Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Spoiler Alert- All in due time

The human viewpoint is mainly from the perspective of the 'hear and now', or from where we stand, on what we know about things from what we've seen or heard during our lifetime.
That's our problem.

Our perspective is actually ultra-limited and confined. Most are unaware that the 'unseen' (spiritual) is responsible and behind what our physical eyes see.

Most are blindfolded to the thing concerning the Spirit

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God, who is Divine Holy Spirit, has His plan all laid out and it's going according to the way He already, because He's omnipotent, knows how it's all going to proceed. And, thank God He is so patient about not hurrying up time any faster so more Jewish people can hear the gospel and come
to know of their Messiah).

God is not affected by the passage of time

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Have you ever read a book before seeing the movie? You have a pretty good idea of the plot and already know ahead of time how the plot and story is going to end for the characters. This also means no matter how much we know or not know, agree or disagree about the end times, our opinions can't change the plot one bit. But you can change where you end up.
His Word is our 'spoiler alert'. (read and study the Bible so you know the ending and won't be caught off guard and regret for the rest of eternity)

What we can do is make plans to be either saved or unsaved, which could mean if you're alive when Christ returns, you would either be raptured or left behind. And until Jesus returns you can either spread the good news there's still time to get saved, or you can keep the good news to yourself.  Those are your choices in the matter of these last days.

All which is transpiring in the Middle East, where God's plan using the Hebrew people began to bring about the Law, which from their history we see no one, not even the Jews can keep all the Law. The Law was meant to be a precursor of something better to come, a new Judaism, so to speak. The prophets recorded things which we can read about, and prophesied, about the coming Messiah, who was to be the One to save them. This area of the world is most likely where it's all going to crescendo and we can read about it and the history of this place and why there's so much conflict there. It's representative of the spiritual battle raging between the forces of good and evil.  All in due time.

The ground work, the players, the tension...it's all accumulating and lining up for the last stanza.
God is not caught off guard. This is His baby. This is His song. His master plan. It's been long in the works and trucking along all in due time.

It took centuries, meer nanoseconds in God-time, for all the players and the circumstances to line up so Jesus could fulfill prophesy and be born at the time and place foretold long ago.

The current world events are part of the line-up of circumstances so that Jesus can come again and take the Church out of here.

Christians have nothing to fear. We won't be here when the anti-Christ comes to power. (Click on History, then Israel, then World).

The world is getting set for the anti-Christ to come onto the scene.


There will be more and more occurrences of people choosing a sinful lifestyle of lusting after the desires of their flesh and turning their backs to anyone or anything having to do with righteousness
or righteous living. This is one of the signs we're entering into the last days.

Israel has to be a Nation. This happened in1948.
The gospel must be preached throughout the whole world.  This is happening with missionaries and mass communication just about in every country.
Knowledge and travel must increase. We have this with computers, the Internet, and air flight.

Digital instant information devices

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A "falling away." of local churches and society in general. We have this with the help of false prophets, false doctrine, even churches that deny Christ. And we're seeing the legalization of same sex marriages and hearing of sex trafficking and adults raping children, all described as perversions. Those who find reason to delight in their perversions, they do not wish to be told anything contrary. They want others to be completely tolerant, and silenced to saying anything negative about their lifestyle. They want to practice their sin freely and legally without any associated guilt or retribution.

Same-sex marriages

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And, people in general will exhibit these characteristics and attitudes.
And finally, there must be wars, rumors of wars, violence, rioting in the daytime, and anti-Semitism to the degree of wanting Israel wiped off the face of the Earth.


God's Word has told us what to look for and what to do. But first you must be converted from an enemy to a friend of God.  No matter how much you've sinned, you can receive forgiveness and atonement and have your name written in the Book of Life and be headed for your heavenly home instead of damnation.

What the Bible says about sex.

Sex was created and is a gift from God for intimacy between a husband and wife within a marriage relationship, which He also created. Sex represents the coming together of two flesh into one, for procreation, for enjoyment and for protecting the bond of marriage. When sex is practiced outside these boundaries, it represents the depravity within us.

 2Timothy 3:16-17. Key words----reproof, correction and profitable, doctrine, instruction, perfect, good works. 

(Take time to read for yourself about the promises God gave to Israel).

You've been alerted to the Spiritual viewpoint. God always keeps His promises.

The clock's a tickin', in human and spiritual time,

What are you going to be doing?

As for me, I'm on my journey, steady and sure along that narrow, straight path leading to my shining Savior. Peace.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The biggest argument is solved

We all have our beginnings of development within our Mother's womb. Mankind has had a fascination about what was before we came on the scene. We question that which we can't see. We search for answers. We form conclusions and think we have the answers.  Does God exist?

Jesus, the Righteous Judge, will be upon his seat for every unsaved person to face

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There have been some interesting arguments on this subject of how the world and the universe came about. Did God create it? Does He exist? Who can answer and who can answer correctly?

God tells us what's important for us to know. And that's all we really need to know. Other than that is purely guess work and imagination to satisfy our 'need-to-know and our egos.

No one can come back from eons ago, and all the scientific data is gathered from man-designed instruments. There are space stations and cameras floating about in outer-space, but they can only record the present. What happened long ago, is out of our reach and I will say we have enough to be concerned about right now in the present. Isn't it more important to be feeding the hungry and helping the hurting and needy people living right now?

I came across some interesting and informative writings on the proof that God exists.

These 6 reasons the author of this article writes can't be argued against if one has the least bit of common sense.

View this video detailing and describing 5 reasons God exists and Jesus was God in the flesh.
The last two minutes sum it up best.

If I ignored and refused to believe any of the above arguments, I'd have to conclude God exists because I'm breathing and living. Some divine force has to be at work allowing me to exist because I have nothing to do with making my lungs work or my brain function, or digest my food, or anything. My internal functions operate automatically. I am designed by a master creator.

My conclusion is we have a sovereign, loving and patient God. He could force us to love him and believe, but He decided to not violate the free will  He gave to us. It is our choice to believe or not to believe.

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear, God speaks clearly and lovingly of His presence.  Jesus came for us so we can relate to an  unseen God.

When you see Jesus, you've seen the essence of God. And He so desires to have a relationship with you. And he loves you so much that He sent His Son to die for you so your sins can be forgiven.

 The biggest lie you can believe is that God does not exist and that He sent you a way to restore rightful standing with him. That would be just what the enemy of God would have you believe.

Our only way back to good graces with the Heavenly Father in through Jesus, who gave his life so
 all who believe upon him will live. And I'm talking about spiritual life. Our flesh will cease, but our spirits will live forever.  We were created in God's everlasting, spiritual image.  Heaven is for those who have chosen to have faith that Jesus is the Son of God and by his death on the Cross, his blood and death satisfied God as payment for your sins.

Just pray to God and tell Him you know you can't pay the price for your sins against Him. You need a Savior and you trust and believe Jesus came and died for your sins and you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and thank him for giving you life and hope and a new direction. You are pasted from death to life just like that. Jesus did all the work. All you have to do is ask and believe. If you want to thank God, live for Christ. And to live for Christ, read His Holy Word and see what the Holy Spirit has for you. It's a journey that will lead to great things and best of all, the best is yet to come!!!!!

