Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reaching beyond measure

Very early this morning I looked up and gazed at the dark sky decorated by bright stars and the moon. It was beautiful. Now I've just read that scientists have under estimated the number of stars in the universe. Their new estimation is 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars are out there. I just had to type all those zeros. The way to say that number is 300 sex-trillion.

I know scientists maneuver complex sophisticated equipment and use calculus and mathematics and all that. They've re-calcuated their original scientific star count.  You know what I think? I think no matter how much they count, they will never be able to accurately determine the number of stars in the sky.  God is not to be equaled. He made the universe and His creation is too vast and far reaching for anything man can ever count or measure. God is immeasurable, and His creation is higher and wider than man can conceive or imagine. His greatness is the number of stars times infinity to the infinite power. The heavens can't be measured no matter how smart all the scientists in all the world are. Infinite. Hard to get the smartest human mind around infinite. No computer can calculate that number because the zeros would keep on going without end infinitely. Man can't even make up the name of that number, other than call it 'infinite'. Cannot ever be measured.

Only God knows the number of stars and calls them by name
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Scripture references- Genesis 1:16; Psalms 33:6 and 147:4; Rev 22:16

There's one star called the Bright and Morning Star. Click here then scroll down to #12,  and while scrolling down, see the many other names Jesus is called.

Keeping my faith and gaze toward the Bright and Morning Star.

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