Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Illusions and deceptions

Earlier this year I went to see a show held at a school auditorium. It was an illusion show. The illusionists were an entertaining, attractive young couple, a man and woman and their stage crew. The entire show was a top notch performance, and I admit I was stumped and mystified most of their entire act.  Since David Copperfield and his famous staged illusions, like making an elephant suddenly appear on stage, the term "illusion" really is a fitting term for how these entertainers mystify their spellbound audiences. Let me tell you, I was sitting pretty close to the stage and watched their every move without blinking, hoping to see a little fault of the hand to witness how the illusion was done.

When you're happy, that helps the illusion continue
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Torn newspaper illusion
 For instance, I watched the illusionist on stage tear the local newspaper into pieces, then he balled all the torn newspaper pieces in his hands.  He's on stage, wearing a t-shirt, standing in full view, with nothing around him.  Then he opens his hand, and unfolds the ball of newspaper and it's back to it's original condition. How?  It was an illusion. The hand can fool the eye. He's perfected his craft, and that's why the show was so entertaining. You know I got on the Internet and searched how to do that paper tearing illusion. I practiced and gave my own one-woman amateur show to some friends using a regular sheet of paper. It was fun to do, but I couldn't do it as well as a professional. Maybe with a dozen or so years of practice, I could perform that illusion and make someone wonder how did I do that.  But it's an illusion, and when done with precision, it looks real!

The master deceptor will gain the appeal of the masses
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If the right person could be so good convincing an audience, he could take it further and easily fool the masses. He could fool the world. He could have people eating out of his hand and believing everything he says and does. He could have people wanting and eagerly following his every suggestion. He could have people mesmerized with his craftiness. He could have people on the way to hell and they wouldn't even have an idea they were headed there because he's just that good. He has great communication skills, charisma, and power to give people the things they want so they will feel happy. But in reality he's an illusionist who's ultimate goal is to deceive. So in receiving things provided by this illusionist, in the end there will unfortunately be a dear, dear price to pay.

This all made me think that's what Satan, the fallen angel, is up to. He's the very best of the best at giving the illusion there's nothing wrong with taking what he's offering. Satan is offering the things that please and gratify the eye and the flesh right now, and feed your pride.  But he's failing to inform about his long term goal. His hidden agenda is to get your eyes off Jesus by any means possible. This very thing has been written in the Bible, and all should take note. Choosing against the things of God comes with some serious, adverse consequences.  The Bible tells you of these warnings to protect you from being hurt. God is Love and His Word is Truth. God desires you to seek Him, to know Him and praise Him for who He is, but He will not force you out of fear or trick you to honor Him. He wants you to do it willingly. Satan, however is about lying and deception to get you to praise him and give him attention instead of to God. He plays on your desires. The worse part is whatever he gives will never last and the price for it is hellish to pay. Satan's destiny is hell and the lake of fire. But before he's there he wants you to worship him and not God.  He's not giving that piece of information. He knows that if he gives you want you want, you'll be happy and therefore you won't see further than that.  He's pulling the wool over your eyes. And if you wear his mark, there's no way you'll get to heaven.  Satan wants to steal your praise and attention from God and Jesus- in other words, he wants you to suffer with him in hell.  Don't believe the devil's deception's.  Don't be in the crowd believing his illusions and deceptions. 
The Bible gives warnings
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Satan will 'burn' you
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Satan comes like a lion seeking to destroy
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Fire and brimstone
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The illusionist show I saw was entertaining. But the master illusionist is not about entertaining- he uses real things in order to get you hooked and turned away from the things of God.  If you're not aware of this, you wouldn't even know he was doing this. That's why he's the master of deception. In the Bible are many stories written about what happened when people turned from God, then when they came upon trouble, they cried out to God to deliver them. (the Hebrew people, David, Samson, just a few). The good news is God has provided all people a way to be saved from a dreadful and horrible ending. God desires all to be saved through His Son, Jesus, who defeated Satan and covered sin once and for all. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No illusion of his crucifixion, nor of his resurrection, nor of the wounds he bore for us. Through Him alone, by faith be saved and never die a spiritual death. This is extended to every man and woman alike.  See my previous blog posting if you desire to know how to receive Jesus by faith as your Lord and Savior. What God offers is always good and lasting.