Yes, God exists!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Christ-mas story from the beginning

 I've heard that some people believe Confucius or Buddha were teaching the philosophy of peace and love and expounding words of wisdom long before Jesus. Life of Buddha compared to Jesus.

Lights, carols, gifts, & trees-just a portion in celebrating the Reason for the Season

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Allow me to shed some all revealing, bright light-of-truth on this matter.
God had long ago, prior to any men and prior to anything we know, had preparations already in the works to present His most precious gift of peace to mankind at His predetermined time. 

The Christ-mas story was in the making before God created Man.

The greatest story on Earth is the Christmas story- every thing leading up to the birth of Jesus, Emmanuel, and the greatest miracle that ever happened on Earth when a part of God became an innocent human baby boy, and who would grow as a normal male child and show and teach how we ought to live and demonstrate what God, the Father, is like and what he expects of us. His life, ministry, teachings, miracles, and his death were recorded so we can today read, study, learn and know what his mission was and why, and so we'd know why his life, death and resurrection are important to every soul in the world.

Keep Christ in Christmas and in your heart for real peace, love & joy

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The miracle of Christmas is that no matter how awful mankind sinned against a loving, holy,  sovereign God, God's plan had long been in motion through every generation until the set time with the sole purpose of redemption, providing mankind with a means upon which to be pardoned from the curse of spiritual death and be set free to enjoy life forever.
God's plan to send his Son, whom we call Jesus, to bear all penalty for all sin upon himself was God's masterful plan long before Man even was.

Jesus is God's peace-offering to us as a way to return to right and peaceful standing with our heavenly Father.

The spirit of Christmas is love, joy, peace, and giving.
This person writes about rediscovering the meaning of Christmas.
These gifts from our heavenly Father are given to us, all wrapped up in His Son, Jesus.
Jesus was presented to the world as a babe in a manger, surrounded by his Earthly parents, animals and shepherds. Jesus came to serve and save us from having to suffer the penalty of death we deserve, and through him we can enjoy the spirit of love, joy and peace forever.

Confucius and Buddha philosophised ABOUT peace, but the Prince of Peace- is Jesus, and we get peace like none other only from him.

In all the activities during the last month of the year, if you haven't already, this is the perfect time to accept 'The Gift.'
It's His gift to save your soul and redeem you back to righteous and peaceful standing with Him.
You may accept his gift at any time by opening your heart and accepting Jesus.
Jesus is THE best gift you can ever receive.

The gift of Jesus is the gift of life that never stops giving or loving
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Christmas-time is celebrating the glorious miracle of the birth of the Christ-child, the long awaited Messiah, the Savior, which took place despite insurmountable odds.

God so loved the world, even long before we would know we would need Jesus, God knew.
 It takes belief and faith to receive this 'above and beyond' gift from God because his gift is 'above and beyond' what any man could have ever envisioned.
 From beginning to end, the long-in-the-works story of Jesus' coming has fingerprints of God all through it.  It truly is a wonderful and marvelous story come true!

Christ-our Savior-is-born!

A child was born, a Son was given

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More history of Christmas and how customs came about.

Until next time,
I'm celebrating Jesus in my life- the best gift there ever was to be received!
May your Christ-mas be equally joyful and meaningful!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Don't be tricked like the buffalo

I was remembering from history class certain tribes of Native American Indians depended heavily upon the buffalo for their survival. Buffalo were hunted in various ways.

Buffalo herds are vastly diminished

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Sometimes a hunter dressed like a buffalo to lure them and get close enough to take a good shot at one with his bow and arrow or weapon to take one of these big boys down.

Another hunting strategy was to force-run the entire herd into a valley or ravine where they couldn't escape.

Over the cliff
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And yet another strategy was to drive the herd straight over a cliff. This method had many buffalo falling to their death and the Indians in one swoop would have slaughtered an entire herd without wasting one arrow and they'd celebrate large with their massive kill having plenty of meat and skin for the tribe.

The proud Native American Indian

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You may be wondering what in the world am I writing about buffalo and Indians on this faith based blog?

Substitute hunter for satan.
Substitute the hunt to kill for prowling to seek out and kill by satan.
Substitute herds of buffalo for masses of humans and precious souls.
Substitute the buffalo hunter's plan for satan's plan to steal, kill, and destroy.
Substitute weapons for satan's lies to get your attention and eyes off God.
Substitute costume for deception of what satan really is.
Substitute buffalo running over the cliff for satan executing his plan taking you 'blindly' over a cliff and away from the blessings of God. 
Substitute the cliff's edge for falling away from God.
Substitute the bottom of the cliff or ravine for hell and the Lake of Fire.
Substitute a herd for what masses of people are doing or believing.
Substitute meat and skin for your spirit and soul.

I hope my analogy makes a strong point how Indian hunters tricked many buffalo and how satan tricks many people. But I'm in no way calling American Indians satan or people herds of buffalo.



Many are following and/or being lead away from God to their spiritual death.
Satan is playing all his cunning, masterful deceptions. He's good at what he does. So good, he even has many headed for the cliff but they don't yet see the cliff.

The road to destruction is wide and crowded and looks to be the 'thing' to be running in.
The path to peace and life is narrow and uncrowded. Few take the effort to find it. But it can be found and it's so worth the effort.

One destination is death, the other is life.
One looks good now, until the dropping point. But by then, it's too late to turn around- being caught up in a massive crowd steadily pushing onward and over the edge and the end of the fall is everlasting death.

The other is much less crowded and void of danger.  It's destination is good. It is paved with knowledge and wisdom and the path leads to everlasting life.

Which path are you on?  Who is prompting and leading you?   Where is your spiritual body going?

Before you reach the cliff, unlike the herd of buffalo about to meet their end,  YOU can choose
to not be tricked.

Jesus came not to condemn, but to SAVE and REDEEM YOU from 'falling off the cliff to your spiritual death' (destruction).  HE WHO HAS THE SON HAS LIFE, SPIRITUAL LIFE, and that translates into a more abundant life now as well. God looks at you and sees you've been cleansed of all unrighteousness because you have accepted his free gift of Jesus, who shed his blood to pay the penalty for your sins. Sin no longer separates you from God. You have Jesus as you friend and personal mediator. You're in the family of God.

Four-step process to get your brand new lease on life.

1. Admit you're a sinner in need of a Savior.
2. Believe Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah.
3. With sincerity of heart, pray and invite Jesus into your life and heart.  Let your faith grow/deepen.
4. Learn about Jesus and his teachings in the Bible and don't let satan steal your joy. You are forever sealed in redemption and an heir to the promises of God. Satan is washed up but trying to bring as many down with him. But NOT YOU!

And get baptized to symbolize of the newness of your new life, having been washed clean of your sins and arisen in Jesus.

Until next time,
'm walking on the narrow path with the warmth of the SON feeling so divine.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Earth never was flat

Long ago, the most educated minds thought the Earth was flat and believed if you sailed too far out into the ocean, you'd fall off the edge of the world. It's understandable when looking out over the horizon that it looks like there's nothing else out there. I wonder what these people might have thought of ocean water running off the side of the Earth? On Earth, we look at things from our small perspective.

