Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Family member 'killers' need love

We're supposed to be safe amongst family members. That isn't always so.
Lately, killings we might hear about happening during a burglary, robbery or
some gang activity aren't the only stories making the headlines in the news.  
When the news is about a family member killing another family member, most of us, or me at
least, find this to be horrendous. Unthinkable and unimaginable come to mind when I hear the news story reporting the killer is a child.
Are kid-killings on the increase? I sure hope not. This isn't exactly the first time a child has killed
another family member. The very first murder mentioned in the Bible was committed by a sibling.
Abel died at the hand of Cain, his brother.

Here are news stories of recent killings by family members.

Killing by the hand of a child

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How does one manage to move on with life after this sort of tragedy has affected your family?
 It's bad enough when a stranger invades your home and takes a life. But how does one manage
when child purposely takes the life of other family members?
I can only imagine the grieving after such a tragedy lasts for a long, long time for the lives
cut short, and for the life, forever changed for the child who chose to kill.

It wasn't told to us in the fourth chapter of the Book of Genesis, how Adam and Eve reacted
after Cain killed his brother. But we can gather reasoning why Cain chose to kill.  I like this 
persons explanation.
 Then, Cain was banished to wander as an outcast as part of his punishment. And he wore the
mark so he would be recognized and left alone.
So, Adam and Eve lost two sons. It must have hurt them on a level similar to when they were banished from the Garden of Eden, symbolic of 'spiritual death' from their disobedience to
God concerning their partaking of the fruit of one
certain tree. They had freedom to all the other trees, but they chose to disobey and the resultant consequences followed.

Links to articles on the subject of child killers-
Why kids kill their parents.
What makes a child kill.
Case studies into what motivates a child to kill.

Children learn by modeling what they see. If they see violence, then they learn violence.
Have adults been modeling and teaching children violence as the manner in which to express
anger and frustration?
If children aren't taught healthy coping skills, they'd be less prone to resort to harming those
whom they can vent their disappointments on whenever they don't get their way. 

It's my belief that the following have some involvement in why children choose to kill:
  They're void of 'Love' within their hearts,
  They're emotionally disconnected from people.
  They hadn't been shown how to properly react to their feelings of anger.
 They've been abandoned to 'grow up' in a 'digitally, emotionally-void world,
 and, the spirit of 'self entitlement' in full bloom within their soul.

The spirit of 'love for one another' is slowly being snuffed out and replaced with a spirit of 'worshiping self'. In other words 'self' is above all else, self is #1.

I've read that child killers believe they're 'justified' in killing their siblings or parents.
To them killing was the better choice. And, they show no remorse, or guilty conscious about
what they did. That's heartlessness.

What's becoming of our children?
Are hearts turning hideously darken earlier and earlier?

This problem doesn't have to get any worse. Love can overcome and prevail. Without Christ, the heart has 'unbridled potential' to do 'evil' and not even be aware of any 'wrong-doing'.

A 'new heart', one with potential for going the things of Christ can be found in Jesus, our Redeemer and Savior. The Holy Spirit can do a miraculous surgical procedure on the heart in an instant. I can testify about that.

Bottom line- All hearts need Christ to heal from within, and to gain internal strength for supporting and loving those who will live with the aftermath of the gruesome actions they committed upon
those who were their family.

 Love covers a multitude of sins. 

I pray for the return of 'innocence' in children and like a child, they somehow come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Love is the greatest, and so many are existing without  'agape love' in their lives.

(I'm not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a relationship professional. My opinions are based upon
my observations and my knowledge of what sin is capable of acting out if sin is allowed
to take control and reign without any conscious of wrong doing).                                                                                  

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