking out over the horizon that it looks like there's nothing else out there. I wonder what these people might have thought of ocean water running off the side of the Earth? On Earth, we look at things from our small perspective.

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Well, that theory was all wrong and we know better since we've gained more insight and knowledge about the Earth, and still are.
Today, many educated people think their 'sinful status' has no significance to God..and some don't believe in God, or His Word, or much of anything related to the masterful plan God has to redeem and save every person from a horrible future set for those who reject him. (I ponder why people reject or accept a particular religion. I know a lot has to do with where a person is born, the family they're born into, having been exposed to the gospel or not and their upbringing. This is another topic to write later).

Sometimes it takes seeking and prodding to find the Truth. Sometimes it takes a knock up beside the head. Sometimes it takes a major life event to open one's eyes to the Truth.

Longtime atheist converts to Christianity and plans to become a preacher

 With my little mind, I've thought of a few reasons of what a person chooses to have faith in boils down to 'choosing to believe or disbelieve'. And disbelief is due to human perspective of a holy, sovereign, spiritual, unseen deity. Until one can see from a 'spiritual perspective', this does looks flat, like there's nothing out there. So naturally the conclusion is 'disbelief' in all the good things which God promises. And the promises of the God of Abraham are better than any other god. And the Lord God stamps His promises with Himself, cause there is none higher or cross his heart to, nor can He lie. His promise is as good as a promise can be.

God's Holy Word is for us to gobble up and absorb all it's loaded with of characters showing what happens when a person obeys, and what happens when a person disobeys God.

The Earth never was flat, no matter how many people thought it was. And same goes for God's Word. It does not matter what you think, God's Word, all of it, is for you and I to gain knowledge of what delights God and wisdom for living, and to be in His good graces to receive His abounding goodness. 

Taking this notion a bit further, God does not need you or I to believe Him. We need to get on board with Him, not visa verse. His Way is 'The Way' regardless what any of us thinks or believes. We are alive in our fleshly bodies only for a brief moment in His vast creation timeline.  His ways are far above our mortal ways. (Can a man create a sunset?) There is plenty 'unseen' we have to use eyes of faith to see, and sin against God is nothing to be blind to, for it is something so real to a real God.

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In His wisdom, God made us with certain needs.  In this posting I want to bring up just two needs we all beacon for, even thought we may not consciously say we need them, but in my most humble opinion, I believe we all do, just like we need air to breathe.

The first is love. Love is intangible, but love bonds us and helps get us through life. Life and love are inseparable in a way, but are the compliment that makes each better. Without love, life is miserable

We want love to last, especially after we share love with someone who reciprocates love back, and the love is pure and true.  God loves each of us with an unconditional love. This may not be believed if you don't believe in God, but it's true nonetheless. If he didn't love you, He wouldn't have sent a part of Himself in the flesh to die for payment of your sins. He was the perfect acceptable sacrifice for all of mankind, but more fittingly, just for you so you'd be spared from dying that 'second death'. Right now you receive fresh blessing each day- waking up, breathing, air, food, sunlight, love. Separation from all blessings, is the 'second death' which will be like 'dying, not being able to die so you suffer continually without end or hope of it ever stopping-hence, death. I can only think that spiritual death is something I do not want to experience.

(What could be more wonderful than the creator devising a plan that ensures a future with Him and totally missing the hell and Lake of Fire?  Would anyone prefer Hell and the Lake of Fire?)

God's plan of love could not be thwarted by the devil, even though he tried to throw a wrench in God's plan. Lucifer, the fallen angel, also known as 'the devil', has been allowed lots of freedom to deceive people, and many have been ensnared by his masterful cunning, devious deceptiveness.  So much so that people believe him and disbelieve God. Satan's that good in making people turn to his counterfeit everything, and away from God's perfect design. He's nearly perfected getting people's focus, hearts and minds off what's really important and rather onto mundane things with no lasting, true value, such as wasting your time and energy and ultimately selling your soul for what the flesh wants and desires. And get this, satan is so good he's even got some thinking he doesn't exist, or he isn't that bad, or an even has some worshiping him in some form or other. He has you thinking you don't need God, you don't need to obey God, you don't need to worship God, and you're fine and happy with stuff and things, so why pursue anything that has to do with godliness?  But, satan can't give you love. He does not love you.
But God loves you so much that he sent his Son, to die in your place so your sins could be forgiven so there would be nothing separating you from God so you are not banned from entering heaven and the place Jesus is working at designing for every soul who wants their sins forgiven and the Son of God as their Lord and Savior.

