Friday, October 1, 2010

Gratitude is the attitude

Well, I was thinking about gratitude this morning. One day things can be going so well, and I'm so grateful with the feeling of gratitude that day. Then other days things don't go as I'd like, and I'm not having that feeling of gratitude.  Then I had this thought. What if I had the attitude of gratitude no matter what?  If I had that attitude, then my perspective would be different and therefore I would see things positively and I wouldn't have any 'bad' days. Just because the day isn't going my way doesn't mean it's a 'bad day'.  I just need to change my perspective and be constant in my thinking. Keep the attitude of gratitude. Now I think that's mature thinking. Of course it will take practice, but I think I can put forth the effort.
I even came across a site about gratitude that I thought was pretty cool for a  journey that will change your life in a most positive way. Yes, an attitude of gratitude is key to many wonderful things in life. Some time ago I heard that having this attitude positively affects your mind, your health, your thoughts, and spills over into how others treat you. I believe this and need to put it to practice more. I think gratitude is closely related to love.

There's even an essential oil blend that's called Gratitude. If gratitude had an aroma, this is it. Check it out under Links to 'Young Living Essential Oils and Health Products' on my website home page.

I compare gratitude with a surprise vase of beautiful flowers. Everyday is a surprise and you have to wait and see what happens. The surprise is different each day, but overall it's still good. When I or anyone places God in control of their life, it's beautiful and bright.
An attitude of gratitude in all things is a gift like these beautiful flowers
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Keeping my face toward the Son.  Until next time, peace and love always.
And remember, unconditional love never fails.

See about me on my website and let me know how you're having more gratitude in your daily life in the comments here.

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