Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The clash still rages loudly

The middle East is a hot-bed of war and hate. The sentiment has trickled down from man to their sons and to young women taking their stand in the hostile actions of that land. The war has been a long one with no end in sight- only more loaded barrels, rockets and explosives aimed at each other.

Why such hostility?

The Muslims, including neighboring Arab countries and Palestinians want the Israelis out of the land.
This is the battle involving the entire world. It's a battle not only of who has the right to the land, but who's religion and who's God is supreme.

The stakes are too high for one side to give up anything. The life one loses or sacrifices are mounting daily.

Hate and hostility has sunk to deeper depths. I can't begin to understand what it must be like to live in a land where every day war rages with more killings.
Is there any possibility of peace in the Middle East?
Is there any win-win solution for these two groups of people living on this planet?
How much more killing and death? Is this solving anything?

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Now, the story of a young Palestinian woman, Wafa al-Biri, is one that touches me.
I can't imagine what her life has been to have brought her to want to be a martyr.

She's most likely suffered by seeing more death than any young person should be exposed to in the refugee camp where she lived and this affected her so deeply that the only way she saw to escape was to inflect and reciprocate the same in retaliation and end her suffering at the same time.

A very unfortunate accident started all this which caused extensive burns over her body.
She needed special medical treatments to survive the infections and she was able to receive skin grafting free of charge for her burns at a Jewish clinic.
She survived and her wounds healed, but not her emotions. And she was left with some disfigurement. This would be difficult and tragic for anyone.
In addition to her physical suffering, she must have been doubly devastated when her fiance backed out on her, and her situation brought shame to her brothers and other family members.
She must have felt her suffering was unbearable and was never going to end.

She entertained the thought of being a martyr as her only way to end her suffering.

Militants were all to eager to grant her her wish and showed her just how to make the most of her willingness to end her life and supplied her with explosives and instructions.

This young woman was willing to take the lives of those who had personally cared for her over the course of half a year in the burn clinic.

She knew the names of the people who had treated her in the clinic.
She knew they didn't have to treat and care for her.
But they did.

Watch this video of a 21 year old woman who attempted to be a suicide bomber.

I have never been burned to need skin grafting. But I do know it's a choice what a person can do with the rest of their life after severe burns.
This man chose to inspire and be a positive influence after his burn accident.

There has been fighting in the Middle East for a long time.

What the Bible says about war in the Middle East.

In war, there are no rules but to survive or die with the hope of having made a final stand.

God have mercy upon one and all.

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