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I caught myself worrying.What I was worrying about is inevitably going to transpire as it's been foretold long ago. So.... there's no reason to worry about what's inevitably going to happen.

A glimpse into the future is told in the Bible

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Actually, it's good news! Knowing there's no way to change what is meant to happen, now we can sit back and witness history unfold. It's like knowing what the crystal ball is going to reveal. It's like being able to look into the future and know what tomorrow and the next day and the next are leading up to. Pretty cool to already know what's coming before it gets here. Now, the days have a sort of different tone to them when I see the headlines in the news. It's inevitable for recent and not so recent happenings to transpired and take shape as they have around the world. Specifically, to the Nation of Israel, things have seemingly taking a 'turn for the worse'. It's incredible that it was foretold that one generation after Israel became a Nation in 1945,  things would begin to happen. A generation is between 40 to 70 years.  

God is teaching the world a lesson through the Hebrew people. But the world keeps failing to learn the lesson. Are we dumb or what?  Inevitable, the definition of this word means- it is going to happen and nothing can prevent it from coming to pass. No amount of worry, or humanly effort, or pleading with God, nor could all the scientists with access to all the money in the world make one  alteration of any sort to what inevitably is going to happen. It's God's plan and nothing can alter His perfect plan.

 Never has God failed His people. Once He makes a promise, it's a promise. Over and over throughout history He saved them time again and again from their enemies until they refused to believe the prophets and repent of their sins. But the Nation of Israel is still divinely under God's protection while surrounded by their enemies on three sides in the Middle East. You can't ignore that fact. God can take a boy and defeat a giant. God can take a handful of men and defeat an army. God can make a donkey tell a man how stupid he is. God can make the enemy confused and turn on themselves. God can do whatever, whenever to whoever, with the sun, the moon, the wind, the sea, creatures, and animals in that group because He controls it all. He is GOD Almighty!
when you know the future you can see the writing in the sky
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Events are unfolding as they are supposed to unfold right on schedule.  The leaders of the Nations of the world are all playing their role in this thing called, 'the inevitable'. How do they know their part to play, and when to play their character role? That's the beauty of how God's creative design for how He's designed 'this inevitable' to play out. This has been in the works from the beginning, way before our time.  It's too monumental for mere mortals to comprehend. This is His purposed plan for all things to occur as He's designed it from the beginning.

When something is beyond your control, really, the only thing to do is proceed onward with your life while maintaining and continuing to do what you know is 'right' and 'just'.
Also, to the best of your ability, do what will ensure you'll be on the 'up side' at the conclusion of this inevitable play-out by remaining faithful, diligent, and of service to Our Lord. Never lose heart.
And how and why might you go about that? Easy, seek God and His Kingdom and his righteousness. For He will never leave you nor forsake you no matter what. His love is without limits or bounds and He loves you with a love that is beyond the stars. He sent His Son, Jesus for this reason. Take a hold of His Son, and feel the peace and love which is what God made for you to desire. Un-harden your heart for a minute to let him in. God is always extending his welcome to you, and is patiently waiting for you to accept his Love. For once, cast-off that demon wanting you to reject your Savior. For once, open the Word of God and ask to be shown the Truth and to make your heart receptive to receive the Truth of the Gospel, and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This will be the most important things you can ever do. It's easy but it's a big step, and the Holy Spirit will be beside you to hold, protect and love you. Jesus came for and died for You!  Then, being a spiritual newborn babe, get under the guidance of a mature Christian to help guide you along in your walk, relationship, and continued learning for wisdom and knowledge in you life as a child of the true and living God. Let His Word be your sustenance and model to live by.

Future happenings will keep presenting themselves and may appear dark and disheartening even to some believers. But to most, they'll most likely be 'blind and oblivious' to the inevitable changes and happenings around them. But you can be 'in-the-know' and not of that crowd.

Just knowing the Lord is in control makes experiencing and witnessing changes I see around me less of a stress and a whole lot easier to take in, but most of all, to not worry and put my faith and trust in the One who owns the future, as the inevitable plot thickens and gets closer and closer to a crescendo!

