Saturday, October 23, 2010

A garden surprise

It's very pleasant weather today so I went out to water plants I've neglected for weeks.
Something caught my eye as I was walking past the overgrown garden plot. There it was, a full sized watermelon! I couldn't believe it. A watermelon three times larger than the watermelons I was tending months ago. All had rotted underneath or the ants got into them, so I'd long given up the notion that I'd enjoy a homegrown watermelon this year.
This surprise melon was a nice sized, and to have grown to it's dimension on very little rain, well, I was in awe. We've not had much rain and it surely hadn't gotten an ounce of attention from me! 
This garden surprise was perfect and prime with it's only sustenance being good sunshine, enough rain, nutrients from the soil and the touch of God.
I brought out a measuring stick and took these photo before cuting the vine and gathering up my hefty garden delight and carryng it inside to show-and-tell to Mom. She had no idea it had been growing in the garden plot either. The weeds had concealed it until today.

Hidden watermelon

God has surprises like this every day. God's order of nature and the changing of seasons, is perfectly beautifully orchestrated by his hand. But even more so is the care God has for me and you.
I am grateful of the surprises waiting to be discovered just like this today. 
A watermelon in October out of a garden full of weeds was a mighty delightful surprise to me. 
This melon's gettin' chilled tonight for some enjoying tomorrow, compliments of my good God.

This made me think about God's vastness-He has no limitations, no boundaries, no restrictions or restraints- in other words God in not hindered by anything. When God is involved in the mix, the unexpected is guaranteed.  He is way above logic and the mundane.
I'm reminded of one story in the Old Testament of a widowed woman in debt and about to starve.
The prophet Elisha was sent to her, she obeyed him and a miracle happened, the last bit of oil kept flowing and she could sell it and pay her debts and live off the profits- that was a miracle.
My watermelon is my little miracle from God today. 
God knows how much I like watermelon, and yesterday at the grocery store I didn't see not the first one. God gave me this one personally.
Thank you God for seeing not only to my needs but also to give me this garden surprise to enjoy.

What is your miracle from God today?

Scripture reference- 2Kings 4:1-7

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Until next time, keep looking toward the Son!

Update Nov. 16, 2010  I had noticed this watermelon growing when I discovered the big watermelon last month. This one  is much smaller and shaped like a gorde. The vine looked like it was dying so cut it today and took this photo with one of my dogs nearby to show the size of this melon. However, the meat wasn't totally ripe, so my piggies got to finish it off. But it sure was fun having watermelon this late in the year.

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