Scripture references: Revelation 12:9; 19:20; 20:10,14,15;  21:8
                                  1 Peter 1:3-12; 5:8-9
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(If you don't have a Bible handy, use this form to look up scripture-
Lookup a word or passage in the Bible

Sadly, many people think the things of God are foolishness, therefore they will not heed  warnings.  (1Corinthians 2:14)    Many prophets of the past foretold what was to come in the future. Wake up!  Those things are happening every day.  Right now, 1 out of 8 verses in the Bible deals with the times we're living in right now and what's going to happen in the future. The Bible can be trusted as God's Holy Word without a doubt.
Read what happened to this his man who called himself the "biggest skeptic in the world".  He set out on a mission to discredit the Bible. 

A friend took me to see the Cross Garden about ten years ago near Prattville, Alabama. The man who put up all these crosses was very adamant about warning everyone that it's not too late to get yourself in right standing with God. He was a missionary in the community he lived. The only time it's too late is after you've died a physical death, which is the first death.  If you've not accepted Jesus, who is the only perfect sacrifice God recognizes for payment of man's sins, then essentially the devil's got 'cha and final destination is the Lake of Fire, which is where your spirit will experience the second death, the worse kind of death possible.

This is a serious enough subject to communicate.  Your destiny is actually up to you.  God has already provided everything to lead and show you, but your will He will not violate. He will not force or deceive anyone. Satan even uses that in his deception plotting. Up front he makes everything look mighty attractive and tempting, with his promises and pleasing up front demeanor.  Many are and will continue to believe his illusions and deceptions rather than choose the way of true living God?  Remember the illusionist and so convincingly believable at making himself and things appear fantastic, so many would rather choose what he offers and turn from God. But only the true God loves you and knows what's ultimately best for you. Satan is not about love. The Bible tells you what Satan is all about, how he will carry off his plan, and why he's doing it.  Born again Christians,  are saved from an eternity separated from God, redeemed by the saving grace of Jesus, our Savior and Lord to a heavenly destination called home.  See these six steps to take right now to receive forgiveness of your sins and be saved from an eternity with Satan and his demons where your spirit will be tortured over and over without any hope of being rescued. Beyond horrible!

Yesterday I worked in the yard and forgot to apply sun protection on my face, so I figured it's a good time to make up a new facial mixture with pear and buttermilk.  So I did and included one drop of myrrh essential oil. Let me tell you I really like the myrrh in this facial- the aroma is so relaxing. I had to squeeze out as much juice as possible from mashing half a pear so this mixture wouldn't be too watery and drip right off my face. I applied this mixture to my face like a mask and enjoyed the aroma while making breakfast.  I'm going to add some aloe vera and yogurt to it for my next application, as you can see I made plenty.  I keep it in the refrigerator and the essential oils help keep it fresh for about a week.  Here it is below before blending in the myrrh oil.

My buttermilk, pear, and myrrh essential oil homemade facial

Humbly and graciously I keep my face before the Lord. Oh, by the way, my friends told me don't quit my regular job.

And lastly, I'll leave you with this video with a special message---

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mid Morning Watermelon and Three Converts

I don't know about you, but I sure do enjoy good watermelon.  I just had to include this photo after my last entry to show I'm still partaking of my garden surprise. While others may be thinking pumpkin this last Monday of October, I'm eating juicy watermelon from my garden, compliments of the One who gives me abundantly all good blessings. (See my previous entry about how I came upon this watermelon in my garden).

My mid morning watermelon plate

One additional thought for today's entry. Jesus started his public ministry when he was 12. That's pretty young if you think about a young man being about his Father's business.
Yes, young people can make the decision to serve God at an early age. If they are mature enough to make that decision about right and wrong and have knowledge to make that decision willingly, why shouldn't they?  It's my opinion that all parents should raise their children to be responsible, aim to have wisdom, and give them the foundation for serving God. The young are just as important in the family of God as anyone else.  God can use them just as he can anyone. So really, age is irrelevant.

