Sunday, May 12, 2013

In spirit and in truth

I was thinking how to describe how to worship in spirit and in truth. I think I'll share some of how others have already said it.

Worship should involve your heart and soul
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1. Here, 'How to worship God in spirit and truth' is listed in nine steps with tips.

2. Here, this author of 'Worship God in spirit and truth' expounds that we're not to worship any old way. We must worship a certain way as described by Jesus.

3. Here, this author of "Are you worshiping God in spirit and in truth,' starts with the purpose of worship of a 24 lesson study.

4. 'What does it mean to worship the Lord in spirit and truth," is written about and then answered.

5. Here, a dozen or so answer the question of what it means to worship in spirit and truth. The answers touch 'in' spirit, not 'with' spirit, genuineness, of the Holy Spirit, and not with some image or limited to a certain time or place.

6. Here, 'Worship in spirit and in truth,' tells it's how we live our daily lives is the most meaningful act of worship we can have towards our God.

Worship should feel natural & it can abrupt spontaneously
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Worship- your spirit 'hooking up with' The Spirit
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So go ahead. Worship. Inside, outside, quietly, with music, on your knees, with dancing, with palms up or arms up. Just as long as your worship is in spirit and in truth.  God bless you.

Until then, my journey taking that narrow path  is ever so sweet to be on.


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