Friday, March 11, 2011

The journey is good

Each challenge that is encountered in life to climb higher, hurdle over, pray through, cry about, stand firm in, grow from, allow God to handle, I am brought closer to the Lord, gain more knowledge about the Lord, and gain more quality characteristics of Jesus to boot. That's being put through the furnace and being formed like clay into something beautiful. It's also gaining wisdom.  The journey is good. Not one time has God allowed me to go hungry.  Not one time have I been naked. Not one time have I been threatened or have to make a life or death decision. Not once have I been without shelter, water or loved ones.  So the journey has been good. The challenges, temporary set backs and frustrations are just momentary glitches in comparison to the totality of life and the lasting lessons that have been so important in forming my character, making me who I am today. It takes some time to work situations and work in others and myself, but God does work all things out for the good to those who love the Lord. That is a promise and a sure thing from God.  God is good. The lessons He teaches are good. My spiritual growth and deepening faith which every challenge teaches me has been good. I may not always see the value of each lesson right away, but later I can look back and see that it all happened for good.  Amazing how God works everything out at the right time.  God has me right where I am supposed to be.  I wouldn't change a thing. The journey is good. The journey's been lined with God's goodness every step along the way.  Can you say the same of your journey?

A journey led by God is a good journey

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Until next time, my journey of faith facing the Son is good

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