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The Christ-mas story from the beginning

 I've heard that some people believe Confucius or Buddha were teaching the philosophy of peace and love and expounding words of wisdom long before Jesus. Life of Buddha compared to Jesus.

Lights, carols, gifts, & trees-just a portion in celebrating the Reason for the Season

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Allow me to shed some all revealing, bright light-of-truth on this matter.
God had long ago, prior to any men and prior to anything we know, had preparations already in the works to present His most precious gift of peace to mankind at His predetermined time. 

The Christ-mas story was in the making before God created Man.

The greatest story on Earth is the Christmas story- every thing leading up to the birth of Jesus, Emmanuel, and the greatest miracle that ever happened on Earth when a part of God became an innocent human baby boy, and who would grow as a normal male child and show and teach how we ought to live and demonstrate what God, the Father, is like and what he expects of us. His life, ministry, teachings, miracles, and his death were recorded so we can today read, study, learn and know what his mission was and why, and so we'd know why his life, death and resurrection are important to every soul in the world.

Keep Christ in Christmas and in your heart for real peace, love & joy

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The miracle of Christmas is that no matter how awful mankind sinned against a loving, holy,  sovereign God, God's plan had long been in motion through every generation until the set time with the sole purpose of redemption, providing mankind with a means upon which to be pardoned from the curse of spiritual death and be set free to enjoy life forever.
God's plan to send his Son, whom we call Jesus, to bear all penalty for all sin upon himself was God's masterful plan long before Man even was.

Jesus is God's peace-offering to us as a way to return to right and peaceful standing with our heavenly Father.

The spirit of Christmas is love, joy, peace, and giving.
This person writes about rediscovering the meaning of Christmas.
These gifts from our heavenly Father are given to us, all wrapped up in His Son, Jesus.
Jesus was presented to the world as a babe in a manger, surrounded by his Earthly parents, animals and shepherds. Jesus came to serve and save us from having to suffer the penalty of death we deserve, and through him we can enjoy the spirit of love, joy and peace forever.

Confucius and Buddha philosophised ABOUT peace, but the Prince of Peace- is Jesus, and we get peace like none other only from him.

In all the activities during the last month of the year, if you haven't already, this is the perfect time to accept 'The Gift.'
It's His gift to save your soul and redeem you back to righteous and peaceful standing with Him.
You may accept his gift at any time by opening your heart and accepting Jesus.
Jesus is THE best gift you can ever receive.

The gift of Jesus is the gift of life that never stops giving or loving
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Christmas-time is celebrating the glorious miracle of the birth of the Christ-child, the long awaited Messiah, the Savior, which took place despite insurmountable odds.

God so loved the world, even long before we would know we would need Jesus, God knew.
 It takes belief and faith to receive this 'above and beyond' gift from God because his gift is 'above and beyond' what any man could have ever envisioned.
 From beginning to end, the long-in-the-works story of Jesus' coming has fingerprints of God all through it.  It truly is a wonderful and marvelous story come true!

Christ-our Savior-is-born!

A child was born, a Son was given

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More history of Christmas and how customs came about.

Until next time,
I'm celebrating Jesus in my life- the best gift there ever was to be received!
May your Christ-mas be equally joyful and meaningful!

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