Monday, October 25, 2010

Mid Morning Watermelon and Three Converts

I don't know about you, but I sure do enjoy good watermelon.  I just had to include this photo after my last entry to show I'm still partaking of my garden surprise. While others may be thinking pumpkin this last Monday of October, I'm eating juicy watermelon from my garden, compliments of the One who gives me abundantly all good blessings. (See my previous entry about how I came upon this watermelon in my garden).

My mid morning watermelon plate

One additional thought for today's entry. Jesus started his public ministry when he was 12. That's pretty young if you think about a young man being about his Father's business.
Yes, young people can make the decision to serve God at an early age. If they are mature enough to make that decision about right and wrong and have knowledge to make that decision willingly, why shouldn't they?  It's my opinion that all parents should raise their children to be responsible, aim to have wisdom, and give them the foundation for serving God. The young are just as important in the family of God as anyone else.  God can use them just as he can anyone. So really, age is irrelevant.

Three young new Christians
The above is a photo I took of three wise young Christians. They understand what sin is, they know about Jesus and what did to pay for their sins,  and what it means to be saved. They each accepted willingly into their hearts Jesus as their savior and have also been water baptized to show our congregation symbolically what's happened in their life and hearts.   Their parents and grandparents must be so proud these precious children have come to want to accept Jesus at an early age. Praise God.

Scripture reference-
Luke 2:42-49
3 John 1:4

Keep forward facing in faith always

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