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Illusions and deceptions

Earlier this year I went to see a show held at a school auditorium. It was an illusion show. The illusionists were an entertaining, attractive young couple, a man and woman and their stage crew. The entire show was a top notch performance, and I admit I was stumped and mystified most of their entire act.  Since David Copperfield and his famous staged illusions, like making an elephant suddenly appear on stage, the term "illusion" really is a fitting term for how these entertainers mystify their spellbound audiences. Let me tell you, I was sitting pretty close to the stage and watched their every move without blinking, hoping to see a little fault of the hand to witness how the illusion was done.

When you're happy, that helps the illusion continue
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Torn newspaper illusion
 For instance, I watched the illusionist on stage tear the local newspaper into pieces, then he balled all the torn newspaper pieces in his hands.  He's on stage, wearing a t-shirt, standing in full view, with nothing around him.  Then he opens his hand, and unfolds the ball of newspaper and it's back to it's original condition. How?  It was an illusion. The hand can fool the eye. He's perfected his craft, and that's why the show was so entertaining. You know I got on the Internet and searched how to do that paper tearing illusion. I practiced and gave my own one-woman amateur show to some friends using a regular sheet of paper. It was fun to do, but I couldn't do it as well as a professional. Maybe with a dozen or so years of practice, I could perform that illusion and make someone wonder how did I do that.  But it's an illusion, and when done with precision, it looks real!

The master deceptor will gain the appeal of the masses
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If the right person could be so good convincing an audience, he could take it further and easily fool the masses. He could fool the world. He could have people eating out of his hand and believing everything he says and does. He could have people wanting and eagerly following his every suggestion. He could have people mesmerized with his craftiness. He could have people on the way to hell and they wouldn't even have an idea they were headed there because he's just that good. He has great communication skills, charisma, and power to give people the things they want so they will feel happy. But in reality he's an illusionist who's ultimate goal is to deceive. So in receiving things provided by this illusionist, in the end there will unfortunately be a dear, dear price to pay.

This all made me think that's what Satan, the fallen angel, is up to. He's the very best of the best at giving the illusion there's nothing wrong with taking what he's offering. Satan is offering the things that please and gratify the eye and the flesh right now, and feed your pride.  But he's failing to inform about his long term goal. His hidden agenda is to get your eyes off Jesus by any means possible. This very thing has been written in the Bible, and all should take note. Choosing against the things of God comes with some serious, adverse consequences.  The Bible tells you of these warnings to protect you from being hurt. God is Love and His Word is Truth. God desires you to seek Him, to know Him and praise Him for who He is, but He will not force you out of fear or trick you to honor Him. He wants you to do it willingly. Satan, however is about lying and deception to get you to praise him and give him attention instead of to God. He plays on your desires. The worse part is whatever he gives will never last and the price for it is hellish to pay. Satan's destiny is hell and the lake of fire. But before he's there he wants you to worship him and not God.  He's not giving that piece of information. He knows that if he gives you want you want, you'll be happy and therefore you won't see further than that.  He's pulling the wool over your eyes. And if you wear his mark, there's no way you'll get to heaven.  Satan wants to steal your praise and attention from God and Jesus- in other words, he wants you to suffer with him in hell.  Don't believe the devil's deception's.  Don't be in the crowd believing his illusions and deceptions. 
The Bible gives warnings
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Satan will 'burn' you
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Satan comes like a lion seeking to destroy
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Fire and brimstone
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The illusionist show I saw was entertaining. But the master illusionist is not about entertaining- he uses real things in order to get you hooked and turned away from the things of God.  If you're not aware of this, you wouldn't even know he was doing this. That's why he's the master of deception. In the Bible are many stories written about what happened when people turned from God, then when they came upon trouble, they cried out to God to deliver them. (the Hebrew people, David, Samson, just a few). The good news is God has provided all people a way to be saved from a dreadful and horrible ending. God desires all to be saved through His Son, Jesus, who defeated Satan and covered sin once and for all. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No illusion of his crucifixion, nor of his resurrection, nor of the wounds he bore for us. Through Him alone, by faith be saved and never die a spiritual death. This is extended to every man and woman alike.  See my previous blog posting if you desire to know how to receive Jesus by faith as your Lord and Savior. What God offers is always good and lasting.

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Sadly, many people think the things of God are foolishness, therefore they will not heed  warnings.  (1Corinthians 2:14)    Many prophets of the past foretold what was to come in the future. Wake up!  Those things are happening every day.  Right now, 1 out of 8 verses in the Bible deals with the times we're living in right now and what's going to happen in the future. The Bible can be trusted as God's Holy Word without a doubt.
Read what happened to this his man who called himself the "biggest skeptic in the world".  He set out on a mission to discredit the Bible. 

A friend took me to see the Cross Garden about ten years ago near Prattville, Alabama. The man who put up all these crosses was very adamant about warning everyone that it's not too late to get yourself in right standing with God. He was a missionary in the community he lived. The only time it's too late is after you've died a physical death, which is the first death.  If you've not accepted Jesus, who is the only perfect sacrifice God recognizes for payment of man's sins, then essentially the devil's got 'cha and final destination is the Lake of Fire, which is where your spirit will experience the second death, the worse kind of death possible.

This is a serious enough subject to communicate.  Your destiny is actually up to you.  God has already provided everything to lead and show you, but your will He will not violate. He will not force or deceive anyone. Satan even uses that in his deception plotting. Up front he makes everything look mighty attractive and tempting, with his promises and pleasing up front demeanor.  Many are and will continue to believe his illusions and deceptions rather than choose the way of true living God?  Remember the illusionist and so convincingly believable at making himself and things appear fantastic, so many would rather choose what he offers and turn from God. But only the true God loves you and knows what's ultimately best for you. Satan is not about love. The Bible tells you what Satan is all about, how he will carry off his plan, and why he's doing it.  Born again Christians,  are saved from an eternity separated from God, redeemed by the saving grace of Jesus, our Savior and Lord to a heavenly destination called home.  See these six steps to take right now to receive forgiveness of your sins and be saved from an eternity with Satan and his demons where your spirit will be tortured over and over without any hope of being rescued. Beyond horrible!

Yesterday I worked in the yard and forgot to apply sun protection on my face, so I figured it's a good time to make up a new facial mixture with pear and buttermilk.  So I did and included one drop of myrrh essential oil. Let me tell you I really like the myrrh in this facial- the aroma is so relaxing. I had to squeeze out as much juice as possible from mashing half a pear so this mixture wouldn't be too watery and drip right off my face. I applied this mixture to my face like a mask and enjoyed the aroma while making breakfast.  I'm going to add some aloe vera and yogurt to it for my next application, as you can see I made plenty.  I keep it in the refrigerator and the essential oils help keep it fresh for about a week.  Here it is below before blending in the myrrh oil.

My buttermilk, pear, and myrrh essential oil homemade facial

Humbly and graciously I keep my face before the Lord. Oh, by the way, my friends told me don't quit my regular job.

And lastly, I'll leave you with this video with a special message---

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