Thursday, July 4, 2013

There will be struggles...testimonies are awesome.

Celebrities giving their testimonies how at the end of their strength and hope came about asking Christ into their lives. Their lives changed. Freed. Unshackled. Click the link, listen to their testimonies and be awestruck like I was and nodding my head of the unlimited love God extends to anyone to win the battle over any struggle in this life.

Celebrities deal with personal struggles like the rest of us

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Celebrities are known widely of their craft or talent by many normal people by way of media or marketing.  These classified beautiful, mega-talented people can entertain us with their acting, instrument playing, magic trick performances, riding a surf, hitting, kicking or throwing a ball, writing, performing perfect acrobats on a narrow balance beam, or just about anything that can be done above the general abilities of the average person.

But they are not immune to the struggles of life. Beauty, talent and riches don't give them a
 free-pass from the demons visiting them.

Celebrities might have it worse than when they have a struggle or are faced with a life changing event,  cause their lives are more transparent than ours. They don't have privacy and what they do is plastered all over the media for the world to see. Plus they have stress to stay on top of their game or never age, and to keep producing in order to afford the lifestyle of the rich and famous. It had got to have lots of stresses. But with the cameras flashing and fans screaming and money and all that's associated with being a celebrity, I'm sure it's easy to acquire a sense of power and importance and self sufficiency. And once that happens, more is wanted in order to keep the image of success before the public. 

But people are all born the same. Strip away the stuff and celebrities struggle with the same things
all people struggle with. Flesh is flesh.  However, perhaps celebrities meet struggle to a higher
degree because they can easily afford the things they desire. Their prison can have thicker walls.
  This list of celebrities didn't win with substance abuse.  Each had successful careers with undoubtedly continued success in their futures had they lived. But they couldn't break free from
the internal struggles which kept them unable to break from drugs and alcohol.

God can take you just as you are. All you have to do is reach out and ask for help and receive it.
So scroll through the many videos till you see a familiar face or name and listen to them tell their story.

Remember, God loves you regardless of your star quality and is patiently waiting for you to call
upon Him. He's willing and able to change your life, turn your struggles around and fill the void you're longing to have filled which only He can fill. The first step is admitting your inadequate to
face your demons without help.  Ask. Believe, Receive. And the journey begins on a different road.
The road isn't easy, but don't give in to the lie that it's impossible. God is a big and mighty God if
you hook up with Him, your constant helper, the Holy Spirit, will be at your disposal 24/7.

If you want it, God's willing to give you the help to change your life around for the better. There are bright days in the forecast if you will reach out.

And speaking of a celebrity, it's my belief  Miss Lindsay Lohan's life could change for the better,
or at least be out of the tabloid headlines  and courts because of her drug and or alcohol abuse.
I wonder if she's content being in and out of the courts and substance treatment centers?

I'd like to see and hear her testimony of her life change when it happens.

On the straight and narrow road, and enjoying the journey with my Guide leading the way.

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