Friday, October 8, 2010

My heart and love prized relationship

I was thinking again about my life so far and you know, I have to say, it's been pretty good. Not one time in my life have I gone hungry other by choice of fasting. Not one time in my life have I not had a cushioned bed to sleep. I've never known what it's like to not have a pair of shoes, or a roof over my head or indoor running water. I take these things for granted because I've had them my entire life including an education, a means of transportation, medical care, and so much more that to many people in this world can only dream of having. But my most prized possessions that I have are what's happened on the inside to my heart   and my relationship with my God of all creation.
It's all about the heart
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Okay, I know having a picture of a real heart is not what you were expecting to see, but that's what it's all about. My heart has been changed from one that was dark and against Him, to one that's been cleansed and pure. And that's been done by the surgical workings of the Holy Spirit when I asked and accepted Jesus to live in my heart. Now, God sees my heart as one that's clean and pure because the spirit of Jesus resides in my heart.

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When I was young, I prayed many times for God to help me pass a test in school, and  to allow me to run fast at a track meet. I prayed for God to help me get through Marine Corp basic training. I prayed that he help me make wise decisions all along the way.  I prayed that he take the suffering away from my brother when my brother was very ill with cancer.  I prayed to God to save my marriage.  Looking back at many things and people I prayed for,  I can see that God answered every prayer. Sometimes those prayers were answered quickly, sometimes not so quickly, and sometimes they were answered not the way I would've thought He would answer them. But I see His answers are always the best.

 But all in all, my relationship with God has shown me God has never failed me.  Recalling stories in the Bible where God can accomplish much with just a few people truly committed to Him, that has always amazed me. With God, miracles are his forte-nothing is out of his scope.  God can flick His mighty finger and mountains crumble. God can't fail. And he's always right on time. He is a very loving and patient God. He has a heavenly lookout and  sees all things from beginning to end. He wants a relationship with his dearest creation, and that's every heart.  And that relationship begins with a spiritual heart transplant.  I wouldn't trade my heart for all the riches in the world. It's the condition of my heart which God sees as his plan for my ticket into heaven. Can't put a price tag on that.
God's work is done on the inside. My heart operation was painless with instant gratification and heavenly benefits. So, my heart's been spiritually cleansed, purified, redeemed, and sealed by Jesus and the Holy Spirit is one of my most prized possessions. I offered my dirty heart to God and he exchanged it for a better one and I have a lasting endearing, loving relationship with Him that will last forever.  He offers the same to every man, woman and child freely.

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There's no better time than right now to start having the relationship that will change you from the inside out for the better.  Pray, believe and receive the spiritual re-birth that awaits you.
Get a Bible and read these few scripture passages for yourself-for how to get saved
Romans 5:12, Romans 3:10, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 8:10-11,
Romans 10:9-10, and John 3:15
It's simple to make the decision to give your heart to the Lord. In your own words talk to God and tell you're a sinner and you want His Son, Jesus to be your Savior and to come and live within your heart. If you sincerely means this, then God will change you instantly. You're instantly an heir and adopted into God's family. Your body will one day day die,  but your spirit will live on with the Lord.

Keeping forward facing the Son.

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