Thursday, November 25, 2010

Before and after extreme make-over

The reality programs about before and after extreme make-overs are popular television shows. It's amazing what television productions and a small army of professionals can do to revamp a house in such a short time compared to remodeling a house even a decade ago. Or how surgeons change the outer shape and appearance of a person with plastic surgery and liposuction. I was thinking these things are all well and nice, but they're merely superficial, temporary changes and modifications.  With time, the house will need repairs and will slowly change from a new house to an old, outdated house.  And with time, even the body altered by surgery to be shapely and knockout gorgeous, will one day begin to sag and get aged. These are only temporary external fixes or changes. They look good for a while, but with time they both will be confronted with the what happens to everything- it ages and starts to wither, fade, weaken, tarnish, shrink, deteriorate and become out of shape. The luster dims and age sets in.     
 Being a Christian, I've got something much better and permanent to look forward to.  I don't have to settle for temporary.  God's Word tells His children not to fear, He has triumphed.  Living on this earth is the worse it's ever gonna get for Christians. There's so much better to come. And just knowing that, makes it so much easier to cope and handle all the negative and bad going on around me.  I'm certainly looking forward to what's still to come- Now that will be the greatest extreme make-over from the life we know now to the life that's awaiting in heaven. I will not be in this aging body, but will have a glorified body. What a make-over that will be!  And I will have a mansion prepared by Jesus. Imagine, my own custom-made place just for me. All the man-made extreme make-overs combined will not ever be able to touch what the Lord can do. All things will be new, the old will be gone.  And in heaven nothing will ever fade or get old or fall apart.  That will be an extreme, heavenly, before and after!  More glorious beyond my wildest imagination!  If there are trees in heaven, I think I'd like a tree house mansion, or even a tee pee mansion to be my place.   No matter what it will be, I know I will absolutely fall down on my knees in humble thanks, because it will be so perfect in every way for me. Who knows, my tee pee might be made of fabric woven with strands of got.

  I've been holding onto a catalog from this company that makes tee pees for over 15 years. I get goosebumps thinking about living in a tee pee. Don't worry, your place in heaven will be just as wonderful. But first, are you assured you're heaven-bound so you can have your perfect mansion? God's Word says there's only one way to be assured, and that's in His Son, Jesus. Now the mansion may be figurative, but still Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for those who believe. And if he's preparing it, it's got to be better than anything I can imagine. I still get goosebumps thinking about what that's gonna be. Have you asked Jesus for your heart make-over? Read this about excuses and reasons for not getting saved. When he gives you an internal make-over, it's the best ever make-over.

Tee pees (tipi's)- fine, simple living I can appreciate
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Scripture references- Acts 4: 12; 1 John 5:11; John 14:1-7; Matthew 6:19-34

My face feels warm and serene thinking of what the Lord has in store.

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