Three young new Christians
The above is a photo I took of three wise young Christians. They understand what sin is, they know about Jesus and what did to pay for their sins,  and what it means to be saved. They each accepted willingly into their hearts Jesus as their savior and have also been water baptized to show our congregation symbolically what's happened in their life and hearts.   Their parents and grandparents must be so proud these precious children have come to want to accept Jesus at an early age. Praise God.

Scripture reference-
Luke 2:42-49
3 John 1:4

Keep forward facing in faith always

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A garden surprise

It's very pleasant weather today so I went out to water plants I've neglected for weeks.
Something caught my eye as I was walking past the overgrown garden plot. There it was, a full sized watermelon! I couldn't believe it. A watermelon three times larger than the watermelons I was tending months ago. All had rotted underneath or the ants got into them, so I'd long given up the notion that I'd enjoy a homegrown watermelon this year.
This surprise melon was a nice sized, and to have grown to it's dimension on very little rain, well, I was in awe. We've not had much rain and it surely hadn't gotten an ounce of attention from me! 
This garden surprise was perfect and prime with it's only sustenance being good sunshine, enough rain, nutrients from the soil and the touch of God.
I brought out a measuring stick and took these photo before cuting the vine and gathering up my hefty garden delight and carryng it inside to show-and-tell to Mom. She had no idea it had been growing in the garden plot either. The weeds had concealed it until today.

Hidden watermelon

God has surprises like this every day. God's order of nature and the changing of seasons, is perfectly beautifully orchestrated by his hand. But even more so is the care God has for me and you.
I am grateful of the surprises waiting to be discovered just like this today. 
A watermelon in October out of a garden full of weeds was a mighty delightful surprise to me. 
This melon's gettin' chilled tonight for some enjoying tomorrow, compliments of my good God.

This made me think about God's vastness-He has no limitations, no boundaries, no restrictions or restraints- in other words God in not hindered by anything. When God is involved in the mix, the unexpected is guaranteed.  He is way above logic and the mundane.
I'm reminded of one story in the Old Testament of a widowed woman in debt and about to starve.
The prophet Elisha was sent to her, she obeyed him and a miracle happened, the last bit of oil kept flowing and she could sell it and pay her debts and live off the profits- that was a miracle.
My watermelon is my little miracle from God today. 
God knows how much I like watermelon, and yesterday at the grocery store I didn't see not the first one. God gave me this one personally.
Thank you God for seeing not only to my needs but also to give me this garden surprise to enjoy.

What is your miracle from God today?

Scripture reference- 2Kings 4:1-7

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Until next time, keep looking toward the Son!

Update Nov. 16, 2010  I had noticed this watermelon growing when I discovered the big watermelon last month. This one  is much smaller and shaped like a gorde. The vine looked like it was dying so cut it today and took this photo with one of my dogs nearby to show the size of this melon. However, the meat wasn't totally ripe, so my piggies got to finish it off. But it sure was fun having watermelon this late in the year.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Because of Him

       I was listening to a local Christian radio station this afternoon.  I heard the last part of one program and it was about some things people do to earn God's favor. I was listening that some people walk over glass on their knees, or go without food for weeks, or cut themselves, all sorts of things. Even sitting in church, or singing in the choir people do thinking it will win God's favor. I don't remember reading in the Bible God requiring anything like that.  Well, try as anyone may, there is nothing outside of accepting his Son, Jesus, that can earn God's favor. Nothing at all. No amount of effort, good deeds, volunteering, or money, nothing. It's all been done by Jesus and there's nothing more I nor anyone can add to what Jesus has already done. So it's Jesus, nothing more, nothing less. That's all that's required. You have it all with Jesus- life, sins forgiven, hope, and an inheritance in heaven because God will see the blood of Jesus, His Son,  cloaking your sins and your name written in the Book of Life. Then anything else you do after that should be from your heart to serve others. Just know that you don't have to keep trying to impress God to earn His favor.

       When you have the Son, you have it all. I've got a long way to improve on my Christian walk, but every day is a new day to do better serving and show that I am grateful of the mercy and grace showered upon me from above.  I like the info on this site on the evidence for God with no nonsense answers to many questions regarding the Christian faith and the Bible.

