Sunday, November 13, 2011

We're all babes to Him

There's no way to surely know how we must appear to God from his point of view. God is Holy Spirit. He has no limits, time means nothing to Him, and He knows all and sees all. He created us. From his stand point, I think we must appear to be mere babes.  We have many limitations. Unlike God, we can't know the condition of some one's heart, or the motivation behind some one's actions. But God does. We know a mere smidgen compared to His infinite intelligence. We must appear to possess the intelligence of babes in a nursery to Him.  I was thinking about what Jesus said on the cross,  "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."  Just like a little babe, so inquisitive and full of wonder about everything within sight or grasp, we want to know everything we can get our hands onto.  And just like babes, we don't really know about dangers lurking about. We just go about until someone says, "No", but we want to get our hands on what every we can reach and taste it anyway, and give a never mind to that, "No" warning.  Might Jesus' statement have meant we are babes and don't have any idea of the impending danger on the road ahead we've chosen to take and we're totally blind to what we're getting ourselves into?  I've wondered if we as a people will ever wise up, or are we always going to make decisions without regard or concern to God's Word?  Are we ever going to gain wisdom about our decisions and actions and be more Christ-like?  It really seems the majority of people go about their lives making choices based only upon the wants of their flesh and desires to possess ever more things they see. I say this because I see more and more behavior openly displayed contrary to God's Word and no doubt it is awfully tempting desiring and pursuing so many things marketed and available to us in modern society.  

We're like babes with respect to the ways of God

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Because God allows you to do something, does not mean every thing you do is considered to be right. God will not violate or hamper your will. He created us to have a free will. God will not force anything upon anyone.  He allows us to make our own choices. How cool is that? But those choices have consequences. For example. God could have dictated it be mandatory for all the Hebrew people led out of Egypt to worship Him only and none other. And anyone worshiping any other God, image, or idol be struck to death right on the spot. What happened was God allowed those who worshiped the golden calf  to continue living out their normal lifespans and they continued to be provided food and necessities, but the consequence to their disobedience was God did not allow them to see the Promised Land. All but two (Joshua and Caleb) died in the desert. In other words, only two people remained faithful and obedient to God got to live to enter the Promised Land.  So, might this mean God allows you to continue choosing to live a lifestyle contrary to His Word. And because you aren't seeing Him stopping you, you think it's alright to continue doing whatever you choose with disregard to His Word.. However, God has final say in who is allowed into the Promised Land, and that promised land for us is heaven.  So, you might think you're in the clear with the consent of man's laws honoring certain lifestyles. But mankind is sinful. God is Holy. God ever so kindly wants you to willingly lead a life pleasing to Him. He actually desires his children to have an enjoyable and joyous life and wants to protect his children from all danger. How cool is that? If you are reading this, this could be considered a gentle hint for you to check your lifestyle choices and the things you've chosen above God in your life. Maybe it time to make some adjustments and changes. The best way to know if you're lifestyle is in line with what He's designed for you, is to read and study the Holy Word, pray for godly wisdom, and prayerfully ask your sins be forgiven, by asking Jesus to be your personal Lord and Savior. Until you take these steps, your spirit is dead and because of your unforgiven sins, you are an enemy of God. Once you take a step of faith and become a child of God, then your spirit becomes sensitive to the things of God and you can learn to make godly choices as you grow and mature spiritually. It's a life long process, challenging, but so rewarding, and fulfilling to a child of God as you mature daily from reading, hearing, and studying His Holy Word, and being receptive of the teachings of the Holy Spirit.

No matter how old we grow physically, we'll always be babes to God. He is our Heavenly Father and we are His children.  

Scripture references-Chapter of Exodus,
                                  and  Luke 23:34


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