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A fool & his/her heart

The saying, 'always trust in your heart, it will never lead you wrong.'
I'm sorry, but to believe that saying will lead you wrong.
So, if you can't trust your heart, what can you trust? I'll answer that later in this posting.

Trust in someone you can totally rely upon and who loves you

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You must first know what condition your heart is in, in order to even think about trusting it. Out of the Book of the Word of God, which is penned by men who were inspired of the Holy Spirit, (I Timothy 3:16) there are just a few references to the heart which bring up the condition of the heart and questioning it's validity to be trusted.

Would you trust the heart of a fool?  Proverbs 22:15 reads, 'foolishness is bound in the heart of a child.' And if this child is not corrected, he/she will grow up to be an adult with foolishness in his/her heart and will then have no room or patience to know the Truth or have any time to consider the sin in their life. This foolish person will mock the things of God and continue about their foolish ways thinking that they know what's right, but unbeknownst, their ways ultimately will lead them to death. This is from Proverbs 14:9 and 12, and Ecclesiastes 9:3, and this scripture also states evil and madness is full in the hearts of the sons of men.  This says if you're not saved, you are the son of man, meaning from Adam who sinned, so your heart is sinful, but if you give your heart to the Lord, you change spiritually and become a child of God and your sins are forgiven because they will be transferred to the Lord, and it was He who died in your place, thus paying your entire sin penalty.

Spiritual death is the second and worse death imaginable and God so desires none to choose this death. (John 3: 16) Our mortal bodies will die, but the spirit will continue in life or death and the difference is in or out of the presence of God.

But the heart which seeks after God, (Romans 10:9-10) is a heart which believes unto righteousness.

But until then, the heart and mind are enemies against God. (Romans 5:10), therefore, foolish, and, therefore if you're trusting in a foolish heart I would even go as far to say you're placing your trust in that which is foolishness and not in the will of God. Remember, idolatry has it's roots internally, in the heart.

Check this- the 7th chapter of Ecclesiastes, verse 9 tells one of the characteristics of a fool is they're angered quickly and this is because anger resides in their heart.  This chapter in Ecclesiastes it's full of wisdom concerning fools and foolishness.  (It is the author's opinion that anger resides in the heart because it is not at peace with God, and until then, that anger is set to erupt quickly at the slightest thing).

content and happy at heart

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 Five things concerning a fool.

More wisdom on dealing with a fool.

What IS right and what IS wrong?  Don't be fooled or foolish or deceived. Anything under the sun can be used to lead or be used to make a person not come to the saving grace of Jesus.  Until then, if you continue to believe the lie devised by the master deceiver and father of lies, that would be foolish since that's choosing spiritual death.

A little about a fool, his/her temper  and arrogance.

The constant dilemma between your 'two' hearts.( physical vs, spiritual)

Your heart condition is up to you- be at peace or at enmity with God
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Question- How do I know if I'm at peace with God?
Answer-Read this and you will know. 

Question, would you more likely trust your heart if it's condition is enmity with God,
or, if it's condition is at peace with God?
Answer- at peace with God

Whom can you place your trust in all situations?
Answer- God.  Short sermon on trusting God. 

Whom can you trust you heart with every time?
Answer- God.  So delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. 

A foolish heart would choose to miss out of such goodness.

Question- Who would you say has more intelligent and wisdom,  God or scientists?
 Answer-  Scientists can be fools, too.

Bottom line-
 I'd say it's the most safest and wisest things to choose to trust your heart to God, the 'always faithful' One and boot that ole foolish heart and it's foolishness out the window for good.

God made your heart the most important, critical and valuable organ in which you have. You must place extreme importance and care of your heart condition- here's why.

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