Jesus paid for our sins in full
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Keeping my face toward the Son.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

My heart and love prized relationship

I was thinking again about my life so far and you know, I have to say, it's been pretty good. Not one time in my life have I gone hungry other by choice of fasting. Not one time in my life have I not had a cushioned bed to sleep. I've never known what it's like to not have a pair of shoes, or a roof over my head or indoor running water. I take these things for granted because I've had them my entire life including an education, a means of transportation, medical care, and so much more that to many people in this world can only dream of having. But my most prized possessions that I have are what's happened on the inside to my heart   and my relationship with my God of all creation.
It's all about the heart
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Okay, I know having a picture of a real heart is not what you were expecting to see, but that's what it's all about. My heart has been changed from one that was dark and against Him, to one that's been cleansed and pure. And that's been done by the surgical workings of the Holy Spirit when I asked and accepted Jesus to live in my heart. Now, God sees my heart as one that's clean and pure because the spirit of Jesus resides in my heart.

Photo credit: dantada from

When I was young, I prayed many times for God to help me pass a test in school, and  to allow me to run fast at a track meet. I prayed for God to help me get through Marine Corp basic training. I prayed that he help me make wise decisions all along the way.  I prayed that he take the suffering away from my brother when my brother was very ill with cancer.  I prayed to God to save my marriage.  Looking back at many things and people I prayed for,  I can see that God answered every prayer. Sometimes those prayers were answered quickly, sometimes not so quickly, and sometimes they were answered not the way I would've thought He would answer them. But I see His answers are always the best.

 But all in all, my relationship with God has shown me God has never failed me.  Recalling stories in the Bible where God can accomplish much with just a few people truly committed to Him, that has always amazed me. With God, miracles are his forte-nothing is out of his scope.  God can flick His mighty finger and mountains crumble. God can't fail. And he's always right on time. He is a very loving and patient God. He has a heavenly lookout and  sees all things from beginning to end. He wants a relationship with his dearest creation, and that's every heart.  And that relationship begins with a spiritual heart transplant.  I wouldn't trade my heart for all the riches in the world. It's the condition of my heart which God sees as his plan for my ticket into heaven. Can't put a price tag on that.
God's work is done on the inside. My heart operation was painless with instant gratification and heavenly benefits. So, my heart's been spiritually cleansed, purified, redeemed, and sealed by Jesus and the Holy Spirit is one of my most prized possessions. I offered my dirty heart to God and he exchanged it for a better one and I have a lasting endearing, loving relationship with Him that will last forever.  He offers the same to every man, woman and child freely.

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There's no better time than right now to start having the relationship that will change you from the inside out for the better.  Pray, believe and receive the spiritual re-birth that awaits you.
Get a Bible and read these few scripture passages for yourself-for how to get saved
Romans 5:12, Romans 3:10, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 8:10-11,
Romans 10:9-10, and John 3:15
It's simple to make the decision to give your heart to the Lord. In your own words talk to God and tell you're a sinner and you want His Son, Jesus to be your Savior and to come and live within your heart. If you sincerely means this, then God will change you instantly. You're instantly an heir and adopted into God's family. Your body will one day day die,  but your spirit will live on with the Lord.

Keeping forward facing the Son.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Open Your Eyes, Remove the Blinds

I have a very good friend, I'll refer to her as Debbie. She and I have been the best of friends since the early 1990s. We used to see each other every week but now maybe once a year.  We have that kind of relationship that we know our love is still in tact and just as strong through time and distance. We're solid friends without a doubt. Almost like sisters I will even say. But here is what I want to write today about my friend. She is Jewish by birth. And she is Christian by choice of her faith- she believes in her heart that Jesus is the Messiah. I have always found this to be so interesting about her. She's Jewish and a Christian. Wow! Jesus came from the line of Jews in his miraculous human birth by the virgin Mary, chosen of God, and Jesus is the Messiah, the very one foretold to come by the prophets in the Old Testament.    
                                                                                                                                                    I asked Debbie a few years ago how did she come about to believe Jesus was the Savior and Messiah. This is so amazing what she said to me and I will never forget it. It was so simple, but so profound.

