Thursday, April 19, 2012

Evangelist Billy Graham's big events

I've been thinking about Mr. Billy Graham. Checking on his date of birth, he's in his nineties.  I remember back in the late 60s and early 70s watching his televised crusades with my grandmother. It was special televised programming and at first I didn't know why it was such a big event. But now I do. Those crusades are no more, but those crusades were a ministry through which  Mr. Billy Graham was instrumental in spreading the gospel to thousands upon thousands of people.

Those crusades attracted thousands of people in the cities which they were held, and when Mr. Graham gave the invitation, I watched and remember thinking that some people had to walk down many flights of stairs then out onto the center of the field to gather around the stage Mr. Graham was speaking from. He waited. And I watched with my grandmother, while we shelled peas as the people made their way to accept the invitation. Then Reverend Billy Graham prayed the sinner's prayer and the people repeated after him what he had prayed.

The prayer, if prayed sincerely from the heart, was asking Jesus to be Lord and Savior and believing upon him as the Son of God who died in the sinner's place having paid the dept owed for sin. When this prayer was said, sinners are adopted into God's family by faith.  Their 'dead in trespasses' souls were made alive- born again, instantly. The prayer doesn't save anyone, it's Jesus that did and still does. It's a God and grace thing, but it takes knowing we humans are sinners and we have to exercise faith in God to believe in his divine plan that saves us from spiritual death. As I grew older I understood the significance of those crusades and I will always be grateful that I get to view them with my Grandma Lillie Bell when I was a youngster.

Here are some early photos of Billy Graham, intent on spreading the gospel far and wide.

His speeches are priceless, timeless, and very easy to understand. View Billy Graham in the video below. He gives such good examples and mixes humor with truth when he speaks.

Do you want to be pardoned from you sins?
There's no other way but by Jesus. It's only left that you want it and accept what's already been provided for you. It's a decision you make deep down in your heart. Like those many people at Billy Graham crusades, who walked to the center of the field and stood or kneeled and gave their heart's to the Lord.

If you missed his crusades, that's alright, you can receive the Lord into your heart and be saved just the same. In your room or quietly where ever you are right now, what matters is that you realize you owe a debt that must be paid to God for your sins. You can't pay the debt yourself because it requires the shedding of blood, the death, of a pure sacrifice to pay the penalty. Jesus was that sacrificial lamb for you, in your place so you (your soul)could live in heaven when your fleshly body dies.  

It will be a big event in your life, and one monumental event to your soul, when you invite Jesus into your heart. God bless you and God bless Mr. Billy Graham for his ministry leading thousands of souls to the Lord so they could be made spiritually alive by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Another classic video of Billy Graham speaking about excuses  for not making your commitment to Christ.

May TODAY be the day you make your commitment to know Christ in your heart. RIGHT NOW is the time to settle it. Now!