Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trust, Belief and Faith

Trusting and believing in a person leads to having faith in that person.

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It's not possible to have faith in someone you neither trust or believe.

It requires time to grow into believing and trusting a person.

Their talk must match their walk. Should you detect that person can't be fully trusted,
that brings doubt, which cannot lead to believing nor any faith in that person.

A person's reputation and character coupled with their actions and speech are just a few
relevant factors to determine if a person is worthy of gaining your trust and to be believed.

A person you trust is a person you feel confident about.

A person you believe in is a person you can place your full acceptance of their word, character, morals and values.

Placing your faith in someone one is a step beyond believing and trusting.

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Faith exists without concrete evidence physical evidence, per se.
Sometimes real evidence can't be touched or seen or presented in court to be cross-
examined or studied under a microscope.

Faith is a matter of the heart and spirit.
And, just like your spirit, it's not tangible, but it's very real.

Putting your faith in a person is placing your total (heart, mind and soul) acceptance, trust and belief in that person.

Jesus is worthy of being trusted and believed.
But more so, he's the One whom you can place your faith.

Why? Because He gave his life for your soul. He cares for you that much to have died for you so that
you, your spirit, that part of you which will never cease, can live in a heavenly home after His return.

Jesus has paid the just penalty for the sins you and I have committed against a Holy God.

Yes, we should have to pay for our sins, but thank the Lord, Jesus, because of his love for you and I, He's paid our sin-debt in full on the Cross of Calvary. A person is saved from having to pay their sin debt when they accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.
Yes, Jesus can worthy to be trusted, believed and faithful.

To be in the good graces with God the Father, God the Son must be your Savior.
The way to get Jesus into your life is by faith.
When you open your heart to invite Him into your life by faith, you can then say you need him, you believe what he did for you on the Cross, and you trust him to lead your life as Lord of your life.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Jesus is God in the flesh-He came to do what had to be done concerning the spiritual matter of sin
so any person can enjoy life forever. 

Sin separates us from God.

Jesus brings those saved from sin into the family and kingdom of God.               

God never reneges on any of His promises to us.

He who has the Son, has the best gift from God.

The best is yet to come for those in Christ.

When you accept the gift of Jesus by faith, you step into receiving of the bountiful and lavish gratuity of God's loving charity which has no expiration. Take the leap of faith!

Answer for yourself these questions.....

Do you know that because of your sins, you're an enemy of God and deserve to pay the penalty with your life?

Jesus paid the penalty you owe for your sins. But when you accept him by faith into your life and heart, and believe who he is and what he did for you, you're pardoned from the penalty you owe from your disobedience and sinning against a holy, righteous and just God.

 Do you want to know Jesus personally? 

 If so, then seek him and he can be found. Open your heart and study of his life in the Bible and
 inquire of someone whom you can trust to point you to him? He will reveal himself to you if you earnestly seek him.

Are you a sinner saved by grace or a sinner in enmity with God?

God's gift is life and peace and joy. God's gifts are promises for those in his Kingdom to enjoy. Jesus is the way to the Kingdom of God. Without inviting Jesus into your heart and life, you're already walking dead with no hope for the future. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light.