Sunday, June 9, 2013

Promises, expect good ones from God, and lots of 'em

You may be wondering and thinking, "What's promised to me? What good can I expect from God?"
 Let me tell you, you can expect a lot of promises which are all good. And I mean good in terms of lasting worthiness for right now and on into eternity. God's promises are like a loving, caring Father being good and loving to his beloved children.

God keeps his promises- He's good for them ALL,  like the rainbow

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God tells you point blank, without question just what you get when you trust Him. And if you think it's a small list, be prepared to be surprised.

No other god can promise these things to you. No way. So why would anyone bother with other gods when they can be assured of the good things promised by the heavenly, holy, Father?

So if you want to be the recipient of the mighty-fine promises, which are each and collectively very worthy of being promised to have, take heed....the only thing required of you is a little trust and faith in God's free gift to you. Believe it and you can receive them all.

God can't lie. It's not within or of his nature to lie. He's not into lying to you. There's no sin or unrighteous within Him. He is sovereign and holy.  His Word is true and can be trusted. Unlike man,  God swears of himself because there is nothing higher, or more sure than himself to swear by. In other words, God's promises can surely be believed.

So, don't be left out. It's a matter of taking a small leap, actually a small step of faith, and go from there. The hard work has already been successfully completed. And when you make your choice toward God, the Holy Spirit will be doing his miraculous work on the inside of you within your heart.

All you have to do is invite Jesus into your heart. Your act of faith on believing Jesus to be the Son of God, who willingly came down from heaven to be born of a virgin female so he could be like us, flesh and bone, live without sin, then fulfill his ultimate goal and purpose to die. His being sacrificed on a cross made him the sacrificial lamb of mankind. He finished it and his death satisfied God. He was raised from the dead and seen by hundreds while he ate and drank with them. He conquered the power of death which sin brought onto mankind. We can be saved from spiritual death. Jesus ascended back up to heaven and is interceding for us to the Father until his return for his children, those who've invited Jesus into their hearts and lives. 

Jesus, part of the Godhead, made him qualified as a pure, blemish-less sacrifice to acceptably be received of God as a sacrifice. His blood was unstained by sin. Jesus was human, to be the sacrifice for Mankind. Animals without blemish were given by a family or person to the Levite priests for the temporary atonement for ones sins. Jesus did away with all that.
Your sins and my sins have been paid for by Jesus once and for all.

Believing in the person of Jesus, and the fact that you can't pay the penalty for your sins yourself because you are not perfect,  but Jesus is. So, by placing your trust and faith in Jesus and by faith accepting him as your Savior ,and inviting him into your heart, as an act of love for what he's done for you, you are spiritually made an heir to the promises of God. You spirit is no longer dead, but alive. Your redemption is complete and God, the Father sees you as his child and He has some very good things for his children. You are not longer under judgement because your sins have been forgiven, thanks to Jesus. Judgement Day is no longer in your future.

God is a good, loving, caring, wonderful, heavenly Father.

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Rich in faith- James 2:5

You can expect ALL things to work together for good to those who love him-Romans 8:28

And read these 10 promises from God has wonderful plans for you, he'll be supplying your needs,  he has peace, saftety, and gives assurance of your salvation from spiritual death, and more..

Until next time....

I'm further along on my wonderful journey on that straight and narrow path continually discovering how good my God is.  

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