Saturday, July 20, 2013

A brand new life

I keep returning to this video to see these recently freed three young ladies.

They look and sound positive, bright and eagerly looking forward to their futures.

Smiles on faces celebrating new life

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Their expressions of thankfulness come across as genuine.

 The fact they even wanted to speak out sends a very positive message and gives insight of their recovering from their long ordeal. I'm sure they're supporting and leaning on each other as they're emotionally distancing themselves from the sexual abuse and 'living hell' they escaped.

These young ladies bless me more every time I see their beautiful smiles.  After all they've been through, listen to their positive words.

People are donating to help these young ladies get a good start on their liberated lives.
 The Cleveland Courage Fund  set up for Amanda, Gina and Michelle, is growing and I imagine will continue to grow in the coming months up and through the trial for the man accused of holding them prisoners and abusing them in his home for over a decade.

I've calculated so far $94 is the average donation to their trust fund.

This gentleman took to the road to raise awareness about sexual abuse.

It's very pleasing to know these three young ladies are strong of character. Their families have got to be so thankful as well.  Michelle was very good in expressing she places her hope in God to be the final judge. She's correct about that. And, she knows she endured to utilize her experience to help others.

What the Bible says about abuse.

These courageous souls finally are having their mornings of freedom with nothing but happiness in their hearts. I'm so happy for them. Thank you Lord for seeing them though, and have mercy upon
the soul of the man responsible.  He was lead and chose to follow the 'wrong direction' and now he has to live with the consequences. I pray your will be done in his life and this situation, Lord.

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