Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friendship and flowers

I have a very good friend who blesses me with her friendship. There are a number of  things I find so refreshing about her.  I appreciate the most her eye for beauty, and how she so graciously lives and gives, but also her artwork called Natures Notables of pressed flower art. And, I have to mention she's equally talented and creative in her country kitchen.  My friend, Bonnie, has Southern hospitality down to a science, and you're the welcomed recipient of it the moment her door opens.  She's a gourmet cook, an author, a horticulturist, motivational speaker, and a very creative person with an upbeat attitude and a huge heart and she obviously adores her husband.  I just want to show you some of her creative handiwork using flowers she presses and displays to preserve. To have one of these pieces is truly a gift, and an honor to have.  She gets orders from near and far taking flowers of special occasions to preserve the memory of the person or occasion-which makes for a very personal and touching memento or sentiment to give or receive.  Let me introduce you to her website to view many other compositions, and view more of her meticulously crafted compositions.  My friend has mastered the time consuming technique of drying flowers, much of the process and materials is of her own design, and the completed compositions are professional looking masterpieces. The flowers are designed by God, but her finished pieces make for lovely appreciated framed art that can be proudly displayed and enjoyed.  I've told my friend that she can both cook and create so beautifully and do inside and outside her manicured home, that I bet she could give Martha Steward a run for her money.  If you could view and hold one of her compositions in person, you'd be truly amazed - I don't know how she gets them to look multi-dimensional, and so vivid, but they are.  Each one different and framed to compliment the pressed flowers.  Below are two framed pieces I took photographs of a couple days ago.
A Nature's Notables composition 

Another composition of pressed flowers 
I went on a cruise a couple years ago and was so disappointed with the cuisine on the ship. I thought to myself, 'I've tasted much better at my friend's table.' I was so let down with the cruise because I had been so looking forward to eating the much talked about cruise ship food. My friend's every day meals are so much more delightful and satisfying. I guess she's spoiled me, and everyone else who's eaten at her table. She's coming up with something new all the time in her kitchen and I'm thrilled when she asks me to sample something new because it's shear tummy and tongue delight. She's written cookbooks so you can delight those at your table. She's won awards on several occasions with her kitchen craftiness- she's so naturally creative. Oh, I'm salivating thinking of the last dish she created. And by the way, I know for a fact that I'm not about to go on another cruise. And I can't wait for her to complete and publish the first volume of her memoirs. She's read parts to me and it's memorizing.

I'm so blessed to have a friend with such wonderful talents of beauty to please the eyes and the tummy.  Thank you God. Be sure to check her website gallery.

 And my comment on my blueberry, buttermilk, pear facial was one, if not the best facial I've ever experienced. My skin was so dewy and soft for quite some time afterwards. I'm gonna  see if I can top it, but I doubt it.

Until next time, I'm keeping my best face toward the Son.

Addition on 10/31/2010- be sure and see more pressed flower compositions and creative handiwork by Bonnie

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