Sunday, August 25, 2013


I'm calling this posting, 'Unfathomable' because I like the word. I did a word search while ideas were forming in my head on where I wanted to take to writing, and contemplate what is it about this word is interesting and drawing itself to me, or maybe it's me drawn to it.

The sun, the moon, the tide and seasons have order

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The following is what I find unfathomable, and actually unthinkable....

How can any intelligent-minded person think a big explosion, termed, 'The Big Bang Theory', is responsible for the creation of the universe?  Ha! I say, all of nature, and the seasons, and the tide, and the moon phases, and the precise orbit of the Earth and other planets we know of can stay and remain in order year after year?  An explosion is nothing but a combustion and the results of is anything but order.

This person giving an explanation of the Big Bang Theory adds that this theory takes into account there has to be something already in existence, energy. So that theory is shot.

I say this information is outside the realm of human knowledge and rightly so. It's a God thang!

We can each see an order to how things all around us operate. Gravity and time and life cycles all have order. A combustion does not provide any resultant order, except a predictable explosion which can't produce any life or anything that will make up life to have any order to it.   And there has to be something to combine together for a combustion to occur.

There've been humans who've combusted, but there has to be something available in order to combust.

Can order come from disorder?    and can 'disordered order' repeat with precision season after season?

Can explosion or bang produce order or life?

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Is there order in the Universe?  I like how this woman wrote yes there is even down to the intricate design in a snowflake.

The Earth revolves around the Sun remaining in it's precise orbit. If out of orbit we either freeze or burn up.

With the orbit of the planet we call Earth constantly spinning on an axis and orbiting around the Sun, how can a Big Bang coordinate and maintain that?

This is all outside of the realm of the most brilliant scientists in all the world to figure, and rightly so. It's a God thang!

My conclusion- Man needs to stop trying to think we've got intelligence that can compete with the intelligence of God. We are moral beings and we think we can know it all.  This is erroneous thinking.

God is in charge, it's His universe, His creation, and some things are just way out of our league.

God allowed Man to have some intelligence so we can help ourselves, but if He hadn't provided
every thing at our disposal to utilize for our livelihood, it wouldn't be here due if we were depending upon a Big Bang providing it. Again, it's a God thang. 

I say we should leave what's not meant for us to know alone and spend more time and energy on better things to benefit mankind,  like-

being more neighborly and getting along better with each other.
And stop the polluting the ocean.
Being more resourceful and frugal with the Earth's natural resources.
Stop destroying the Rainforest.
Make an all out effort on knowing how to better live with integrity and wisdom.
And not taking for granted all blessings come from God and being intelligent is really not trying to out do or out smart God at all. But wisdom is being in harmony with His Word in living your life.

Unfathomable is a rather interesting word, and I associate this word with thinking how can anyone think God doesn't provides all from the beginning of time.

Until next time, I've still taking that journey on the straight and narrow path headed home.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

What's moral or immoral concerning sexual behavior?

 I was thinking of the obvious downward spiraling decline of morals regarding sexual behavior in this country and around the world.  Sexual exploits are more common happenings, but worse, what used to be considered immoral acts are now being given legal status.

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For example... deviant sexual behavior used to legally be considered immoral behavior in many state statutes.

First, what is the definition moral behavior?

  This person describes moral behavior as having a 'good', favorable outcome to the persons and society at large.      
You will have to quality what is 'good'.

  This dictionary says what is moral is conforming to a standard of 'right' behavior.
You will have to quality what is 'right'.

 This is what the Bible says moral behavior is concerning sexual acts and is listed in every scripture  mentioning fornication.
You will have to determine whether God created people to be born 'gay' in light of His Word clearly stating homosexual acts are an abomination, and, if deviant sexual behavior, so blatantly glamorized in the media makes this behavior 'acceptable' for you or not.

This site comments on three same-sex relationships in the Bible.
You will have to read, do and extensive study and pray to determine whether the authors have interpreted and shed light on the truth or not regarding the messages for us in God's Word concerning these three relationships. Anyone can insert their beliefs, but what's best is using scripture to interpret scripture. I believe only spiritual scripture can shed light on spiritual scripture.

The Bible calls for you to practice and strive for moral excellence.
This is the way. This is the overall theme of the entire Bible- We are stuck in our flesh, but we are to live according to the spirit. And we have our example of Jesus whom was sent to us, who walked in the flesh, but lived according to the spirit, and whom God was well pleased. He's whom we should model our behavior after.

Only if the truth of one passage rules out the truth of another passage can there be contradiction as this author states and gives heed that you need to seek more in depth study. Bible scripture is God's Word and God's Word does not contradict itself.

 I say, if you find a contradiction, it's because you need to do further study into the Word to
understand the meaning and translation. Remember the Bible is unique in that it's books were
 penned in different languages over centuries and on different continents. After all that, it's amazing
the books have a common theme and it all comes together following the Hebrew people and the awaited Messiah and how they disobeyed, and worshiped idols, then returned over and over to God when they suffered from their disobedience.
Wouldn't it behoove us to learn something from history so as not to repeat their costly mistakes?
God's Word is alive and active and sharper than any two-edged sword.. (Hebrews 4:12). It also says scripture penetrates the soul, the spirit and the body and judges the thoughts and attitude of the heart. So without a heart or an attitude 'right' with God, it will judge. Best to be right with God to not be judged and to be able to receive without being deceived by Satan, the Deceiver, and Master of all Lies, wants you to be unclear in understanding of God's message of his Word to you.

God's clear message for YOUR best interests and well-being is intact and a solid, unchanging, righteous foundation you can rely upon without doubt .
It wouldn't make sense at all for His message to read He dislikes with a passion sinful acts and then have made mankind to fall back on the excuse that sin is moral and okay with Him.
That's rubbish to think.

It's really best that you read and study the Word for yourself and quit relying on others to give you their interpretation.
 They could be feeding you untruths and misguiding you down the wrong road heading to a destination you will not like to end up. 

Studying God's Word is a life-long pursuit with your spirit to grasp what God wants to reveal to you.

The Bible is a spiritual book and has to be studied with spiritual eyes, and most importantly, unless your spirit alive, you can't understand or receive the message per the Holy Spirit.

Now, what is the definition of immoral  behavior?

Here, different people answer and some state it has to do with your conscious, or what is dictated in society, or in the Bible. 

Check this list of what the Bible tells us about sexually immoral behavior.

You will have to determine and act accordingly to what you believe sets and determines what's moral from immoral behavior. Mankind has a history of changing his definition on this matter. However, God's Word remains firm and unchanged. With that fact in mind, you will have to decide what's moral or immoral? Is what's moral or immoral behavior never, sometimes, often, always or conditionally acceptable and changeable?

In my opinion, what's right and moral should be standard across the board. I don't think immoral and moral behavior can mix or be interchangeable.

Bottom line

God Word tells us what is immoral and immoral. That's the highest standard of living to be pleasing to God in a  nutshell. He calls the shots since he created us and everything we have.
                     Either choose to obey or not obey.
 Either try to go about leading a life according to God's Word, or to what mankind says is fine.

Consequences of your choice will be absolutely just and righteous in the Day of Judgment. Choose wisely knowing full well the price of choosing to be out of the will of God will cost you an eternity in miserable darkness without any chance of hope. Splendor and glory in heaven would be much better.

Until next time, on the straight and narrow path, without traffic, getting closer to that Light that shines so pure and bright.