Ask for the blinds be taken off you can see God's Truth

Photo credit: jdurham from

Debbie told me she prayed for God to open her eyes.
That was it. And God did. God took the blinds off her Jewish eyes and her eyes were opened to the truth about Jesus.  She doesn't ignore her heritage as a Jew, but she lives and practices her Christian faith. There's no doubt that she has the love of Christ in her heart.  Her belief and faith in the God of the Bible is very evident in her life. She's active in her church, along with her husband. She embraces her Jewish heritage but it's completed, in my humble opinion, with her having accepted the Messiah that the Jews are looking for. To all Jewish people, your Messiah has come already!  He was born to a virgin, lived, did miracles, taught, then was crucified exactly as the prophets foretold, and then Jesus arose from the grave after three days and was seen by multitudes before He ascended to heaven. Jesus reigns as the Son of God. He is the Messiah. The Prince of Peace.  And he will return just as it's written in the Holy Bible. If you're waiting for a sign, you've already received it.  You only have to ask for the blinds taken off your eyes and it will be so plain to see.
But my friend did much more than wait for a sign. She did what's so simple, but so profound-she took God at His Word. She opened her heart, mind and spirit to something called faith. Faith is believing what can't be seen with the human eye, but knowing and acting it to be real because it's the truth of Word of God.  God operates in the realm of faith. It takes the will to go up to faith, then you too will see God's mystery that's kept hidden for those not believing yet.  Just ask by taking or praying to God sincerely, then believe God at His Word. He is so eager to give and you have only to graciously receive His gift of salvation for all your sins to receive your new rebirth into the family of God with eternal heavenly inheritance, and you can have your newness of life right this moment when you do.  That's what happens when by faith you accept Jesus in your heart.  Ask and receive. God will hear you no matter where you are, if you ask loudly or speak softly, and no matter what you've done in your life. God's only concern is that you mean if from your heart and believe that His Son died for your sins and you accept Jesus into your heart as your Savior.  God the Father, Jesus, the Savior to a world so in need of Him, and the Holy Spirit- all Holy, all God in One. How can that be? Virtually impossible for the the human mind to comprehend,  but to the person saved by the grace of God, it makes more sense than anything I know. 

Supporting scripture - Matthew 12:39 and  Matthew 16:4 ;  Luke 2:12, Luke 11:29, Mark 8:12, 1 Corinthians 1:22,  2 Corinthians 3:13-16, John 20:29, and 1 Corinthians 2:5. And read Hebrews, Chapter 11 about many times the impossible was made possible through faith.  And I really like this website with some very interesting and amazing Bible facts, including comment about the over 10,000 Bible prophesies that have come TRUE!

'Til next time, I am facing the Son.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Gratitude is the attitude

Well, I was thinking about gratitude this morning. One day things can be going so well, and I'm so grateful with the feeling of gratitude that day. Then other days things don't go as I'd like, and I'm not having that feeling of gratitude.  Then I had this thought. What if I had the attitude of gratitude no matter what?  If I had that attitude, then my perspective would be different and therefore I would see things positively and I wouldn't have any 'bad' days. Just because the day isn't going my way doesn't mean it's a 'bad day'.  I just need to change my perspective and be constant in my thinking. Keep the attitude of gratitude. Now I think that's mature thinking. Of course it will take practice, but I think I can put forth the effort.
I even came across a site about gratitude that I thought was pretty cool for a  journey that will change your life in a most positive way. Yes, an attitude of gratitude is key to many wonderful things in life. Some time ago I heard that having this attitude positively affects your mind, your health, your thoughts, and spills over into how others treat you. I believe this and need to put it to practice more. I think gratitude is closely related to love.

There's even an essential oil blend that's called Gratitude. If gratitude had an aroma, this is it. Check it out under Links to 'Young Living Essential Oils and Health Products' on my website home page.

I compare gratitude with a surprise vase of beautiful flowers. Everyday is a surprise and you have to wait and see what happens. The surprise is different each day, but overall it's still good. When I or anyone places God in control of their life, it's beautiful and bright.
An attitude of gratitude in all things is a gift like these beautiful flowers
Photo credit: christilper from

Keeping my face toward the Son.  Until next time, peace and love always.
And remember, unconditional love never fails.

See about me on my website and let me know how you're having more gratitude in your daily life in the comments here.