Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Spoiler Alert- All in due time

The human viewpoint is mainly from the perspective of the 'hear and now', or from where we stand, on what we know about things from what we've seen or heard during our lifetime.
That's our problem.

Our perspective is actually ultra-limited and confined. Most are unaware that the 'unseen' (spiritual) is responsible and behind what our physical eyes see.

Most are blindfolded to the thing concerning the Spirit

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God, who is Divine Holy Spirit, has His plan all laid out and it's going according to the way He already, because He's omnipotent, knows how it's all going to proceed. And, thank God He is so patient about not hurrying up time any faster so more Jewish people can hear the gospel and come
to know of their Messiah).

God is not affected by the passage of time

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Have you ever read a book before seeing the movie? You have a pretty good idea of the plot and already know ahead of time how the plot and story is going to end for the characters. This also means no matter how much we know or not know, agree or disagree about the end times, our opinions can't change the plot one bit. But you can change where you end up.
His Word is our 'spoiler alert'. (read and study the Bible so you know the ending and won't be caught off guard and regret for the rest of eternity)

What we can do is make plans to be either saved or unsaved, which could mean if you're alive when Christ returns, you would either be raptured or left behind. And until Jesus returns you can either spread the good news there's still time to get saved, or you can keep the good news to yourself.  Those are your choices in the matter of these last days.

All which is transpiring in the Middle East, where God's plan using the Hebrew people began to bring about the Law, which from their history we see no one, not even the Jews can keep all the Law. The Law was meant to be a precursor of something better to come, a new Judaism, so to speak. The prophets recorded things which we can read about, and prophesied, about the coming Messiah, who was to be the One to save them. This area of the world is most likely where it's all going to crescendo and we can read about it and the history of this place and why there's so much conflict there. It's representative of the spiritual battle raging between the forces of good and evil.  All in due time.

The ground work, the players, the tension...it's all accumulating and lining up for the last stanza.
God is not caught off guard. This is His baby. This is His song. His master plan. It's been long in the works and trucking along all in due time.

It took centuries, meer nanoseconds in God-time, for all the players and the circumstances to line up so Jesus could fulfill prophesy and be born at the time and place foretold long ago.

The current world events are part of the line-up of circumstances so that Jesus can come again and take the Church out of here.

Christians have nothing to fear. We won't be here when the anti-Christ comes to power. (Click on History, then Israel, then World).

The world is getting set for the anti-Christ to come onto the scene.


There will be more and more occurrences of people choosing a sinful lifestyle of lusting after the desires of their flesh and turning their backs to anyone or anything having to do with righteousness
or righteous living. This is one of the signs we're entering into the last days.

Israel has to be a Nation. This happened in1948.
The gospel must be preached throughout the whole world.  This is happening with missionaries and mass communication just about in every country.
Knowledge and travel must increase. We have this with computers, the Internet, and air flight.

Digital instant information devices

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A "falling away." of local churches and society in general. We have this with the help of false prophets, false doctrine, even churches that deny Christ. And we're seeing the legalization of same sex marriages and hearing of sex trafficking and adults raping children, all described as perversions. Those who find reason to delight in their perversions, they do not wish to be told anything contrary. They want others to be completely tolerant, and silenced to saying anything negative about their lifestyle. They want to practice their sin freely and legally without any associated guilt or retribution.

Same-sex marriages

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And, people in general will exhibit these characteristics and attitudes.
And finally, there must be wars, rumors of wars, violence, rioting in the daytime, and anti-Semitism to the degree of wanting Israel wiped off the face of the Earth.


God's Word has told us what to look for and what to do. But first you must be converted from an enemy to a friend of God.  No matter how much you've sinned, you can receive forgiveness and atonement and have your name written in the Book of Life and be headed for your heavenly home instead of damnation.

What the Bible says about sex.

Sex was created and is a gift from God for intimacy between a husband and wife within a marriage relationship, which He also created. Sex represents the coming together of two flesh into one, for procreation, for enjoyment and for protecting the bond of marriage. When sex is practiced outside these boundaries, it represents the depravity within us.

 2Timothy 3:16-17. Key words----reproof, correction and profitable, doctrine, instruction, perfect, good works. 

(Take time to read for yourself about the promises God gave to Israel).

You've been alerted to the Spiritual viewpoint. God always keeps His promises.

The clock's a tickin', in human and spiritual time,

What are you going to be doing?

As for me, I'm on my journey, steady and sure along that narrow, straight path leading to my shining Savior. Peace.

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