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Well, that theory was all wrong and we know better since we've gained more insight and knowledge about the Earth, and still are.
Today, many educated people think their 'sinful status' has no significance to God..and some don't believe in God, or His Word, or much of anything related to the masterful plan God has to redeem and save every person from a horrible future set for those who reject him. (I ponder why people reject or accept a particular religion. I know a lot has to do with where a person is born, the family they're born into, having been exposed to the gospel or not and their upbringing. This is another topic to write later).

Sometimes it takes seeking and prodding to find the Truth. Sometimes it takes a knock up beside the head. Sometimes it takes a major life event to open one's eyes to the Truth.

Longtime atheist converts to Christianity and plans to become a preacher

 With my little mind, I've thought of a few reasons of what a person chooses to have faith in boils down to 'choosing to believe or disbelieve'. And disbelief is due to human perspective of a holy, sovereign, spiritual, unseen deity. Until one can see from a 'spiritual perspective', this does looks flat, like there's nothing out there. So naturally the conclusion is 'disbelief' in all the good things which God promises. And the promises of the God of Abraham are better than any other god. And the Lord God stamps His promises with Himself, cause there is none higher or cross his heart to, nor can He lie. His promise is as good as a promise can be.

God's Holy Word is for us to gobble up and absorb all it's loaded with of characters showing what happens when a person obeys, and what happens when a person disobeys God.

The Earth never was flat, no matter how many people thought it was. And same goes for God's Word. It does not matter what you think, God's Word, all of it, is for you and I to gain knowledge of what delights God and wisdom for living, and to be in His good graces to receive His abounding goodness. 

Taking this notion a bit further, God does not need you or I to believe Him. We need to get on board with Him, not visa verse. His Way is 'The Way' regardless what any of us thinks or believes. We are alive in our fleshly bodies only for a brief moment in His vast creation timeline.  His ways are far above our mortal ways. (Can a man create a sunset?) There is plenty 'unseen' we have to use eyes of faith to see, and sin against God is nothing to be blind to, for it is something so real to a real God.

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In His wisdom, God made us with certain needs.  In this posting I want to bring up just two needs we all beacon for, even thought we may not consciously say we need them, but in my most humble opinion, I believe we all do, just like we need air to breathe.

The first is love. Love is intangible, but love bonds us and helps get us through life. Life and love are inseparable in a way, but are the compliment that makes each better. Without love, life is miserable

We want love to last, especially after we share love with someone who reciprocates love back, and the love is pure and true.  God loves each of us with an unconditional love. This may not be believed if you don't believe in God, but it's true nonetheless. If he didn't love you, He wouldn't have sent a part of Himself in the flesh to die for payment of your sins. He was the perfect acceptable sacrifice for all of mankind, but more fittingly, just for you so you'd be spared from dying that 'second death'. Right now you receive fresh blessing each day- waking up, breathing, air, food, sunlight, love. Separation from all blessings, is the 'second death' which will be like 'dying, not being able to die so you suffer continually without end or hope of it ever stopping-hence, death. I can only think that spiritual death is something I do not want to experience.

(What could be more wonderful than the creator devising a plan that ensures a future with Him and totally missing the hell and Lake of Fire?  Would anyone prefer Hell and the Lake of Fire?)

God's plan of love could not be thwarted by the devil, even though he tried to throw a wrench in God's plan. Lucifer, the fallen angel, also known as 'the devil', has been allowed lots of freedom to deceive people, and many have been ensnared by his masterful cunning, devious deceptiveness.  So much so that people believe him and disbelieve God. Satan's that good in making people turn to his counterfeit everything, and away from God's perfect design. He's nearly perfected getting people's focus, hearts and minds off what's really important and rather onto mundane things with no lasting, true value, such as wasting your time and energy and ultimately selling your soul for what the flesh wants and desires. And get this, satan is so good he's even got some thinking he doesn't exist, or he isn't that bad, or an even has some worshiping him in some form or other. He has you thinking you don't need God, you don't need to obey God, you don't need to worship God, and you're fine and happy with stuff and things, so why pursue anything that has to do with godliness?  But, satan can't give you love. He does not love you.
But God loves you so much that he sent his Son, to die in your place so your sins could be forgiven so there would be nothing separating you from God so you are not banned from entering heaven and the place Jesus is working at designing for every soul who wants their sins forgiven and the Son of God as their Lord and Savior.

Noah's ark was navigated by God without the need of rudder or sails.  The New Testament ark is in Jesus.

those on the ark were kept safe 
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Forgiveness is another need. I don't even think Reverend Billy Graham would honestly
claim to have lived his life not making a single mistake. Compassion is a wonderful. But forgiveness is compassion amped up to the tenth degree. Because of love with compassion, forgiveness was made available to each of us through Jesus the Christ. When your sins are forgiven, you are indeed set free from spiritual death, the death that your sins, or disobedience to God, so rightly deserves.

 God covered all bases for you so you could be in heaven. All it takes on your part is humbleness, admitting you need a Savior, and believe that Jesus was sent for you and he died for you,  and invite Him into your heart and life. And bam, just like that, you're no longer a foe, but an heir to the kingdom of God in heaven instead of on your way to hell and the Lake of Fire.

There are some societies and religions which one must perform or do certain things to have their 'mistakes' dealt with to appease the gods to get back into good standings, like reciting something or doing something physical.

Some societies don't practice of extending of 'forgiveness', 'compassion' or 'love' when a person makes a mistake or 'sins'. If something is done which brings shames upon the family, they're promptly put to death as punishment. Jesus said about the woman who was caught in an adulterous situation, 'let the first one without sin be the first to cast a stone'. And then, he said to the woman, 'go and sin no more.' Now that was Jesus demonstrating grace, mercy, forgiveness and compassion, which is the gift of love. Love. Love. Love. A God who loves you and I. What in the universe is better than that?

Forgiveness is granting someone amnesty, a get-out-of jail pass, a 'free ticket' that completely exonerates one of their wrongs, even when they're not deserving of the forgiveness. Wrongs done against God are called 'sins'. The Ten Commandments are the Old Testaments list of categories sins fall under. These 'wrongs' can't be hidden from the omnipotence of God.  Back then, a person had to offer a perfect animal and have the priest offer it to pay for sins. That sufficed for a while until the perfect God-Man offered Himself once and for all. God accepted and all we have to do is acknowledge we need a savior,  accept Jesus as our Savior, and invite him into our hearts and as thanks for all he's done, share this good news of our new life and hope with others searching for the same inner peace, redemption and salvation.  Reciting 'hell maries' is like wanting vanilla ice cream, but settling looking at a picture of ice cream.  Jesus is so much more as High Priest and friend. Go to him like a child and receive love and life. He is The Way. Accepting Jesus into your heart has permanent and lasting advantages. And he is patiently waiting right now to be invited into your life.

Forgiveness of your sins covers all shapes and forms and manner of sin in your life. This is freely given as part of the package wrapped up and included in the love God has for you. In accepting Jesus  into your heart and to be your Lord, your sin slate is wiped clean and you're fresh and new and you're an heir to the blessings of God, because you've invited His Son in your heart.

