Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who's untouchable and beyond compare?

That's God. He's untouchable. He lives in the heavens. He looks down upon all His creation. He sees all. He's beyond measure, and description or comparison. He's the One True God. And no matter what man can think of Him, write of Him, or wonder of Him, we can never grasp His full greatness, His supreme majesty, His infinite wisdom, His holy Holiness.  No man, whether he be the Pope, or a nation's Ruler, or a man or woman possessing a high intelligence quota, no matter what they have, whether it be power, money, charisma,  a worldwide popularity status, all of these things are a minuscule speck of dust and no match in comparison to God Almighty.

God created what man uses to build

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I don't know why people in general think it's possible to live without God.  He made the air, the rain, the Sun.  I am so thankful God has mercy and patience with mankind.  He could take the oxygen out of the air, and where would we be?  God could easily make the world stop revolving on it's axis, and where would we be?  God could decide to make photosynthesis stop, or make all fish in the oceans die, or the ocean currents stop, or prevent another drop of rain from falling, or make all volcanoes erupt continuously. Then were would we be? He has every orchestrated natural occurrence under His command.

Every volcano and action in nature is under God's power

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God is high. God's wisdom is far beyond and way above anything man can wildly imagine. We can't know what's going to happen in the future. But God does. We can't being all things together, but God can. Man grows older as time ticks on. Man is bound to space and time limits. To God, time is nothing and He is omniscient, nothing can contain Him for He is mightier, bigger, higher, and wiser than all His creation.

Time is nothing to God

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We need God for the next breath of air. We have a limited number of days in the flesh. On the other hand, our soul will live on forever in the place of your choosing. God has made the provision for every person to decide your own fate.  In the high wisdom, God has left it for you to decide your fate. He's laid it all down for you. No sin can enter heaven. And your soul will never die. It's up to you where your soul will go after you take your last breath in the flesh.  Remember, absent from the body, present with the Lord. That is true only for those who've chosen to accept God's Son, Jesus, as your personal savior. If you haven't done so, your fate is not so bright.  So choose the Bright Morning Star, also known as Jesus.

The Bright Morning Star

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Keeping on that narrow road of faith lit by the Son on High.

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