Monday, December 20, 2010

A new version of 12 Days of Christmas

In church yesterday the kids sang a new version of the familiar song, 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'. This version is more to my liking, for the lyrics are about gifts available to those with Jesus in their hearts.  I'd give credit to the author, but I don't know who that might be.  This new version is sung exactly like the older version, only the lyrics are changed.

     On the (first - twelfth ) day of Christmas Jesus gave to me,

1.  And salvation full and free  ( sing 'full' like it has two syllables)
2.  Everlasting life
3.  Peace in my heart
4.  Love for all man                (sing 'love' like it has two syllables)
5.  Joy for my soul                 ("joy"- hold it out like you hold out "five")
6.  Power from on high
7.  A body glorified
8.  A robe and a crown
9.  Mansions up above
10.A street of pure gold
11.A 1000 tongues to sing
12. Eternity to praise

Enjoy singing it. Share it.

Sing a new song this Christmas
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Thank you to young ones for singing this song so well,  and Anna and Chastity for your accompaniment.

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