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Divorce- you can't avoid the scars

I've experienced marriage and divorce. More than once, I'm not proud to say.  I want to shed a little advice that no one may share with you about divorce. Yes, it's so exciting finding someone you feel strongly about, and have honest intentions of living with and loving.  But you need to know getting married is not only about planning your wedding day and  honeymoon. Marriage is the union of two people into one.  It's a merger meant not be separated once joined.  Marriage is the leaving of your parents and be joined to another and the two are to be glued together for life as one.  What? For life? No way you say!  There is divorce so I can rid myself if this marriage if things don't work out.  Yes, that may be so, but it's not the way God intended it to be. So,God allows divorce, but along with divorce comes some pretty deep scars.

Marriage was designed by God to be forever

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 You don't totally get away from divorce and be as you prior to marriage. With divorce you're legally freed from your former spouse, but in actuality, whether you want to believe this or not, when you were joined together as husband and wife, a little of what was shared to become one flesh in God's eyes- that can't be undone. Just like history can't be undone. In God's eyes, you were one flesh. Then when you get divorced, your physical separation made scars. Those scars can be on your heart, your mind, your thoughts, your character, your actions. You had a life together and that can't be wiped away from history. Why? Because marriage was created by God. God's design was perfect. It was to be permanent. It was to symbolize love on earth between two people of different sexes, to raise offspring and grow children and share in loving God. This is what is called going forth, being fruitful and  multiplying. And with each person, God wanted a personal relationship. God wanted to commune with His creation which He so adored and loved and wished to obey Him. Obey? Yes, obey as a good parent wants their children to obey them to protect them from harm. There's a lot of possible harm a child could get into, and loving parents' responsibility is to protect their children. When children don't obey, then all sorts of harm are just an arms length away. God made marriage and the family as an institution on earth as a symbol of what it will be like in heaven. Love. Forever.

But when man wants to do it contrary to God's plan, then there is no escaping the scars.
So take those marriage vows very seriously and your marriage day to be joined to another seriously. If you can't honor the vows, then don't be joined together.  That day should be not something you rush into. Scars are forever.
You can get over your ex and move on, but like a broken bone, there will always be some evidence of the break.  Avoid divorce at all costs is best for all now and in the future.

Scars are inevitable when marriage ties are broken

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