In this world, satan is on the loose, prowling about to destroy any way he can. He deceives and wants you destroyed, but he does this by making you think you do not need God, which will make you a foe of God. Deception is his mode of operation.

Which team are you on? There is only one ultimate winner.

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 Think from a heavenly perspective. Life in the flesh lasts but so many days, months, and years. In contrast, existence as a spiritual being will be forever.

What'cha gonna do about your sin condition? It's all up to you, with your educated mind. It's all up to you to make the choice for your spirit and soul. The choice you make will determine your forever future. Unforgiven sin, is sin which will be to your eternal detriment. Don't let that happen.

Because of the Son, the Earth is revolving and you can't fall off.

Christianity is a relationship with the one, living God, who offers love and forgiveness, totally free just for the asking.  It begins with inviting Jesus into your heart and life and growing in faith day-by day with such an indescribable and wonderful God because Jesus opened the way.

God is indescribable and awesome in His splendor and love to us and in His creation which is so vast and wide and without end.  (Light travels over 186,000 miles/second). Be amazed at our wondrous Creator. We will not know the end of God's span. He can hold the galaxies in his hand. God calls the stars by name. He has no equal. Watch this video to see the universe beyond any words can describe.

I can go on an on. So until next time,
Peace is so sweet when you're totally at peace with God.

Enjoying the walk down that peaceful, small path, leading closer and closer to my Lord.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A fool & his/her heart

The saying, 'always trust in your heart, it will never lead you wrong.'
I'm sorry, but to believe that saying will lead you wrong.
So, if you can't trust your heart, what can you trust? I'll answer that later in this posting.

Trust in someone you can totally rely upon and who loves you

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You must first know what condition your heart is in, in order to even think about trusting it. Out of the Book of the Word of God, which is penned by men who were inspired of the Holy Spirit, (I Timothy 3:16) there are just a few references to the heart which bring up the condition of the heart and questioning it's validity to be trusted.

Would you trust the heart of a fool?  Proverbs 22:15 reads, 'foolishness is bound in the heart of a child.' And if this child is not corrected, he/she will grow up to be an adult with foolishness in his/her heart and will then have no room or patience to know the Truth or have any time to consider the sin in their life. This foolish person will mock the things of God and continue about their foolish ways thinking that they know what's right, but unbeknownst, their ways ultimately will lead them to death. This is from Proverbs 14:9 and 12, and Ecclesiastes 9:3, and this scripture also states evil and madness is full in the hearts of the sons of men.  This says if you're not saved, you are the son of man, meaning from Adam who sinned, so your heart is sinful, but if you give your heart to the Lord, you change spiritually and become a child of God and your sins are forgiven because they will be transferred to the Lord, and it was He who died in your place, thus paying your entire sin penalty.

Spiritual death is the second and worse death imaginable and God so desires none to choose this death. (John 3: 16) Our mortal bodies will die, but the spirit will continue in life or death and the difference is in or out of the presence of God.

But the heart which seeks after God, (Romans 10:9-10) is a heart which believes unto righteousness.

But until then, the heart and mind are enemies against God. (Romans 5:10), therefore, foolish, and, therefore if you're trusting in a foolish heart I would even go as far to say you're placing your trust in that which is foolishness and not in the will of God. Remember, idolatry has it's roots internally, in the heart.

Check this- the 7th chapter of Ecclesiastes, verse 9 tells one of the characteristics of a fool is they're angered quickly and this is because anger resides in their heart.  This chapter in Ecclesiastes it's full of wisdom concerning fools and foolishness.  (It is the author's opinion that anger resides in the heart because it is not at peace with God, and until then, that anger is set to erupt quickly at the slightest thing).

content and happy at heart

Photo credit: kakisky from morguefile.com

 Five things concerning a fool.

More wisdom on dealing with a fool.

What IS right and what IS wrong?  Don't be fooled or foolish or deceived. Anything under the sun can be used to lead or be used to make a person not come to the saving grace of Jesus.  Until then, if you continue to believe the lie devised by the master deceiver and father of lies, that would be foolish since that's choosing spiritual death.

A little about a fool, his/her temper  and arrogance.

The constant dilemma between your 'two' hearts.( physical vs, spiritual)

Your heart condition is up to you- be at peace or at enmity with God
Photo credit: lyns from morguefile.com

Question- How do I know if I'm at peace with God?
Answer-Read this and you will know. 

Question, would you more likely trust your heart if it's condition is enmity with God,
or, if it's condition is at peace with God?
Answer- at peace with God

Whom can you place your trust in all situations?
Answer- God.  Short sermon on trusting God. 

Whom can you trust you heart with every time?
Answer- God.  So delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. 

A foolish heart would choose to miss out of such goodness.

Question- Who would you say has more intelligent and wisdom,  God or scientists?
 Answer-  Scientists can be fools, too.

Bottom line-
 I'd say it's the most safest and wisest things to choose to trust your heart to God, the 'always faithful' One and boot that ole foolish heart and it's foolishness out the window for good.

God made your heart the most important, critical and valuable organ in which you have. You must place extreme importance and care of your heart condition- here's why.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


I'm calling this posting, 'Unfathomable' because I like the word. I did a word search while ideas were forming in my head on where I wanted to take to writing, and contemplate what is it about this word is interesting and drawing itself to me, or maybe it's me drawn to it.

The sun, the moon, the tide and seasons have order

Photo credit: manuere from morguefile.com

The following is what I find unfathomable, and actually unthinkable....

How can any intelligent-minded person think a big explosion, termed, 'The Big Bang Theory', is responsible for the creation of the universe?  Ha! I say, all of nature, and the seasons, and the tide, and the moon phases, and the precise orbit of the Earth and other planets we know of can stay and remain in order year after year?  An explosion is nothing but a combustion and the results of is anything but order.

This person giving an explanation of the Big Bang Theory adds that this theory takes into account there has to be something already in existence, energy. So that theory is shot.

I say this information is outside the realm of human knowledge and rightly so. It's a God thang!

We can each see an order to how things all around us operate. Gravity and time and life cycles all have order. A combustion does not provide any resultant order, except a predictable explosion which can't produce any life or anything that will make up life to have any order to it.   And there has to be something to combine together for a combustion to occur.

There've been humans who've combusted, but there has to be something available in order to combust.

Can order come from disorder?    and can 'disordered order' repeat with precision season after season?

Can explosion or bang produce order or life?

Photo credit: rmontiel85 from morguefile.com
Is there order in the Universe?  I like how this woman wrote yes there is even down to the intricate design in a snowflake.

The Earth revolves around the Sun remaining in it's precise orbit. If out of orbit we either freeze or burn up.

With the orbit of the planet we call Earth constantly spinning on an axis and orbiting around the Sun, how can a Big Bang coordinate and maintain that?

This is all outside of the realm of the most brilliant scientists in all the world to figure, and rightly so. It's a God thang!

My conclusion- Man needs to stop trying to think we've got intelligence that can compete with the intelligence of God. We are moral beings and we think we can know it all.  This is erroneous thinking.

God is in charge, it's His universe, His creation, and some things are just way out of our league.