Noah's ark was navigated by God without the need of rudder or sails.  The New Testament ark is in Jesus.

those on the ark were kept safe 
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Forgiveness is another need. I don't even think Reverend Billy Graham would honestly
claim to have lived his life not making a single mistake. Compassion is a wonderful. But forgiveness is compassion amped up to the tenth degree. Because of love with compassion, forgiveness was made available to each of us through Jesus the Christ. When your sins are forgiven, you are indeed set free from spiritual death, the death that your sins, or disobedience to God, so rightly deserves.

 God covered all bases for you so you could be in heaven. All it takes on your part is humbleness, admitting you need a Savior, and believe that Jesus was sent for you and he died for you,  and invite Him into your heart and life. And bam, just like that, you're no longer a foe, but an heir to the kingdom of God in heaven instead of on your way to hell and the Lake of Fire.

There are some societies and religions which one must perform or do certain things to have their 'mistakes' dealt with to appease the gods to get back into good standings, like reciting something or doing something physical.

Some societies don't practice of extending of 'forgiveness', 'compassion' or 'love' when a person makes a mistake or 'sins'. If something is done which brings shames upon the family, they're promptly put to death as punishment. Jesus said about the woman who was caught in an adulterous situation, 'let the first one without sin be the first to cast a stone'. And then, he said to the woman, 'go and sin no more.' Now that was Jesus demonstrating grace, mercy, forgiveness and compassion, which is the gift of love. Love. Love. Love. A God who loves you and I. What in the universe is better than that?

Forgiveness is granting someone amnesty, a get-out-of jail pass, a 'free ticket' that completely exonerates one of their wrongs, even when they're not deserving of the forgiveness. Wrongs done against God are called 'sins'. The Ten Commandments are the Old Testaments list of categories sins fall under. These 'wrongs' can't be hidden from the omnipotence of God.  Back then, a person had to offer a perfect animal and have the priest offer it to pay for sins. That sufficed for a while until the perfect God-Man offered Himself once and for all. God accepted and all we have to do is acknowledge we need a savior,  accept Jesus as our Savior, and invite him into our hearts and as thanks for all he's done, share this good news of our new life and hope with others searching for the same inner peace, redemption and salvation.  Reciting 'hell maries' is like wanting vanilla ice cream, but settling looking at a picture of ice cream.  Jesus is so much more as High Priest and friend. Go to him like a child and receive love and life. He is The Way. Accepting Jesus into your heart has permanent and lasting advantages. And he is patiently waiting right now to be invited into your life.

Forgiveness of your sins covers all shapes and forms and manner of sin in your life. This is freely given as part of the package wrapped up and included in the love God has for you. In accepting Jesus  into your heart and to be your Lord, your sin slate is wiped clean and you're fresh and new and you're an heir to the blessings of God, because you've invited His Son in your heart.

In this world, satan is on the loose, prowling about to destroy any way he can. He deceives and wants you destroyed, but he does this by making you think you do not need God, which will make you a foe of God. Deception is his mode of operation.

Which team are you on? There is only one ultimate winner.

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 Think from a heavenly perspective. Life in the flesh lasts but so many days, months, and years. In contrast, existence as a spiritual being will be forever.

What'cha gonna do about your sin condition? It's all up to you, with your educated mind. It's all up to you to make the choice for your spirit and soul. The choice you make will determine your forever future. Unforgiven sin, is sin which will be to your eternal detriment. Don't let that happen.

Because of the Son, the Earth is revolving and you can't fall off.

Christianity is a relationship with the one, living God, who offers love and forgiveness, totally free just for the asking.  It begins with inviting Jesus into your heart and life and growing in faith day-by day with such an indescribable and wonderful God because Jesus opened the way.

