Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An amazing book with a valuabe, life-giving message

It's a book comprised of many books. And together, the continuing story, the saga, the conflicts and drama---a lead up to the long awaited Messiah coming on the scene. The Bible tells of the future of mankind and spiritual beings.   The Bible. The Holy Word of God. It tells of history so we can learn. And it tells of the future so we can be prepared.

Five reasons why this book is 'THE' book printed and read more than any other book in the world.

The Bible has a message for you. God speaks his personal message to you in his written Word. You can only know it if you read it. In His Word you will find out about him, about what people did in the past and what happened to them. It tells about people who drew near and worshiped God and about people who distanced themselves from God and worshiped idols.

God's Holy Word for you to read

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You will discover a lot about yourself in the stories in the Bible. Man and woman haven't changed that much at all in their wants and desires. God knows us all too well.

But you won't know anything unless you open the book and read it for yourself. Even reading a page a day will be to your benefit.

The Bible is a spiritual book and speaks to the spirit of man.  When you're on the same spiritual channel, it's a truly amazing book.

No other book has changed more lives than the Bible.

Has your spirit been married with the Holy Spirit so the pages of the Bible come to life for you and for a change in your life that's nothing short of miraculous.

The message is simple. Your spirit is brought to life and quickened when you choose to believe.
 Jesus walked on earth as the embodiment of God in the flesh.
He came to give life. Your spiritual life.
Your sin debt stands between you and a Holy God. Jesus is the Mediator between
God and Man.
Don't delay in accepting Jesus into your heart to be your lord and savior. It's the most important decision in all of eternity you will make.
Choose Jesus and you choose your valuable, precious spirit life.

God's message for LIFE is within the pages

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God wants you to have spiritual life. How you can have life is by the Way, the Truth and the Life, found within His Son, Jesus.   

P.S. The gift of life is free.
You can't earn it or work for it or deserve it.
It's totally free.
All you have to do is ask Jesus into your heart and it's yours because God loves you.

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