Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New, fresh face facial

Experimental time again in the kitchen with a new homemade facial recipe.  I took a few drops each of fresh lime juice, vitamin E oil, and  geranium essential oil, and a slice of pear. A pear can fool you, it contains a lot more water than you think. When I mush the slice of pear, the mush is very watery.  I squeeze a few drops of fresh lime juice, then vitamin E and geranium oils and mix well.  On a clean face, I paint the mixture onto my face, avoiding my eyes.  This facial is thin, but felt so fresh and silky, not to mention delicious.  After 10 minutes I gently wiped the facial off and my face. My comment on this facial is it was gentle to my skin, and very beneficial.  The remaining mixture I placing in the refrigerator to reapply the next couple days, then discard any leftovers.  I think I'm gonna call this my Citrus-E facial.
It's fun and completely natural. What could be better than that for your skin and attitude?

                                             Citrus-E facial ingredients

 I had no problem with this mixture on my face at all. No itching or stinging. But I don't have any blemishes or acne.  Make sure to keep your eyes protected as I'm sure it lemon juice wouldn't be good in the eyes.

Applying lime juice to their face helps reduce inflammation and bacteria.  But remember the Citrus-E Natural Facial was lime juice along with other natural ingredients.

Vitamin E benefits to the skin. And lastly, how geranium essential oil is good for the skin.

Our skin outer layer is slightly acidic for protection- it's called an acid mantle. So this facial supports that naturally.

Of course, I have to leave a statement that you need to use caution when using any essential oil. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns or questions at all.  Keep this away from children. Apply to a hidden area of skin to check for any adverse reactions. Okay, now check out other facials I made using a pear.

Remember, it doesn't have to be expensive to give yourself a homemade facial for your beautiful face!

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