God allowed Man to have some intelligence so we can help ourselves, but if He hadn't provided
every thing at our disposal to utilize for our livelihood, it wouldn't be here due if we were depending upon a Big Bang providing it. Again, it's a God thang. 

I say we should leave what's not meant for us to know alone and spend more time and energy on better things to benefit mankind,  like-

being more neighborly and getting along better with each other.
And stop the polluting the ocean.
Being more resourceful and frugal with the Earth's natural resources.
Stop destroying the Rainforest.
Make an all out effort on knowing how to better live with integrity and wisdom.
And not taking for granted all blessings come from God and being intelligent is really not trying to out do or out smart God at all. But wisdom is being in harmony with His Word in living your life.

Unfathomable is a rather interesting word, and I associate this word with thinking how can anyone think God doesn't provides all from the beginning of time.

Until next time, I've still taking that journey on the straight and narrow path headed home.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

What's moral or immoral concerning sexual behavior?

 I was thinking of the obvious downward spiraling decline of morals regarding sexual behavior in this country and around the world.  Sexual exploits are more common happenings, but worse, what used to be considered immoral acts are now being given legal status.

Photo credit: wallyir from morguefile.com

For example... deviant sexual behavior used to legally be considered immoral behavior in many state statutes.

First, what is the definition moral behavior?

  This person describes moral behavior as having a 'good', favorable outcome to the persons and society at large.      
You will have to quality what is 'good'.

  This dictionary says what is moral is conforming to a standard of 'right' behavior.
You will have to quality what is 'right'.

 This is what the Bible says moral behavior is concerning sexual acts and is listed in every scripture  mentioning fornication.
You will have to determine whether God created people to be born 'gay' in light of His Word clearly stating homosexual acts are an abomination, and, if deviant sexual behavior, so blatantly glamorized in the media makes this behavior 'acceptable' for you or not.

This site comments on three same-sex relationships in the Bible.
You will have to read, do and extensive study and pray to determine whether the authors have interpreted and shed light on the truth or not regarding the messages for us in God's Word concerning these three relationships. Anyone can insert their beliefs, but what's best is using scripture to interpret scripture. I believe only spiritual scripture can shed light on spiritual scripture.

The Bible calls for you to practice and strive for moral excellence.
This is the way. This is the overall theme of the entire Bible- We are stuck in our flesh, but we are to live according to the spirit. And we have our example of Jesus whom was sent to us, who walked in the flesh, but lived according to the spirit, and whom God was well pleased. He's whom we should model our behavior after.

Only if the truth of one passage rules out the truth of another passage can there be contradiction as this author states and gives heed that you need to seek more in depth study. Bible scripture is God's Word and God's Word does not contradict itself.

 I say, if you find a contradiction, it's because you need to do further study into the Word to
understand the meaning and translation. Remember the Bible is unique in that it's books were
 penned in different languages over centuries and on different continents. After all that, it's amazing
the books have a common theme and it all comes together following the Hebrew people and the awaited Messiah and how they disobeyed, and worshiped idols, then returned over and over to God when they suffered from their disobedience.
Wouldn't it behoove us to learn something from history so as not to repeat their costly mistakes?
God's Word is alive and active and sharper than any two-edged sword.. (Hebrews 4:12). It also says scripture penetrates the soul, the spirit and the body and judges the thoughts and attitude of the heart. So without a heart or an attitude 'right' with God, it will judge. Best to be right with God to not be judged and to be able to receive without being deceived by Satan, the Deceiver, and Master of all Lies, wants you to be unclear in understanding of God's message of his Word to you.

God's clear message for YOUR best interests and well-being is intact and a solid, unchanging, righteous foundation you can rely upon without doubt .
It wouldn't make sense at all for His message to read He dislikes with a passion sinful acts and then have made mankind to fall back on the excuse that sin is moral and okay with Him.
That's rubbish to think.

It's really best that you read and study the Word for yourself and quit relying on others to give you their interpretation.
 They could be feeding you untruths and misguiding you down the wrong road heading to a destination you will not like to end up. 

Studying God's Word is a life-long pursuit with your spirit to grasp what God wants to reveal to you.

The Bible is a spiritual book and has to be studied with spiritual eyes, and most importantly, unless your spirit alive, you can't understand or receive the message per the Holy Spirit.

Now, what is the definition of immoral  behavior?

Here, different people answer and some state it has to do with your conscious, or what is dictated in society, or in the Bible. 

Check this list of what the Bible tells us about sexually immoral behavior.

You will have to determine and act accordingly to what you believe sets and determines what's moral from immoral behavior. Mankind has a history of changing his definition on this matter. However, God's Word remains firm and unchanged. With that fact in mind, you will have to decide what's moral or immoral? Is what's moral or immoral behavior never, sometimes, often, always or conditionally acceptable and changeable?

In my opinion, what's right and moral should be standard across the board. I don't think immoral and moral behavior can mix or be interchangeable.

Bottom line

God Word tells us what is immoral and immoral. That's the highest standard of living to be pleasing to God in a  nutshell. He calls the shots since he created us and everything we have.
                     Either choose to obey or not obey.
 Either try to go about leading a life according to God's Word, or to what mankind says is fine.

Consequences of your choice will be absolutely just and righteous in the Day of Judgment. Choose wisely knowing full well the price of choosing to be out of the will of God will cost you an eternity in miserable darkness without any chance of hope. Splendor and glory in heaven would be much better.

Until next time, on the straight and narrow path, without traffic, getting closer to that Light that shines so pure and bright.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A brand new life

I keep returning to this video to see these recently freed three young ladies.

They look and sound positive, bright and eagerly looking forward to their futures.

Smiles on faces celebrating new life

Photo credit: mantasmagorical from morguefile.com

Their expressions of thankfulness come across as genuine.

 The fact they even wanted to speak out sends a very positive message and gives insight of their recovering from their long ordeal. I'm sure they're supporting and leaning on each other as they're emotionally distancing themselves from the sexual abuse and 'living hell' they escaped.

These young ladies bless me more every time I see their beautiful smiles.  After all they've been through, listen to their positive words.

People are donating to help these young ladies get a good start on their liberated lives.
 The Cleveland Courage Fund  set up for Amanda, Gina and Michelle, is growing and I imagine will continue to grow in the coming months up and through the trial for the man accused of holding them prisoners and abusing them in his home for over a decade.

I've calculated so far $94 is the average donation to their trust fund.

This gentleman took to the road to raise awareness about sexual abuse.

It's very pleasing to know these three young ladies are strong of character. Their families have got to be so thankful as well.  Michelle was very good in expressing she places her hope in God to be the final judge. She's correct about that. And, she knows she endured to utilize her experience to help others.

What the Bible says about abuse.

These courageous souls finally are having their mornings of freedom with nothing but happiness in their hearts. I'm so happy for them. Thank you Lord for seeing them though, and have mercy upon
the soul of the man responsible.  He was lead and chose to follow the 'wrong direction' and now he has to live with the consequences. I pray your will be done in his life and this situation, Lord.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Some celebrity struggles make for awesome testimonies!

