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Mass prayer for rain

After reading this article, I wonder if God was pleased with a group of leaders, representing various religious beliefs, praying in unison for rain to end the month's long drought in Nevada and surrounding area.

rain clouds

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Praying for rain brings to mind the Bible story when the prophet of God,  Elijah told King Ahab it wouldn't rain for 3 1/2 years. God was judging Israel for all the idolatry. Idolatry was rampant from the top down. King Ahab worshiped Baal, the god of the weather.

Could the drought in the Western states be God holding back the rain clouds to get more to pray to Him, and not to idols?

 God IS in control of the rain, fully and completely, as well as the wind, the climate, the tide, the moon, the is He, and He alone in control of what He created. False gods can't produce one single droplet.

All the various religious leaders together wouldn't make one bit of difference had they prayed day and night for an entire year.

This reminds me of another great Bible story, again with Elijah.  The 450 prophets of Baal prayed long and hard to Baal, their god,  but nothing happened. When Elijah prayed, God answered. This showed there was then and to this day now and forevermore only one, true God.
Praying to false gods is futile. There is only one, true God.

Rain will fall when God is ready and sees fit to send rain upon Nevada.

parched without rain

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This author suggests to those critically needing rain to fall upon their land, consider pondering
 if you may be delaying the release of rain with prayers to false gods and idol worship.

We're really all at the mercy of God every second of the day for all our needs, wants and desires. At any moment any of us could befall a number of situations of loss or of lack.

We've become very spoiled and comfortable in general with our possessions, lifestyles and freedoms we've been given and granted. All those things have a source, and, at any moment we could be in an earthquake, sudden high winds, a tornado, an electrical fire could break out in our home, the Earth open up and swallow your home, or auto or you, an insect or locust infestation wipe out an entire crop or widespread vegetation, or a blood clot suddenly lodge in our brain.
No one knows what the next moment might bring, know but we can know that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has proven over and over the truth of the matter that He is God and He can withhold rain or whatever He wishes to withhold or release as He wishes according to his perfect will.

When you want your prayers answered like Elijah had his prayers answered, doing what pleases God is a good way to get Him to answer and rather quickly, and in this matter of drought in Nevada, I would think answered prayers to God to shower down some liquid sunshine quickly would be most appreciated and welcomed.

 If you don't have a clue what's you can do that's pleasing to God, take some time to read to get some clues in the Book. In order to receive your clues, you must have an open heart to receive a personal clues and message. In order to receive your message, your must first invite His precious gift into your heart. You will instantly receive supernatural faith to trust in the things you can't see with your human eyes, or touch with your hands, or reason through with human logic.
It starts with a change of heart and acknowledging you're helpless within your own efforts to please God. You take the first step of opening and trusting your heart to him and He will gladly give you all you need to please Him. You just have to ask and be willing to trust in Him, That's the biggest way to please Him and He gives you what you need to do that if you ask.

Here are steps to take which will make God pleased and give you a new heart..

Here are some additional Bible verse about rain which shed light on the dire situation for rain in Nevada. 

Jeremiah 5:24 

They do not say in their hearts, ‘Let us fear the Lord our God, who gives the rain in its season, the autumn rain and the spring rain, and keeps for us the weeks appointed for the harvest.’

Jeremiah 14:22 

Are there any among the false gods of the nations that can bring rain? Or can the heavens give showers? Are you not he, O Lord our God? We set our hope on you, for you do all these things.

1 Kings 8:35 

“When heaven is shut up and there is no rain because they have sinned against you, if they pray toward this place and acknowledge your name and turn from their sin, when you afflict them,

Matthew 5:45 

So that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

Zechariah 10:1 

Ask rain from the Lord in the season of the spring rain, from the Lord who makes the storm clouds, and he will give them showers of rain, to everyone the vegetation in the field.

Zechariah 14:17 

And if any of the families of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, there will be no rain on them.

Final questions-If rain should fall from the sky in this area in much need of moisture..would the idol gods or the God of Abraham and Isaac receive the glory?

I believe God will not share glory with false gods. Why should the glory be shared?
 False gods can do nothing?
They did not create anything but people worship and pray to them. 
So perhaps when the people get truly desperate and finally come to the conclusion false gods can't come through, they will have to turn to the true God.
But until then, parched and dry conditions shall continue paralleling the people's allegiance and faith in which God they serve and worship.

Are your prayers going to a dead, lifeless, dry god or The God who makes and releases necessary water upon all living things?

Until next time, keep on the straight and narrow path. 

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