Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happiness and joy to all. What if?

Surrounded by happy people is a place I believe every one would choose to be and stay.

Disney World makes it's reputation being a destination you're going to be happy being there. Every year people by the million pay handsomely to go to a place manufacturing emotions of happiness for each visitor entering the turnstiles to the world of wonder and delight for all ages.

Joy touches deeper than happiness
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So, what if the entire world could be a happy, happy world?

We wouldn't need to travel to any one destination to experience happiness for a day or two.  We'd have happiness day in and and day out in every place we lived or went, including hospitals, schools, offices of all sorts, every place.

Happiness would be the normal state of affairs globally for any and every person wanting or desiring to be happy.

Is this asking too much? If every one wanted and desired happiness, couldn't this be so?

Doesn't every one want to feel happy and experience a state of happiness every day for as long as you wanted?

We could all make the pursuit of happiness the in vogue pan epidemic 'bug' you'd want to get bitten by.

What if everyone had the same or very similar  definition of happiness?
We'd all be on the same page about happiness.
We'd all be striving for the same, we'd all know the next person is just like us, and we'd help each other reach the happy destination together, which would reinforce every one's daily happiness quota.

There'd be worldwide unified happiness in which we'd be surrounded by happy people everywhere.

Disney World might not like that.

But, being happy is different than being joyful.
Don't get me wrong. Happiness is a very desirable emotion and mental state.
But in my humble opinion,
being joyful is preferred over being happy.

I like how this person puts it in describing differences between joy and happiness.

And this description of the differences.

And this one.

And being that, what if we all sought after joy?

What a world this would be.

What if?

It may be an unrealistic dream to wish happiness and joy for all people in the world,
 but one person at a time is all it would take to get
the 'Joy bug' passed around to catch on.

Inner joy warms the heart, radiates outward and is lasting.
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It's joyful for me to wish this. (my heart's smiling)

How you can know God personally, the One who gives you life and wants you to 
enjoy life to the fullest, and so much more.

Until next time,
I'm treading along that small path, enjoying inner joy that surpasses
 all understanding.
 The source of my joy comes from who I know. 

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