Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gratitude will get you everything

In scripture, Luke 17: 11-19, Jesus healed some lepers. This story has been one in which I've  thought, why didn't all the other lepers thank Jesus for healing them?  If I could put myself in the place of a leper back then, it must have been awful to contract the disease, and more awful in that you're separated from your home, and family.  Not only were lepers cast out of town and everyone, they had to shout 'Unclean, unclean!" in order to notify anyone approaching them perhaps on a road, to warn them to stay away. In other words, lepers were doomed-no  human contact, no hope of a cure, and probably the only company they had was other lepers in a group cast from society, until you died. It must have been a very lonely and degrading way to exist while you slowly died from the disease compounded with despair, loneliness and grief. Horrible.
But in this scripture, they must have heard that Jesus healed, so this group of lepers came and asked Jesus to heal them. Jesus said, "Be healed, go to your priest to get the clearance and okay for you to reunite into society and your family." They went and along the way discovered they were healed. They must have ran to town being so excited to not have leprosy any more. But, only one of the group, seeing he didn't have leprosy any longer, went back and thanked Jesus. Only one showed his gratitude to Jesus.

I've pondered that and am ashamed that I haven't thanked Jesus for all He's done for me. Every day. Every breath I take, every step I make, every object I can see, every thing that is me, I have Him and Him alone to thank.  I am grateful, but I want to have a great gratitude to the One who deserves my gratitude and praise. He does deserve all praise.

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Jesus didn't just heal one leper. He healed all that asked Him. The scriptures don't tell us what happened later, but I wonder if the one who took time to thank Jesus showed his gratitude the rest of this life for his healing. I wonder if he was more compassionate to others when he saw someone suffering or needing help. I wonder if he gave to the needy more and stretched out his hand, his clean hand to help someone in need.  I wonder if the others went back to their lives and never gave it a second thought they could have spent the rest of their lives with leprosy had it not been for Jesus healing them.  I wonder.

But the only thing  I can do is have deeper gratitude, because I could be on a course to hell and the Lake of Fire had it not been for Jesus redeeming me back to God. Jesus saved me from hell when His blood was shed, He died and was raised on the third day victorious over death. Because of Him, I my spirit and soul is saved and I can enter heaven, because the penalty for my sins have been in full by Jesus. I will forever have gratitude in my heart to Him. Because of Him, I have everything that's good and lasting in Him. How can I not have gratitude to Him? How about you?

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