Celebrities giving their testimonies how at the end of their strength and hope came about asking Christ into their lives. Their lives changed. Freed. Unshackled. Click the link, listen to their testimonies and be awestruck like I was and nodding my head of the unlimited love God extends to anyone to win the battle over any struggle in this life.

Celebrities deal with personal struggles like the rest of us

Photo credit: krosseel from morguefile.com

Celebrities are known widely of their craft or talent by way of media or marketing. 
These classified as beautiful, mega-talented people marvel and entertain us with their talents of acting, instrument playing, magic trick performances, riding a surfboard, hitting, kicking or throwing a ball, writing, or just about anything that can be done above the general abilities of the average person.

But celebrities are not immune to the struggles of life.
Beauty, talent and riches don't give them a life that's demon-free.

Celebrities might have it worse than when they face a difficulty or are faced with a life-changing event. Their lives are much more transparent than ours. They don't have the privacy we  have- whatever can be found out negative gets plastered all over the media for the world to see. Plus they are pressured to stay on top of their game,  never look aged, and keep producing and performing to afford their lifestyle and fame. With the cameras flashing and fans screaming and money and all that's associated with being a celebrity, I'm sure it's easy to acquire a sense of power and importance and self sufficiency. And, once that happens, more is wanted in order to keep the image of success before the public. 

But people are all born the same. Strip away the stuff and celebrities struggle with the same things
all people struggle with. However, perhaps celebrities struggle to a higher degree because they can easily afford many things they desire. Their prison has thicker, taller walls and bars.
  This list of celebrities didn't win with substance abuse.  Each had successful careers with undoubtedly continued success in their futures had they lived. But they couldn't break free from
the internal struggles which kept them unable to break from drugs and alcohol.

God can take you just as you are. All you have to do is reach out and ask for help and receive it.
So scroll through the many videos till you see a familiar face or name and listen to them tell their story.

Remember, God loves you regardless of your star quality and is patiently waiting for you to call
upon Him. He's willing and able to change your life, turn your struggles around and fill the void you're longing to have filled which only He can fill. The first step is admitting your inadequate to
face your demons without help.  Ask. Believe, Receive. And the journey begins on a different road.
The road isn't easy, but don't give in to the lie that it's impossible. God is a big and mighty God if
you hook up with Him, your constant helper, the Holy Spirit, will be at your disposal 24/7.

If you want it, God's willing to give you the help to change your life around for the better. There are bright days in the forecast if you will reach out.

And speaking of a celebrity, it's my belief  Miss Lindsay Lohan's life could change for the better,
or at least be out of the tabloid headlines  and courts because of her drug and or alcohol abuse.
I wonder if she's content being in and out of the courts and substance treatment centers?

I'd like to see and hear her testimony of her life change when it happens.

Until next time, I'm on the straight and narrow road, and enjoying the journey with my Guide
leading the way.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Family member 'killers' need love

We're supposed to be safe amongst family members. That isn't always so.
Lately, killings we might hear about happening during a burglary, robbery or
some gang activity aren't the only stories making the headlines in the news.  
When the news is about a family member killing another family member, most of us, or me at
least, find this to be horrendous. Unthinkable and unimaginable come to mind when I hear the news story reporting the killer is a child.
Are kid-killings on the increase? I sure hope not. This isn't exactly the first time a child has killed
another family member. The very first murder mentioned in the Bible was committed by a sibling.
Abel died at the hand of Cain, his brother.

Here are news stories of recent killings by family members.

Killing by the hand of a child

Photo credit: chelle from morguefile.com

How does one manage to move on with life after this sort of tragedy has affected your family?
 It's bad enough when a stranger invades your home and takes a life. But how does one manage
when child purposely takes the life of other family members?
I can only imagine the grieving after such a tragedy lasts for a long, long time for the lives
cut short, and for the life, forever changed for the child who chose to kill.

It wasn't told to us in the fourth chapter of the Book of Genesis, how Adam and Eve reacted
after Cain killed his brother. But we can gather reasoning why Cain chose to kill.  I like this 
persons explanation.
 Then, Cain was banished to wander as an outcast as part of his punishment. And he wore the
mark so he would be recognized and left alone.
So, Adam and Eve lost two sons. It must have hurt them on a level similar to when they were banished from the Garden of Eden, symbolic of 'spiritual death' from their disobedience to
God concerning their partaking of the fruit of one
certain tree. They had freedom to all the other trees, but they chose to disobey and the resultant consequences followed.

Links to articles on the subject of child killers-
Why kids kill their parents.
What makes a child kill.
Case studies into what motivates a child to kill.

Children learn by modeling what they see. If they see violence, then they learn violence.
Have adults been modeling and teaching children violence as the manner in which to express
anger and frustration?
If children aren't taught healthy coping skills, they'd be less prone to resort to harming those
whom they can vent their disappointments on whenever they don't get their way. 

It's my belief that the following have some involvement in why children choose to kill:
  They're void of 'Love' within their hearts,
  They're emotionally disconnected from people.
  They hadn't been shown how to properly react to their feelings of anger.
 They've been abandoned to 'grow up' in a 'digitally, emotionally-void world,
 and, the spirit of 'self entitlement' in full bloom within their soul.

The spirit of 'love for one another' is slowly being snuffed out and replaced with a spirit of 'worshiping self'. In other words 'self' is above all else, self is #1.

I've read that child killers believe they're 'justified' in killing their siblings or parents.
To them killing was the better choice. And, they show no remorse, or guilty conscious about
what they did. That's heartlessness.

What's becoming of our children?
Are hearts turning hideously darken earlier and earlier?

This problem doesn't have to get any worse. Love can overcome and prevail. Without Christ, the heart has 'unbridled potential' to do 'evil' and not even be aware of any 'wrong-doing'.

A 'new heart', one with potential for going the things of Christ can be found in Jesus, our Redeemer and Savior. The Holy Spirit can do a miraculous surgical procedure on the heart in an instant. I can testify about that.

Bottom line- All hearts need Christ to heal from within, and to gain internal strength for supporting and loving those who will live with the aftermath of the gruesome actions they committed upon
those who were their family.

 Love covers a multitude of sins. 

I pray for the return of 'innocence' in children and like a child, they somehow come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Love is the greatest, and so many are existing without  'agape love' in their lives.

(I'm not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a relationship professional. My opinions are based upon
my observations and my knowledge of what sin is capable of acting out if sin is allowed
to take control and reign without any conscious of wrong doing).                                                                                  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Promises, expect good ones from God, and lots of 'em

You may be wondering and thinking, "What's promised to me? What good can I expect from God?"
 Let me tell you, you can expect a lot of promises which are all good. And I mean good in terms of lasting worthiness for right now and on into eternity. God's promises are like a loving, caring Father being good and loving to his beloved children.

God keeps his promises- He's good for them ALL,  like the rainbow

Photo credit: kconnors from morguefile.com

God tells you point blank, without question just what you get when you trust Him. And if you think it's a small list, be prepared to be surprised.

No other god can promise these things to you. No way. So why would anyone bother with other gods when they can be assured of the good things promised by the heavenly, holy, Father?