It's going to get topsy-turvy in a lot of ways, but worry not for one second with our Heavenly Father in full control of every single leaf that falls, every single hair on your head, every single occurrence which happens in every nook, mountain, plain, town and city on his Earth. Nothing, not one iota for one second escapes the control of God Almighty!

Video- Israel is at the center of attention in the world right now, 


Video- peace treaties and prophesies about Israel

If God be for me, then there is not one thing to worry about. Jesus died, but lives today! Jesus came so we can have life, and abundant life. The inevitable is all good for those who know what's in store and what must occur. The world is the Lord's and all glory, honor and praise rightfully belongs only to him. Inevitably, all shall know Jesus IS Lord.

P.S. Man has no idea how far Almighty extends. We can only imagine that what God can touch, see, know, influence, affect, and control goes and goes and goes, on and on and on without any limits in any direction whatsoever. God is Great! God is Good! God is Sovereign! God is Divine! God is Holy! God is Spirit! God is creator! God is Love! God is Wisdom! God is Almighty! God always was and always will be THE GREAT I AM!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prayers answered- Mahala's recovery is a miracle!

Last month I was compelled to write about a brave young lady named Malala.  She already had been for years standing firm and strong for the rights of females to be free to pursue an education.

score one for a brave soul fighting for fairness for all

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She is strong alright, and blessed in more ways than one.

Last month she has was targeted to be stopped and killed, but today she is recovering with the ideal  medical attention she's been receiving, but, I think more so for all the prayers from around the world that have been sent up to heaven in her behalf.

Images of Malaha

I really believe her remarkable recovery is nothing but a miracle!  She was shot in the head, but she continues to improve and her recovery is very optimistic! And it looks she's suffered no nerve damage- that is a miracle!
Thank you, God!

Now I pray,  'Dear Lord God, thank you for having a ear to hear and answer the millions of prayers for the healing of Malala. Please continue to seep her in your protective and healing arms. Bless her and her family and all who stand with her in her mission on Earth. May you see that she remains strong of body and mind for a long time. In Jesus's name, AMEN.

Here's some recent news of just a few days ago on what's happening with her.

Why should females be denied reading?

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Here's the link to my earlier entry about Malala.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Predictions and prophecy foretelling

Predictions and foretelling by Old Testament prophets centuries before something comes true has
got to make you think they knew something, or perhaps they we getting 'inside info'. Prophets of the Old Testament has to have their messages and predictions absolutely right-on point or they'd be called a liar and stoned to death or thrown to the lions.   Real prophets heard from God.

God's hand is visible in all creation

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So, when multiple prophets got a word from God and foretold of something and it came to be just as they foretold it would, the odds and probability become mathematically astronomical in light of the number of prophesies made about the coming the Messiah by many of the Old Testament prophets. The prophets were spread out over time, so they could not gather to conspire or fabricate their predictions. And even if they did, there's no way all that was prophesized could humanly happen and come about by one man. But wait! There's something at work here that is far beyond human reasoning.  The prophets each heard from God and recorded their prophesies in the Bible. We can read them and also read the New Testament, written by entirely different men, telling of the life of Jesus, many through eye-witnesses, so it wasn't made up. It's a fact that Jesus lived and a secular historian named Thallus wrote about him.

Click here for videos of odd and probability calculating. 

for those difficult calculations

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The odds and probability a dozen or 40 or a hundred of the prophecies written about Jesus ever happening as told and recorded by different men over centuries is more than astronomical.  There were eye-witnesses to many prophesies. The fact of just a dozen predictions coming true in one man is overwhelming-- Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God are one in the same.  The odds are out of this world, but none-the-less. Jesus fulfilled them.

Visit these sites which go in detail of the probability/odds, and the many prophesies in the Old Testament and in the New Testament where they come true.

improbable odds for man-not for God

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Jesus beat the odds and thereby leaves no question to his position and divinity. He is who he says he is. Period. 

One reason for the Bible being 'penned' by many men is to show us something.
If one man wrote something and it came true, we might think that was just a lucky guess.
But when many men wrote many things centuries in advance, and it comes true, theres' no way these men conspired or spoke to each other or worked out any circumstances to make all their predictions to come to pass. They wrote them down and there was no changing them later. So when all they
wrote was fulfilled, then it had to be a God thing.

