Friday, December 17, 2010

There is no comparison

 Next week is Christmas Day. Yesterday, a nice gentlemen greeted my Mom and I by saying, "Merry CHRIST-mas". I thought that was a perfect way to put emphasis on 'The Reason for the Season'.  Yes, Christmas is all about Christ.  It's all about the  greatest event in history, which still has a profound effect upon every life that's ever breathed.  It's history, it's historical, and there's no question about it- the birth of Christ in Bethlehem was God's greatest gift to us. Jesus actually lived and walked on Earth. He humbled himself from heaven, to be born to a woman, a virgin, a supernatural pregnancy so He would be born of flesh, like us, and then die for all mankind. He is deity, 'The one perfect sacrificial lamb', holy, and there is no comparison to Him.

Our Lord and King- humbly born in a manger
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So, of course I had to Google and see what I could find on comparisons, and what I found is interesting- there's a link below for you to 'click' on.  I'm going do further research myself later,  but for now, at this CHRIST-mas time, celebrating the birth of Christ, the start of his mission of love on earth and showing us God in the flesh, and to ultimately win the victory for each of us so we don't have to ever be apart from God. He willingly bore all of our sins by dying in a horrible manner as a man, thus paying the penalty for my sins, and yours if you believe and accept him. The victory is your if only you'll exercise faith, believe and accept His gift.  I think about what Jesus did for me and it is more than I can put into words. There are no words to describe the love Jesus shown for me and for you. God himself sacrificed himself for me.  That makes no sense, but that's what a loving God did- This proves God doesn't want me to die, and that goes equally for you, too. I have tears in my eyes, I don't know why, but I do. I so want everyone to uplift Jesus and make him the central focus of all your Christmas celebrating. Take some quiet time within your heart of hearts and dwell upon the fact that God chose to send His Son to be born in a manger. A simple, unlikely place for the Son of Almighty God be born. But that's our God, who humbled himself to be born among animals and hay.  So humble and sweet he came to us as a baby. Can't get more humble than that.  Praise God! Everyone have a very blessed Christ-mas with your Savior and your loved ones.  Make sure to share the Christ-mas story with young ones, so they learn and hear what and who the Christ of Christmas is. Never allow the real reason for the season get drowned out by all the glitz, glitter, snow, shopping, tree or toys.

I'd like to hear how you're keeping Christ the real reason for celebrating Christmas Day.

 Click here to see a list of non- comparisons between Jesus and Muhammad. I will be posting later of my personal research finding on this.

Keeping my face in His warm, glow of love.

The name of Jesus is Wonderful. I see no comparison can equal His Name.
Scripture references- Psalms 148:13      His name alone is  exalted
                                  Luke 2:21              an angel gave his name
                                  Acts 4:5-12            salvation is by no other name
                                 Philippians 2:5-11   His name is above every name
                                 Revelation 19:6:16  King of Kings and Lord of Lords

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