So if you want to be the recipient of the mighty-fine promises, which are each and collectively very worthy of being promised to have, take heed....the only thing required of you is a little trust and faith in God's free gift to you. Believe it and you can receive them all.

God can't lie. It's not within or of his nature to lie. He's not into lying to you. There's no sin or unrighteous within Him. He is sovereign and holy.  His Word is true and can be trusted. Unlike man,  God swears of himself because there is nothing higher, or more sure than himself to swear by. In other words, God's promises can surely be believed.

So, don't be left out. It's a matter of taking a small leap, actually a small step of faith, and go from there. The hard work has already been successfully completed. And when you make your choice toward God, the Holy Spirit will be doing his miraculous work on the inside of you within your heart.

All you have to do is invite Jesus into your heart. Your act of faith on believing Jesus to be the Son of God, who willingly came down from heaven to be born of a virgin female so he could be like us, flesh and bone, live without sin, then fulfill his ultimate goal and purpose to die. His being sacrificed on a cross made him the sacrificial lamb of mankind. He finished it and his death satisfied God. He was raised from the dead and seen by hundreds while he ate and drank with them. He conquered the power of death which sin brought onto mankind. We can be saved from spiritual death. Jesus ascended back up to heaven and is interceding for us to the Father until his return for his children, those who've invited Jesus into their hearts and lives. 

Jesus, part of the Godhead, made him qualified as a pure, blemish-less sacrifice to acceptably be received of God as a sacrifice. His blood was unstained by sin. Jesus was human, to be the sacrifice for Mankind. Animals without blemish were given by a family or person to the Levite priests for the temporary atonement for ones sins. Jesus did away with all that.
Your sins and my sins have been paid for by Jesus once and for all.

Believing in the person of Jesus, and the fact that you can't pay the penalty for your sins yourself because you are not perfect,  but Jesus is. So, by placing your trust and faith in Jesus and by faith accepting him as your Savior ,and inviting him into your heart, as an act of love for what he's done for you, you are spiritually made an heir to the promises of God. You spirit is no longer dead, but alive. Your redemption is complete and God, the Father sees you as his child and He has some very good things for his children. You are not longer under judgement because your sins have been forgiven, thanks to Jesus. Judgement Day is no longer in your future.

God is a good, loving, caring, wonderful, heavenly Father.

Click here to read the promises that  await you and the attitude God has for His children.

Rich in faith- James 2:5

You can expect ALL things to work together for good to those who love him-Romans 8:28

And read these 10 promises from God has wonderful plans for you, he'll be supplying your needs,  he has peace, saftety, and gives assurance of your salvation from spiritual death, and more..

Until next time....

I'm further along on my wonderful journey on that straight and narrow path continually discovering how good my God is.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Precious, precious oils

In 1996, I was introduced to the world of essential oils and began learning about their healing properties. Not just pure, cheap-quality essential oils, but certified, therapeutic-grade essential oils. (ISO and AFNOR standards) Quality is important to receive the best benefits of essential oils. If the oils are adulterated in any way with fillers, or sub-standard practices in growing, harvesting, or the distilling of the plants, the quality of the essential oil will be quite evident as seen in the sub-standard results you'll receive. Wanting the best results for my patients and myself,  I wanted to use the best quality oils I could obtain. (I was practicing chiropractic and therapeutic massage),

from plants come natural compounds 
photo credit: Vietnam Plants & The USA. plants via photopin cc

Essential oils are natural, complex compounds extracted from plants. These compounds are the life of the plant, like blood is the life of humans and animals, carrying vital nourishment to every cell, including nutrients for growth, protection and reproduction.

Children can surely be expressive
photo credit: tarotastic via photopin cc

I want to share one true story how wonderfully effective essential oils have affected a family- changing their lives for the better without pricey drugs or negative side-effects. One young member of this family is affected by ADHD. It's estimated 5% of boys and 2% of girls at school age are affected.  

Click here - for the story how the use of essential oils has been a God-send in calming ADHD. This blog is written by a mother about her son, Jeddy, diagnosed with ADHD. She's created an essential oil blend to help calm Jeddy, and it works. Read the testimonies from other parents who've used the blend of essential oils, called Jeddy's Blend, and view the short videos. (I like the cute little dinosaur in the background). Children seem to like what Jeddy's Blend does for them.  That alone speaks volumes.

No pharmaceutic drugs (other than maybe a strong sedative or anesthesia) works as fast as essential oils without negative side-effects. Just apply Jeddy's Blend as directed.
I like breathing essential oil aromas.
(The use and application of essential oils for receiving benefits to the mind, body and spirit, is called aromatherapy).

Natural essential oils, in their purest, unaltered form, in my opinion ranks up there on the list included as some of God's greatest gifts for us to use as needed on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
I've utilized and have studied essential oils for years and have an entire bookshelf of books on the subject. I diffuse essential oils in my home to breathe the therapeutic aromas to support my health, or to help my mind focus and concentration when I'm writing or studying. I've used essential oils on my toenails to kill nail fungus, on my skin to ease insect bites and about the house to disinfect. Even my pets have received benefits. I've applied essential oils to keep flying pests away, and on a wound to protect it from infection and aid in healing, and even when a pet has a drippy nose, they get the oils and they seem to know it's good for them.

Now this is neat. Essential oils are composed of natural chemicals which viruses and bacteria can't form immunity against. One essential oil can be composed of dozens to hundreds of chemical compounds that slightly changes from harvest to harvest, depending upon the climate, and soil conditions, etc, thus tricking bacteria and viruses so there's no way they can for a resistance against. It's like changing the password to your email account from time to time making it nearly impossible to be hacked. This is the very reason why antibiotics are becoming less and less effective against bacteria- over time bacteria have cleverly been changing and strengthening their code of armor to build up their resistance to antibiotics.  But nature's 'chemical code' is slightly changed so bacteria can't form resistance against essential oils. Essential oils win every time. So very clever of our creator to devise his 'natural' pharmacy with a built- in 'fail safe'.

 There are hundreds of chemical constituents which form one essential oil). It's a 'God-only' perfect design original. Essential oils carry the fingerprint of our creative, wonderful creator all over them.  Sorry, but I seriously doubt the Big Bang theory can account for such a marvelous design as essential oils. 
There had to be something to make a big bang. A sound doesn't happen unto itself or from thin air or no air. Is there sound in outer space? Something had to be in order for a 'bang' to 'bang.' Can intelligent life, even a single cell, come from a bang?
 Or, perhaps God could've spoken with a galaxy-shaking shout, sending reverberations throughout the orbits, "Let there be Light!" and bang! all of a sudden, light came into existence. Okay enough of that and back to essential oils.

Essential oils to me are the best of all natural products to use because they can positively affect on all planes- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  I know of no other single substance which can claim to do as much.

A note of caution......

Use essential oils according to recommended usage practices, especially on the young, elderly and sick.
Keep away from eyes and mucus membranes and do not ingest unless you really know what you're doing.
If in doubt, don't.
 If there's any sensitivity or burning on the skin, cover or coat the area with vegetable oil from your kitchen. Do NOT use water to soothe or ease essential oils on the skin. If the burning sensation persists, call 911 or get to urgent care facility right away.
Essential oils are very potent and very concentrated. Do not play around with them.
To be appreciated like any other substance, essential oils need to be used correctly or not at all. They can be harmful if utilized improperly.

