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Precious, precious oils

In 1996, I was introduced to the world of essential oils and began learning about their healing properties. Not just pure, cheap-quality essential oils, but certified, therapeutic-grade essential oils. (ISO and AFNOR standards) Quality is important to receive the best benefits of essential oils. If the oils are adulterated in any way with fillers, or sub-standard practices in growing, harvesting, or the distilling of the plants, the quality of the essential oil will be quite evident as seen in the sub-standard results you'll receive. Wanting the best results for my patients and myself,  I wanted to use the best quality oils I could obtain. (I was practicing chiropractic and therapeutic massage),

from plants come natural compounds 
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Essential oils are natural, complex compounds extracted from plants. These compounds are the life of the plant, like blood is the life of humans and animals, carrying vital nourishment to every cell, including nutrients for growth, protection and reproduction.

Children can surely be expressive
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I want to share one true story how wonderfully effective essential oils have affected a family- changing their lives for the better without pricey drugs or negative side-effects. One young member of this family is affected by ADHD. It's estimated 5% of boys and 2% of girls at school age are affected.  

Click here - for the story how the use of essential oils has been a God-send in calming ADHD. This blog is written by a mother about her son, Jeddy, diagnosed with ADHD. She's created an essential oil blend to help calm Jeddy, and it works. Read the testimonies from other parents who've used the blend of essential oils, called Jeddy's Blend, and view the short videos. (I like the cute little dinosaur in the background). Children seem to like what Jeddy's Blend does for them.  That alone speaks volumes.

No pharmaceutic drugs (other than maybe a strong sedative or anesthesia) works as fast as essential oils without negative side-effects. Just apply Jeddy's Blend as directed.
I like breathing essential oil aromas.
(The use and application of essential oils for receiving benefits to the mind, body and spirit, is called aromatherapy).

Natural essential oils, in their purest, unaltered form, in my opinion ranks up there on the list included as some of God's greatest gifts for us to use as needed on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
I've utilized and have studied essential oils for years and have an entire bookshelf of books on the subject. I diffuse essential oils in my home to breathe the therapeutic aromas to support my health, or to help my mind focus and concentration when I'm writing or studying. I've used essential oils on my toenails to kill nail fungus, on my skin to ease insect bites and about the house to disinfect. Even my pets have received benefits. I've applied essential oils to keep flying pests away, and on a wound to protect it from infection and aid in healing, and even when a pet has a drippy nose, they get the oils and they seem to know it's good for them.

Now this is neat. Essential oils are composed of natural chemicals which viruses and bacteria can't form immunity against. One essential oil can be composed of dozens to hundreds of chemical compounds that slightly changes from harvest to harvest, depending upon the climate, and soil conditions, etc, thus tricking bacteria and viruses so there's no way they can for a resistance against. It's like changing the password to your email account from time to time making it nearly impossible to be hacked. This is the very reason why antibiotics are becoming less and less effective against bacteria- over time bacteria have cleverly been changing and strengthening their code of armor to build up their resistance to antibiotics.  But nature's 'chemical code' is slightly changed so bacteria can't form resistance against essential oils. Essential oils win every time. So very clever of our creator to devise his 'natural' pharmacy with a built- in 'fail safe'.

 There are hundreds of chemical constituents which form one essential oil). It's a 'God-only' perfect design original. Essential oils carry the fingerprint of our creative, wonderful creator all over them.  Sorry, but I seriously doubt the Big Bang theory can account for such a marvelous design as essential oils. 
There had to be something to make a big bang. A sound doesn't happen unto itself or from thin air or no air. Is there sound in outer space? Something had to be in order for a 'bang' to 'bang.' Can intelligent life, even a single cell, come from a bang?
 Or, perhaps God could've spoken with a galaxy-shaking shout, sending reverberations throughout the orbits, "Let there be Light!" and bang! all of a sudden, light came into existence. Okay enough of that and back to essential oils.

Essential oils to me are the best of all natural products to use because they can positively affect on all planes- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  I know of no other single substance which can claim to do as much.

A note of caution......

Use essential oils according to recommended usage practices, especially on the young, elderly and sick.
Keep away from eyes and mucus membranes and do not ingest unless you really know what you're doing.
If in doubt, don't.
 If there's any sensitivity or burning on the skin, cover or coat the area with vegetable oil from your kitchen. Do NOT use water to soothe or ease essential oils on the skin. If the burning sensation persists, call 911 or get to urgent care facility right away.
Essential oils are very potent and very concentrated. Do not play around with them.
To be appreciated like any other substance, essential oils need to be used correctly or not at all. They can be harmful if utilized improperly.

In conclusion.....

I stand and applaud Jeddy's mother and wish all parents consider using this oil blend to see if their child diagnosed with ADHD might be helped as well. It can't hurt if one uses the oils in the correct and proper manner advised.

(I've been thinking for some years that essential oils with a calming affect {lavender} be diffused in buildings housing prisoners, or, any building where you'd want people to be 'calm'.)

 Essential oils have been proven effective. I'm proud to have been introduced and witnessing the positive effects of these oils when used. They've enhanced my life and been just the thing I've needed when nothing else would do. Thank you Lord!

Until next time,  I'm in constant awe of His wonderful surprises on my amazing journey along the straight, narrow path.

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