Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mansions and crowns for saints

I was just thinking about mansions in heaven. Right now, Jesus is preparing a place for saints in His Father's house and will be back one day to take us to our heavenly mansion. (John 14:1-3)

I've don't think I've ever stepped foot inside of a mansion. I wonder what my mansion which is being prepared by Jesus himself will look like? All I know is it's gonna be just right and perfect just for me, as all mansions in heaven are going to be. Even if it's just a room, by faith I know that room is going to be spectacular beyond imagination if Jesus has anything to do with it.

I found this site- a rather amusing take on various mansions for various saints. Christians are rewarded now and in heaven for their faithfulness and for what they have done and do for the Kingdom of God. (Revelation 3:21)


Saints, keep at the work placed before you for winning souls to be saved so they also can be heirs of the Kingdom.  There are special heavenly rewards and crowns for those who were over-comers and persevered and suffered for His name sake.   Heaven is gonna be so indescribably wonderful beyond what we could ever imagine it will be. (Mark 10:29-30; 1Cor 3:8; 1 Pet 1:6-8; Rev 22:12)

Will you be rewarded with any crowns?

Photo credit: hurley_gurlie182 from morguefile.com

Going faithfully forward on the road set before me in the direction of Jesus.

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