In conclusion.....

I stand and applaud Jeddy's mother and wish all parents consider using this oil blend to see if their child diagnosed with ADHD might be helped as well. It can't hurt if one uses the oils in the correct and proper manner advised.

(I've been thinking for some years that essential oils with a calming affect {lavender} be diffused in buildings housing prisoners, or, any building where you'd want people to be 'calm'.)

 Essential oils have been proven effective. I'm proud to have been introduced and witnessing the positive effects of these oils when used. They've enhanced my life and been just the thing I've needed when nothing else would do. Thank you Lord!

Until next time,  I'm in constant awe of His wonderful surprises on my amazing journey along the straight, narrow path.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

In spirit and in truth

I was thinking how to describe how to worship in spirit and in truth. I think I'll share some of how others have already said it.

Worship should involve your heart and soul
photo credit: Celestial Photography via photopin cc

1. Here, 'How to worship God in spirit and truth' is listed in nine steps with tips.

2. Here, this author of 'Worship God in spirit and truth' expounds that we're not to worship any old way. We must worship a certain way as described by Jesus.

3. Here, this author of "Are you worshiping God in spirit and in truth,' starts with the purpose of worship of a 24 lesson study.

4. 'What does it mean to worship the Lord in spirit and truth," is written about and then answered.

5. Here, a dozen or so answer the question of what it means to worship in spirit and truth. The answers touch 'in' spirit, not 'with' spirit, genuineness, of the Holy Spirit, and not with some image or limited to a certain time or place.

6. Here, 'Worship in spirit and in truth,' tells it's how we live our daily lives is the most meaningful act of worship we can have towards our God.

Worship should feel natural & it can abrupt spontaneously
photo credit: dtcchc via photopin cc

Worship- your spirit 'hooking up with' The Spirit
photo credit: kelsey_lovefusionphoto via photopin cc

So go ahead. Worship. Inside, outside, quietly, with music, on your knees, with dancing, with palms up or arms up. Just as long as your worship is in spirit and in truth.  God bless you.

Until then, my journey taking that narrow path  is ever so sweet to be on.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Pope need saving, too

Just like us all, the Pope is a sinner and is in need of a Savior.  No disrespect intended. The Bible does not mention any person as being without sin. No matter whether their position is the Pontiff of the Catholic Church or the most generous person on Earth who volunteers thousands of hours and gives millions of dollars to benefit homeless, hungry, hurting children, EVERY PERSON IS a sinner. You, I, and every single person is born a sinner by fact of our ancestry back to the original sinners committing the original sin in the Garden. The Bible says so in black and white. There's no two ways about it.

So that means you, me, the Pope, and even those gone on before us, Mother Theresa, for instance, we are all equal in the sight of God. God is no respecter of persons, His Word says so, again in black and white for you and I to see. Down through the generations back to the first Man and Woman, Adam and Eve. A sinful nature is within us. We are sinners by virtue of inheritance. The Pope included. We all walk on this earth and have the same sinful nature, the Pope included. We're all of equal position in the category of sin.  In times past, prophets were chosen by God and anointed into their position. God usually chose a man whom man would not have chosen. There was no papal conclave in which men chose a leader whom God would use to speak to his people.

We do not need an elected Man to speak to God in our behalf for us. We can go directly to the High Priest in heaven ourselves.

Jesus is our High Priest of the order of Melchizedek, and Jesus, the Messiah, of the tribe of Judah is also our King and Savior.

To put it bluntly. unlike the Pope, Jesus never retires, never grows old or tired, never will he need to be replaced by a successor. Forever he will he be The High Priest. There's no higher position in all the universe and heavens. And to add to that, he wants to personally know you and for you know him. He's bled for you, prayed for you, took brutal beatings, endured extreme humiliation, and ultimately he was cruelly sacrificed and died for you.  He's proven his love for you and God has accepted all Jesus did. Jesus being perfect, and God being well- pleased with all he did is proof that Jesus is the Son of God and was sent to us so we would not have to die spiritually, but have life and be at peace with God.

The retiring Pope has introduced some 'cracks' in the notion of the Pope being infallible.  But the question still remains regarding God has no respecter of persons ' Who will pay for the Pope's sins? Even the Levis, had to offer sacrifices for their sins as well.

Vatican City, where the Pope resides

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Many claim it's Biblical to have a Pope as the head leader of the Catholic Church. 

 But the Pope needs saving as a sinner just the same as you and I. Read this question and answer regarding the infallibility of the position of Pope vs, the person, the Pope.

For an opposing point of view, see  this writing for points made of the false doctrine on papal infallibility and on Peter not being the first Pope. 

Peter, the apostle was imperfect. He needed a Savior.

God's Word is sharper than a two-edged sword and will stand the test of time. God's Holy Word is infallible. Jesus is infallible.

Another link for questions regarding the Catholic Church, Mary, etc. 

My question regarding Mary being without sin, goes back to saying there is no person without sin, and if they claim to be, they are lying. Mary was born to parents who were sinners by human nature and her grandparents and all the way back were sinners. She may have lead a godly life and had a heart pleasing to God, but she was human and henceforth, a sinner just like every other man, woman and child.

Mother Mary with infant Jesus

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Mary was in need of a Savior, too.

Click here to see what the Bible says about the virgin Mary

Here are some interesting points pertaining to the story at a wedding feast, Mary brings it to Jesus' attention that the wine has run out. Mary knows to go to Jesus to make things right and she tells the servants to do whatever he tells them to do. Click here for some interesting points regarding this story.

Jesus is the only person born who was and is without sin. He knew no sin but was counted as sin for our sake. 

Thank God for his perfect plan to send part of himself to be born of flesh to be the perfect sacrificial Lamb and be given for the sake of our souls for all eternity.   Thank the Holy Spirit for raising Him from the dead. He is alive and we are with him as well when we believe, accept, and put our trust and faith upon the One whom the angels sing and worship, our Lord, the Messiah, our Savior, Jesus the Christ.

And in case you hadn't thought about it, you are in need of a Savior as well. 

Want to receive God's forgiveness, get a fresh new start, and receive the promises of God with a ticket to heaven and have eternal life. You can have it no matter your history or your past faults. All it takes is believing you can't save your self and believing Jesus is who he says he is and asking him to be the Lord and Savior of your heart and life. It's your second birth- this time of your spirit. The beginning of your new life in Christ. Let it start and grow and blossom as you begin a fresh start in which you will be at peace with the Heavenly Father with Jesus as your friend. Watch short vid with Charles Stanley-

Remember you can't work, or pray or buy your way into heaven or into God's good graces. It's only through the saving grace of Jesus. It's what Jesus did for you. Period.  Nothing else. But once you're saved you can do good works as glory unto God for all He's done for you. It's like bringing a present to present to the one who's having the birthday.  You won't want to go to heaven empty-handed and stand before Jesus and nothing to present to him.  But only works done by those who's sins are wiped away will stand the fire and be worthwhile.

Until next time,
I remain on my daily journey following the One who IS High and Mighty.