Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New, fresh face facial

Experimental time again in the kitchen with a new homemade facial recipe.  I took a few drops each of fresh lime juice, vitamin E oil, and  geranium essential oil, and a slice of pear. A pear can fool you, it contains a lot more water than you think. When I mush the slice of pear, the mush is very watery.  I squeeze a few drops of fresh lime juice, then vitamin E and geranium oils and mix well.  On a clean face, I paint the mixture onto my face, avoiding my eyes.  This facial is thin, but felt so fresh and silky, not to mention delicious.  After 10 minutes I gently wiped the facial off and my face. My comment on this facial is it was gentle to my skin, and very beneficial.  The remaining mixture I placing in the refrigerator to reapply the next couple days, then discard any leftovers.  I think I'm gonna call this my Citrus-E facial.
It's fun and completely natural. What could be better than that for your skin and attitude?

                                             Citrus-E facial ingredients

 I had no problem with this mixture on my face at all. No itching or stinging. But I don't have any blemishes or acne.  Make sure to keep your eyes protected as I'm sure it lemon juice wouldn't be good in the eyes.

Applying lime juice to their face helps reduce inflammation and bacteria.  But remember the Citrus-E Natural Facial was lime juice along with other natural ingredients.

Vitamin E benefits to the skin. And lastly, how geranium essential oil is good for the skin.

Our skin outer layer is slightly acidic for protection- it's called an acid mantle. So this facial supports that naturally.

Of course, I have to leave a statement that you need to use caution when using any essential oil. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns or questions at all.  Keep this away from children. Apply to a hidden area of skin to check for any adverse reactions. Okay, now check out other facials I made using a pear.

Remember, it doesn't have to be expensive to give yourself a homemade facial for your beautiful face!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Words and music simply say it all

This entry I've posted two videos of artists singing one of my favorite songs about God.  It's a very simple song, but, oh so beautiful and true  Yes, He is worthy!!!! He is Holy!!! He is mighty!!!!

Lyrics | Michael W. Smith lyrics - Agnus Dei lyrics

And, another young artist singing the same song, "Agnus Dei", which is Latin for Lamb of God.


Let me know how this song affects you in your spirit.

It's such a warm feeling knowing the love and warmth of the Son.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Talented young know and sing beautifully

Wow! I thought I'd share this video. See what you think of these two very gifted and very talented youngsters singing their hearts out.  Just what I needed to see and hear today. Lifted my spirits. God has it all under control. Even when the world seems doomed to all things ungodly, there are still those touched by God to remind us, and me, these are still many hearts that love the Lord and want to live for Him.  Praise God! May the world praise the Lord! Go on, sing Hallelujah!   

Another blessed day to sing out loud of the blessings while on that wonderful, narrow road that the Lord has me journeying on to meet Him.

P.S.  Jotta reminds me so much of my brother-he has that sweet innocence look in his face.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mansions and crowns for saints

I was just thinking about mansions in heaven. Right now, Jesus is preparing a place for saints in His Father's house and will be back one day to take us to our heavenly mansion. (John 14:1-3)

I've don't think I've ever stepped foot inside of a mansion. I wonder what my mansion which is being prepared by Jesus himself will look like? All I know is it's gonna be just right and perfect just for me, as all mansions in heaven are going to be. Even if it's just a room, by faith I know that room is going to be spectacular beyond imagination if Jesus has anything to do with it.

I found this site- a rather amusing take on various mansions for various saints. Christians are rewarded now and in heaven for their faithfulness and for what they have done and do for the Kingdom of God. (Revelation 3:21)


Saints, keep at the work placed before you for winning souls to be saved so they also can be heirs of the Kingdom.  There are special heavenly rewards and crowns for those who were over-comers and persevered and suffered for His name sake.   Heaven is gonna be so indescribably wonderful beyond what we could ever imagine it will be. (Mark 10:29-30; 1Cor 3:8; 1 Pet 1:6-8; Rev 22:12)

Will you be rewarded with any crowns?

Photo credit: hurley_gurlie182 from morguefile.com

Going faithfully forward on the road set before me in the direction of Jesus.