Monday, December 16, 2013

The biggest argument is solved

We all have our beginnings of development within our Mother's womb. Mankind has had a fascination about what was before we came on the scene. We question that which we can't see. We search for answers. We form conclusions and think we have the answers.  Does God exist?

Jesus, the Righteous Judge, will be upon his seat for every unsaved person to face

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There have been some interesting arguments on this subject of how the world and the universe came about. Did God create it? Does He exist? Who can answer and who can answer correctly?

God tells us what's important for us to know. And that's all we really need to know. Other than that is purely guess work and imagination to satisfy our 'need-to-know and our egos.

No one can come back from eons ago, and all the scientific data is gathered from man-designed instruments. There are space stations and cameras floating about in outer-space, but they can only record the present. What happened long ago, is out of our reach and I will say we have enough to be concerned about right now in the present. Isn't it more important to be feeding the hungry and helping the hurting and needy people living right now?

I came across some interesting and informative writings on the proof that God exists.

These 6 reasons the author of this article writes can't be argued against if one has the least bit of common sense.

View this video detailing and describing 5 reasons God exists and Jesus was God in the flesh.
The last two minutes sum it up best.

If I ignored and refused to believe any of the above arguments, I'd have to conclude God exists because I'm breathing and living. Some divine force has to be at work allowing me to exist because I have nothing to do with making my lungs work or my brain function, or digest my food, or anything. My internal functions operate automatically. I am designed by a master creator.

My conclusion is we have a sovereign, loving and patient God. He could force us to love him and believe, but He decided to not violate the free will  He gave to us. It is our choice to believe or not to believe.

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear, God speaks clearly and lovingly of His presence.  Jesus came for us so we can relate to an  unseen God.

When you see Jesus, you've seen the essence of God. And He so desires to have a relationship with you. And he loves you so much that He sent His Son to die for you so your sins can be forgiven.

 The biggest lie you can believe is that God does not exist and that He sent you a way to restore rightful standing with him. That would be just what the enemy of God would have you believe.

Our only way back to good graces with the Heavenly Father in through Jesus, who gave his life so
 all who believe upon him will live. And I'm talking about spiritual life. Our flesh will cease, but our spirits will live forever.  We were created in God's everlasting, spiritual image.  Heaven is for those who have chosen to have faith that Jesus is the Son of God and by his death on the Cross, his blood and death satisfied God as payment for your sins.

Just pray to God and tell Him you know you can't pay the price for your sins against Him. You need a Savior and you trust and believe Jesus came and died for your sins and you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and thank him for giving you life and hope and a new direction. You are pasted from death to life just like that. Jesus did all the work. All you have to do is ask and believe. If you want to thank God, live for Christ. And to live for Christ, read His Holy Word and see what the Holy Spirit has for you. It's a journey that will lead to great things and best of all, the best is yet to come!!!!!

Yes, God exists!

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