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I'm calling this posting, 'Unfathomable' because I like the word. I did a word search while ideas were forming in my head on where I wanted to take to writing, and contemplate what is it about this word is interesting and drawing itself to me, or maybe it's me drawn to it.

The sun, the moon, the tide and seasons have order

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The following is what I find unfathomable, and actually unthinkable....

How can any intelligent-minded person think a big explosion, termed, 'The Big Bang Theory', is responsible for the creation of the universe?  Ha! I say, all of nature, and the seasons, and the tide, and the moon phases, and the precise orbit of the Earth and other planets we know of can stay and remain in order year after year?  An explosion is nothing but a combustion and the results of is anything but order.

This person giving an explanation of the Big Bang Theory adds that this theory takes into account there has to be something already in existence, energy. So that theory is shot.

I say this information is outside the realm of human knowledge and rightly so. It's a God thang!

We can each see an order to how things all around us operate. Gravity and time and life cycles all have order. A combustion does not provide any resultant order, except a predictable explosion which can't produce any life or anything that will make up life to have any order to it.   And there has to be something to combine together for a combustion to occur.

There've been humans who've combusted, but there has to be something available in order to combust.

Can order come from disorder?    and can 'disordered order' repeat with precision season after season?

Can explosion or bang produce order or life?

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Is there order in the Universe?  I like how this woman wrote yes there is even down to the intricate design in a snowflake.

The Earth revolves around the Sun remaining in it's precise orbit. If out of orbit we either freeze or burn up.

With the orbit of the planet we call Earth constantly spinning on an axis and orbiting around the Sun, how can a Big Bang coordinate and maintain that?

This is all outside of the realm of the most brilliant scientists in all the world to figure, and rightly so. It's a God thang!

My conclusion- Man needs to stop trying to think we've got intelligence that can compete with the intelligence of God. We are moral beings and we think we can know it all.  This is erroneous thinking.

God is in charge, it's His universe, His creation, and some things are just way out of our league.

God allowed Man to have some intelligence so we can help ourselves, but if He hadn't provided
every thing at our disposal to utilize for our livelihood, it wouldn't be here due if we were depending upon a Big Bang providing it. Again, it's a God thang. 

I say we should leave what's not meant for us to know alone and spend more time and energy on better things to benefit mankind,  like-

being more neighborly and getting along better with each other.
And stop the polluting the ocean.
Being more resourceful and frugal with the Earth's natural resources.
Stop destroying the Rainforest.
Make an all out effort on knowing how to better live with integrity and wisdom.
And not taking for granted all blessings come from God and being intelligent is really not trying to out do or out smart God at all. But wisdom is being in harmony with His Word in living your life.

Unfathomable is a rather interesting word, and I associate this word with thinking how can anyone think God doesn't provides all from the beginning of time.

Until next time, I've still taking that journey on the straight and narrow path headed home.

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