Here's a link to different sites all describing the odds of Jesus fulfilling all the prophets foretold of the Messiah, yet to come. They prophesied on his name, how he'd be born, where, and about his
life, how he'd be sold for the number of silver coins, how he'd die, everything long before Jesus was born to Mary. Jesus fulfilled them all, every single prophesy.
The odds are absolutely astronomical, even for a mathematician. This can't be argued, only taken as
only being made possible by God.

the prophets recorded by hand messages they got from God

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The prophets wrote what was told to them by God. And at the right time, God sent His Son.
This is our sign. Jesus is "The One" the world has been waiting for. He was announced in the
Old Testament and because all that was said about him, has been fulfilled, it can be none other than Jesus, the Son of God, who came to free us from our sins. He conquered the enemy,  who is the devil, and has made a way for us to all be free and have life everlasting. He is our Savior, our Lord and
our Messiah. He came to be the sacrificial Lamb for the world and by his blood being sacrificed, all can have their sins forgiven and be redeemed unto God.

The Old Testament tells that their must be a shedding of blood from a blemish less animal to make
restitution for sins. That was done with animal sacrifices until the Messiah. But the people thought their Savior would come to rescue them from bondage from Egypt and the Romans. Jesus came to rescue Man from spiritual death.  On Earth is temporary, The spirit is eternal. When you accept Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, you're stepping into the realm of God and acting on faith. God is Spirit. Trusting Him takes an act of faith to believe in something you can't see. But without faith, you can't please God.

The odds tell that it's impossible for a person to come on the scene and be born just as predicted in the place and time just as predicted, to the parents just as predicted, and so on and so on. But that person is no ordinary person. That person walked on Earth as a man in order to fulfill the requirements so our sins could be forgiven. That person died for you. That person is now in heaven until God sends him back for those who've accepted the Truth about the Savior and Messiah.

Jesus is the only one who can keep you our of Hell.  Satan wants you 'in,' but Jesus wants you 'out'.

No matter how unbelievable and not possible the odds are for fulfilling every prophesy made years in advance, even with all the zeroes-----Jesus still beat the astronomical odds and fulfilled every last
dot and crossed every last 't' of what was to be of his coming.

It's a God thang. Only God could pull off something what was foretold a long time ago and make it all come to pass just as it was written. And I thank God that he did.

For Jesus just fulfilling only 8 prophesies, the calculated odds looks like this ----
1: 100,000,000,000,000,000

The probability of one person fulfilling 48 prophesies is 10 to the 157 power. But Jesus fulfilled more than that.


 7 prophecies that must be fulfilled before Jesus returns.

Additional info:

The odds or probability that one person could fulfill over 350 predictions/prophecies told centuries in advance is astronomical.  But Jesus did! This should shut the mouths and settle any doubt of anyone thinking Jesus is not the Messiah, the Son of God, the Savior of Man. Jesus was sent from heaven to save us from the power which Satan has over us because of sin. Jesus came to die in our place as the satisfactory once-and-for-all sacrifice, settling our sin debt neither of us can pay. Because of Jesus, we can be redeemed and have right standing before God. Jesus came to save that part of which will never die, your spirit. Accepting Jesus into your heart, by faith, is your second birth, making you saved and being adopted into God’s family.

All that was foretold of the Messiah to the prophets was from God. No person could beat these astronomical odds and fulfill them all, except God himself, in fleshly form, in the person of Jesus.
This proves God’s Holy Word, from cover to cover to be true and can be trusted. God is all knowing, His Spirit can inspire men to write that which they knew nothing about, and nothing is out of His reach or control. His Word endures and endures. Awesome!

No man, no other book, no other religion has this kind of proof that can stand up to these odds.

Jesus fulfilling over 350 prophecies-- mathematically, the odds are 1 in 10^157..

this number..(I think I might have left a couple ‘0’s’ off, but you get the point). 157 zeros looks something like this-----

1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,


Until next time, stay strong, confident, faithful and sure-footed on that narrow path.