Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Can God have a son?"

I'm so happy I happened upon the perfect answer to the question, "Can God have a son?"

precious feet

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There are those who object, discredit and disbelieve Jesus as deity because they get tripped up on
how can Jesus be the Son of God.

Long before the Earth and Man came into being, God know Man would stumble
into sin. With sin in the picture, this brought the need of a perfect way of removing that 'filthy' sin which would be the 'Fall of Man' and be the 'impenetrable wall' separating Man, now filthy because of sin, from a just, perfect and holy God.   (Sin and holiness do not mingle)

God did not want Sin and the 'penalty of sin' to be the finality of Man. In other words, God did and does not want our demise to be due to our disobedience, (even thought it's what we deserve for disobeying God, he loves us more than we deserve to be loved).
What a loving, merciful, heavenly Father we have.

Read the brief explanation and click to listen to the sermon.

Become enlightened with the knowledge of truth, and then you too, can answer any one's questions about how can God have a son.

Spoiler alert- God came to our rescue.

 Make sure to listen to the sermon on this.

The above link, the "Fall of Man" contains good info on the 'Tree of Life' and the 'Tree of Knowledge of Goodness and Evil'.

My journey on straight and narrow path is such a wonderful a walk, I don't want to be on any other.

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