Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snowflake wonderment

I was thinking about snowflakes, well actually snow crystals.
These tiny flakes come in beautiful shapes.
Each flake different.
Each snow crystal is different.
And to think no two are exactly the same is beyond comprehension.
Every flake is dependent upon 
temperature and humidity factors forming the shape will become.
And God. He is in sole control of the elements.

God has each flake designed into a shape and never runs out of designs.

snow crystals magnified

Photo credit: FidlerJan from

Most of the time we don't see these beautiful shapes. We just see snow.
But thanks to photography, we're able to admire the detail of these magnificent works
of art up close and really be blown away by their individual splendor.

How many snow crystals does it take to make this scene?

Photo credit: IJY from

And, I like how this author sums up the subject of snowflakes.

Thinking on that should warm your heart.

Until next time,
taking it step upon step, along that small, narrow path, leading homeward to promised splendor and glory with my Lord God and all the saints.

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