God is indescribable and awesome in His splendor and love to us and in His creation which is so vast and wide and without end.  (Light travels over 186,000 miles/second). Be amazed at our wondrous Creator. We will not know the end of God's span. He can hold the galaxies in his hand. God calls the stars by name. He has no equal. Watch this video to see the universe beyond any words can describe.

I can go on an on. So until next time,
Peace is so sweet when you're totally at peace with God.

Enjoying the walk down that peaceful, small path, leading closer and closer to my Lord.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A fool & his/her heart

The saying, 'always trust in your heart, it will never lead you wrong.'
I'm sorry, but to believe that saying will lead you wrong.
So, if you can't trust your heart, what can you trust? I'll answer that later in this posting.

Trust in someone you can totally rely upon and who loves you

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You must first know what condition your heart is in, in order to even think about trusting it. Out of the Book of the Word of God, which is penned by men who were inspired of the Holy Spirit, (I Timothy 3:16) there are just a few references to the heart which bring up the condition of the heart and questioning it's validity to be trusted.

Would you trust the heart of a fool?  Proverbs 22:15 reads, 'foolishness is bound in the heart of a child.' And if this child is not corrected, he/she will grow up to be an adult with foolishness in his/her heart and will then have no room or patience to know the Truth or have any time to consider the sin in their life. This foolish person will mock the things of God and continue about their foolish ways thinking that they know what's right, but unbeknownst, their ways ultimately will lead them to death. This is from Proverbs 14:9 and 12, and Ecclesiastes 9:3, and this scripture also states evil and madness is full in the hearts of the sons of men.  This says if you're not saved, you are the son of man, meaning from Adam who sinned, so your heart is sinful, but if you give your heart to the Lord, you change spiritually and become a child of God and your sins are forgiven because they will be transferred to the Lord, and it was He who died in your place, thus paying your entire sin penalty.

Spiritual death is the second and worse death imaginable and God so desires none to choose this death. (John 3: 16) Our mortal bodies will die, but the spirit will continue in life or death and the difference is in or out of the presence of God.

But the heart which seeks after God, (Romans 10:9-10) is a heart which believes unto righteousness.

But until then, the heart and mind are enemies against God. (Romans 5:10), therefore, foolish, and, therefore if you're trusting in a foolish heart I would even go as far to say you're placing your trust in that which is foolishness and not in the will of God. Remember, idolatry has it's roots internally, in the heart.

Check this- the 7th chapter of Ecclesiastes, verse 9 tells one of the characteristics of a fool is they're angered quickly and this is because anger resides in their heart.  This chapter in Ecclesiastes it's full of wisdom concerning fools and foolishness.  (It is the author's opinion that anger resides in the heart because it is not at peace with God, and until then, that anger is set to erupt quickly at the slightest thing).

content and happy at heart

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 Five things concerning a fool.

More wisdom on dealing with a fool.

What IS right and what IS wrong?  Don't be fooled or foolish or deceived. Anything under the sun can be used to lead or be used to make a person not come to the saving grace of Jesus.  Until then, if you continue to believe the lie devised by the master deceiver and father of lies, that would be foolish since that's choosing spiritual death.

A little about a fool, his/her temper  and arrogance.

The constant dilemma between your 'two' hearts.( physical vs, spiritual)

Your heart condition is up to you- be at peace or at enmity with God
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Question- How do I know if I'm at peace with God?
Answer-Read this and you will know. 

Question, would you more likely trust your heart if it's condition is enmity with God,
or, if it's condition is at peace with God?
Answer- at peace with God

Whom can you place your trust in all situations?
Answer- God.  Short sermon on trusting God. 

Whom can you trust you heart with every time?
Answer- God.  So delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. 

A foolish heart would choose to miss out of such goodness.

Question- Who would you say has more intelligent and wisdom,  God or scientists?
 Answer-  Scientists can be fools, too.

Bottom line-
 I'd say it's the most safest and wisest things to choose to trust your heart to God, the 'always faithful' One and boot that ole foolish heart and it's foolishness out the window for good.

God made your heart the most important, critical and valuable organ in which you have. You must place extreme importance and care of your heart condition- here's why.