Saturday, March 7, 2015

To live

Little Walter Joshua Fretz spent only 19 weeks developing in his Mother's warm womb.

I read this article and gazed at the photos of him.

He was a tiny fully-formed baby boy.

"So perfect," his Mother stated. She said she could see his heart beating.

At 19 weeks, that 'blob of cells' is a tiny baby.

Life is a gift from God- be happy!
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In the womb, a developing baby boy or girl is getting nourishment and growing until time to make their entrance into the world. Their life was already progressing before they exited the birth canal.

Here are some links you can search on the creator knowing and forming you inside your Mother.

Every life is fearfully, masterfully, wonderfully made in the spiritual image of God.

God is the creator of life.
Not Man nor scientists.

Some individuals, whose Mother's granted them the opportunity to continue living,
want to rob a developing new life that same opportunity. 

God designed human life to develop within their Mothers until birth.

This geneticist says week 22- when a premature fetus can survive outside the Mother is when life begins. 

On a personal note-

I don't believe God intended for parents to kill their own flesh and blood before their developing baby can live independently of it's Mother.
A developing baby is an alive baby.

I don't believe God sees a developing baby at 9 weeks of age any differently than a developing baby at 19 weeks or a developing baby at 24 weeks. God sees a young soul.

Man makes excuses about life and death with science and medicine practices in mind.
If medicine and science improves so that an incubated 10 week old fetus treated can be sustained until it's lungs develop, will that mean changing at what point the baby isn't any longer considered a' blob of cells'?

When does life begin? 

At your beginning when a sperm cell penetrates an unfertilized egg. The DNA of both are necessary for life to begin dividing and multiplying cells- the beginnings of a life.

Life is necessary for there to be any development.

Life continues developing after birth-through adolescence, puberty, adulthood, middle age and through the elder years.

If you want to get technical, we're all made of cells, so we're all a blob of cells,  cells that have been given the breath of life.

If God has knitted you together, and knew you when you were in utero-
You've been given the 'breath of life' . -the gift of physical life.

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Cross references- babies being sinful

It was God's will that little Walter Joshua Fretz not have a long, physical life.
I find it very heart-warming his parents named him.

His short life has made an impression upon the hearts of many.
 I know he has upon mine.

The gift of spiritual life is what you receive when you invite Jesus into your heart and life.
And spiritual life is eternal life. A gift God wants each person to want to choose.