Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trilogy thinking

It's a Sunday morning and I was thinking about some differences of Christianity with respect to other religions.  I'm not a scholar by a long shot, but I think Christianity is the only religion having the Godhead trilogy. Anyway, let me type a few things my little brain was thinking about this morning putting together things I've learned.  
Jesus ascended to the heavens and will come back one day for his church
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1.) Long before man was even on the scene, God had devised a plan that would later show his creation, Man whom was going to have a brain in his cranium to think with.  God was going to make man inquisitive and have questions and scratch his head and wonder a lot about stuff and try to figure it out so he would feel smart and think he's a know-it-all.  Well, God being true to his almightiness, wanted to prove to Man that He is without limits or shortcomings of any sort. If God says it, then it's so. So God divided His Spirit Oneness into three characteristic personality qualities so that Man, having a brain in his cranium could understand a little of the greatness of God.
Ten Commandments boil down to love God and love your neighbor
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2.) The perfect plan of God was set in motion from the beginning. God knew Man would screw up and need help. This plan was so astonishing that it's still to this day unbelieved by many men and women with brain in cranium. A special baby be born to a virgin, (of course that's impossible for man but not impossible for God to pull off). The ingenious plan included part of the Godhead would be this baby in order to be the perfect human sacrifice for all mankind and ultimately be the stand in and suffer death for all of mankind's sin.  No human could've thought of such a plan in a million years. God the Father remains in heaven, but Jesus, part of the trilogy of God,  would give up His seat in heaven and be born a helpless little baby, grew into a young boy, then a man in order to truly live a sinless life, and all the while be pleasing to God. Jesus is the acceptable spotless sacrificial lamb. This perfect plan of God worked in spite of all the attempts satan tried to get Jesus to sin and not fulfill the plan, not to mention all the people satan used to get Jesus killed while a baby.  But all of satans's attempts failed, including getting on of Jesus' disciples, Judas to betray him for thirty pieces of silver.  God knew that man would have doubts about Jesus and would have a hard time believing. God can confound the smartest of men, but God is the wiser and smarter. And besides, it takes faith to believe. Faith. Just faith.

3.) So God had eye-witnesses write of their accounts of Jesus in their own individual styles of writing.  We're graced with being able to read these first hand experience in the Bible about Jesus' life, ministry, miracles, death and resurrection.  Many books in the Bible were written by Jesus' disciples as eye-witnesses with a first hand account of Jesus' life in the #1 best selling book, called the Bible, which is a collection of 66 books. Each book penned by a different author (all inspired of God) has overlapping stories, many spanning many years apart, so we, the reader can cross examine and study and see the storyline is all knit together leading up to Jesus, his life, and after he's been resurrected. Some authors wrote more than one book in the Bible.  Even Paul, formally known as Saul, who killed Christians before his life changing experience with Jesus, was immediately converted from a Christian killer to a Christian and went on to pen many of the books in the New Testament of the Bible.  One of the disciples, named Thomas, wouldn't believe that Jesus was alive after being crucified. He had to put his finger in Jesus' wounds in order to believe. Well, the resurrected Jesus appeared and Thomas got to do what he needed to do and he was made a believer right then.
Inspired writings make up the Bible- God's book of love for all Man
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4.)When Jesus ascended to heaven, the third part of the trilogy, the Holy Spirit, arrived upon the scene for us.  All of this to me means God can't be boxed in by human standards. God is awesome. But more importantly, God is love and His love is unconditional. He's proved His love by dying for us.

TO SUM IT ALL UP- God provided us with a written account that sin has to be dealt with. Before Jesus, people brought animals to priests to be sacrificed for payment of sin. Blood had to be shed and symbolized a death has to occur and blood shed to wash sin away.  Moses brought commandments to live by.  People worshiped false gods. People were told a messiah would be coming that would save them. God's chosen people were descendants of Abraham and he rescued them whenever they called upon God to save them, but they repeatedly returned to their selfish ways, got their eyes off God, and got involved with the gods of other people and lost their holy land. Today people still have their eye on other gods and idols and sin is still rampant. But the plan is still in place and until you die the first death, you can still accept the perfect plan of God and accept Jesus. Yes, it's for all and you don't need to be perfect to accept the gift.  Just believe and accept the gift into your heart.

The Word, came to us from heaven in the form of a little baby boy, birthed by a virgin in a lowly little manger. Imagine that. The King of Kings born in a manger, and given the name of Jesus. He humbled himself for us. That is so interesting and so awesome that Jesus, humbled himself and came from the heavens as a little baby. There are no words which can  express what he did except that He did that for us, to be human so he could later be the pure human lamb to pay for our sins. He is the Messiah of the world and He is the Way, the Truth and the Light. God's Word says it. Your chose where your soul will spend eternity. In the lake of fire without God for eternity is the second death. Your body will die, but you spirit will never die.

DANGER- Now satan is all about lies and since he couldn't kill Jesus, his main purpose is to get anyone to get their eyes off Jesus and onto anything else. He diverts the truth from you and gets you to stumble or to think there's something else other than the truth. But don't be deceived by this fallen angel. Don't let him get away with murder. Because if he succeeds and you don't believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that you're a sinner, and that Jesus died for your sins and you don't accept Jesus as your personal savior, then because of you disbelief in God's Word and God's plan for you to be saved from doom, then satan will be having his way with you without end in the lake of fire. It will be all doom and gloom of the worst kind without any hope of every getting out.
hell and the lake of fire not pleasant
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One additional thought- The road to hell is like a super highway.
Super highway
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But the road to heaven is like a narrow path.
Narrow path
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I made another homemade facial mixture by mashing up a quarter of a pear with a teaspoon of blueberry yogurt I had in the refrigerator, then a little buttermilk and a drop of lavender essential oil. It's thickening in the refrigerator now.  Will let you know how it turns out as a facial in my next entry.  Oh, and since it's fresh with no preservatives, after a day or so,  discard it.  I sometimes apply my homemade facials before I get on the computer, then after I log off, I rinse the facial off  and enjoy my dewy, fresh feeling skin and lock in the moisture with a light oil such as olive oil, or emu oil, or even some vitamin E oil. 
Facial mixture of pear, blueberry yogurt, buttermilk and lavender essential oil

Until next time, I'm putting my best face toward the Son.

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