Thursday, August 21, 2014

Contemplating all Jesus is

I've read that followers of other religions, including followers of the Islam religion consider Jesus a prophet and nothing more because they do not believe Jesus is the Son of God; nor was he crucified or resurrected; nor is there any Holy Trinity.

More interesting info on what the Quran says about Jesus and the Bible.

Question- If Jesus is only a prophet, what about these facts about Jesus?,

Jesus, Son of God came to save us from the penalty of sin

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A prophet is seen differently by people of different religions.
Mainly, a prophet is a person chosen of God to voice a direct message to his people.

Here's a list of 70 contradictions found in Al-Quran.
I'm not a scholar of the Quran, but if there are these many contradictions, could information
 written in the Quran about Jesus be erroneous?

There are over 200 names referring to the person of Jesus. It's quiet an impressive list referring to Jesus. I would conclude Jesus can be called more than just a prophet. (and one of his names is Everlasting Father which means he is God. God is limitless and He chose to be of three distinct attributes. Jesus is God incarnate so we could get a visual glimpse of God who is without form because God is Spirit, and so a part of God could be born of flesh in order to become the perfect, sinless, approved sacrificial-lamb for mankind so we can have our sins placed upon the perfect sacrifice for our sins to be forgiven by God.

God's master plan for the redemption of Man was in the making from the very beginning, long
fore Man came on the scene. That's some awesome master plan God has in the works!

And a prophet is a man or woman with a sin nature just as we all have.
Jesus came into his earthly body without a sin nature being conceived of the Holy Spirit.
I'd say Jesus is much more than a prophet. He did much more than voice a message from God.

Can you imagine that the Lord, relinquished part of his deity and became a growing fetus, dividing cells and all, within the uterus of Mary with human and holy DNA. What a miracle!
Jesus temporarily relinquished his everlasting spirit form and become one of flesh and bone and blood. He was born into the physical world by developing as a baby inside the chosen virgin named Mary, but he held onto his deity as Mary was visited by another attribute of God in the form of the Holy Spirit.

This holy, miracle impregnation proves nothing beyond the reach or is impossible to God.

Contemplate all Jesus is and all Jesus has and is doing for you right now.
This is far beyond prophet material. No mere prophet can be God and man.

No ordinary prophet was given authority to take away any one's sins. Jesus does.

We are not awaiting the return of an ordinary prophet.
Contemplate what Jesus is yet to do for those who call upon him as their Lord and Savior.
We are awaiting the return of Jesus, the Son of God.

Here are what we should be doing until his return.

And while we are waiting, if we pray according to his will, we can do great works in his name. How cool is that? And it's all because when we hook up with Jesus, through him we are empowered to do great things. Again, God gets the glory, through Jesus, not us. No ordinary prophet can do this.

May I suggest a thorough study of the Bible with the goal of searching for the truth should one wish to know who Jesus is.
And, I say 'is' because he IS alive.
He's our High Priest and our advocate in heaven and is busy mediating for us and preparing a place for us.
And at the appropriate, he will return in all his glory and the world will know without a doubt he is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

Until next time,  I'm walking on my glorious, narrow path leading to my Lord.

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