Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Don't be tricked like the buffalo

I was remembering from history class certain tribes of Native American Indians depended heavily upon the buffalo for their survival. Buffalo were hunted in various ways.

Buffalo herds are vastly diminished

Photo credit: lightfoot from morguefile.com

Sometimes a hunter dressed like a buffalo to lure them and get close enough to take a good shot at one with his bow and arrow or weapon to take one of these big boys down.

Another hunting strategy was to force-run the entire herd into a valley or ravine where they couldn't escape.

Over the cliff
Photo credit: mensatic from morguefile.com

And yet another strategy was to drive the herd straight over a cliff. This method had many buffalo falling to their death and the Indians in one swoop would have slaughtered an entire herd without wasting one arrow and they'd celebrate large with their massive kill having plenty of meat and skin for the tribe.

The proud Native American Indian

Photo credit: DodgertonSkillhause from morguefile.com

You may be wondering what in the world am I writing about buffalo and Indians on this faith based blog?

Substitute hunter for satan.
Substitute the hunt to kill for prowling to seek out and kill by satan.
Substitute herds of buffalo for masses of humans and precious souls.
Substitute the buffalo hunter's plan for satan's plan to steal, kill, and destroy.
Substitute weapons for satan's lies to get your attention and eyes off God.
Substitute costume for deception of what satan really is.
Substitute buffalo running over the cliff for satan executing his plan taking you 'blindly' over a cliff and away from the blessings of God. 
Substitute the cliff's edge for falling away from God.
Substitute the bottom of the cliff or ravine for hell and the Lake of Fire.
Substitute a herd for what masses of people are doing or believing.
Substitute meat and skin for your spirit and soul.

I hope my analogy makes a strong point how Indian hunters tricked many buffalo and how satan tricks many people. But I'm in no way calling American Indians satan or people herds of buffalo.



Many are following and/or being lead away from God to their spiritual death.
Satan is playing all his cunning, masterful deceptions. He's good at what he does. So good, he even has many headed for the cliff but they don't yet see the cliff.

The road to destruction is wide and crowded and looks to be the 'thing' to be running in.
The path to peace and life is narrow and uncrowded. Few take the effort to find it. But it can be found and it's so worth the effort.

One destination is death, the other is life.
One looks good now, until the dropping point. But by then, it's too late to turn around- being caught up in a massive crowd steadily pushing onward and over the edge and the end of the fall is everlasting death.

The other is much less crowded and void of danger.  It's destination is good. It is paved with knowledge and wisdom and the path leads to everlasting life.

Which path are you on?  Who is prompting and leading you?   Where is your spiritual body going?

Before you reach the cliff, unlike the herd of buffalo about to meet their end,  YOU can choose
to not be tricked.

Jesus came not to condemn, but to SAVE and REDEEM YOU from 'falling off the cliff to your spiritual death' (destruction).  HE WHO HAS THE SON HAS LIFE, SPIRITUAL LIFE, and that translates into a more abundant life now as well. God looks at you and sees you've been cleansed of all unrighteousness because you have accepted his free gift of Jesus, who shed his blood to pay the penalty for your sins. Sin no longer separates you from God. You have Jesus as you friend and personal mediator. You're in the family of God.

Four-step process to get your brand new lease on life.

1. Admit you're a sinner in need of a Savior.
2. Believe Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah.
3. With sincerity of heart, pray and invite Jesus into your life and heart.  Let your faith grow/deepen.
4. Learn about Jesus and his teachings in the Bible and don't let satan steal your joy. You are forever sealed in redemption and an heir to the promises of God. Satan is washed up but trying to bring as many down with him. But NOT YOU!

And get baptized to symbolize of the newness of your new life, having been washed clean of your sins and arisen in Jesus.

Until next time,
'm walking on the narrow path with the warmth of the SON feeling so divine.